What is at Stake at Country Level? Effects Regarding Energy Supply

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<p>We will use in this chapter the economic analysis to shed light on the choice between thermal and electric car.</p><p>After presenting a few tools and concepts of economic analysis in the video <em>More on method</em>, we will use this analytical framework to evaluate the costs and benefits associated with the electrification of the fleet, from the point of view of the buyers as well as that of the producer, taking into account the cost of batteries and charging infrastructure, but also the environmental gains and tax revenue changes for the State.</br>Then we will discuss the macroeconomic issues of the electric vehicle before looking at the demand and potential demand for electric vehicles at the micro level.</p><p>The evaluation of this chapter, in the form of a graded quiz, is in the following section. This evaluation concerns only the videos <em>Lecture</em> and is required to obtain the certificate.</p>

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