Experiments with the Automated Electric Vehicle

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<p>In this chapter we will explore how the deployment of the electric vehicle is combined with other ongoing developments in the field of mobility, particularly in connection with the digital transformation of mobility systems.</p><p>We will begin with a discussion of the ongoing development of shared mobility services and the strengths and limitations of electric vehicles as regards their use in such services. We will then discuss the evolution of vehicle connectivity and explore the opportunities that it presents for the deployment of the electric vehicle. We will clarify the distinction among the different levels of vehicle automation through a video <em>Do you know that?</em>.</p><p>The course is enriched by an interview of an expert from Groupe Renault who discusses various examples of experiments with automated electric vehicles.</p><p>The graded assessment for chapters 7 and 8 will be found in the section following chapter 8.</p>

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