2.3 Effective Meeting Practices

高效率的商务会议需要有规划、领导力与语言能力。如果缺乏这些技能,会议可能会流于无聊或缺乏生产力。虽然本单元涵盖商务会议管理的主题,但是一定不会无聊,因为我们有伊丽莎白和她的团队引导我们学习的过程。在本单元,你将观察伊丽莎白和她的团队并向他们学习。在学会商务会议管理后,你将能够规划及主持有效率的会议,重点总结会议议程的项目,然而开始发展出更好的沟通与表达的对策。 Effective business meetings require planning, leadership, and language skills and without these skills, meetings can be unproductive or even boring. Although this module covers topics related to meeting management, it’s definitely not boring because we we have Elizabeth and her team to guide us through the learning process. In this module, you’ll watch and learn from Elizabeth and her team. After completing Meeting Management, you’ll be able to plan and facilitate an effective meeting; summarize key points of an agenda item; and begin to develop strategies to help you to be better understood.

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