5.1. Doubts about your own talents

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This week explores on the second dimension of creative life : Talent. The topic is discussed in three chapters: 1. Am I talented? (intonational stress on the word “Talented”), 2. I, talented? (intonational stress on the word “I”), 3. I am talented! (inspiring statement). In the first chapter, we will discuss doubts about talent. The second chapter in this module is devoted to the way a person experiences talent, talent in life and reveals a surprise - “Could it be true that I am talented?” The chapter “I am talented!” accomplishes two cycles of topics about intensive creative life that concern individuality, uniqueness, initiative and primacy. We hope now you pay less attention to other people’s opinions, and the fact that they do not accept you as well as you want does not make you sad. He who has talent and genius in his life is rich. We hope you are becoming richer.

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