Climate Change: Futurology of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for The 21st Century

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<p>In this chapter, we will study the issues of climate change and then conduct a prospective analysis of the evolution of greenhouse gases emissions throughout the 21st century.</br>We will then examine the role of transport in terms of local air pollution and noise.</br>To determine the environmental performance of different types of vehicles, we will present life-cycle analysis and then mobilize this method to compare the performance of thermal and electric vehicles in terms of preservation of the local and global environment.</p><p>The chapter consists of 6 videos <em>Lecture</em> and one <em>More on method</em> to define what life-cycle analysis is. It is supplemented by an interview of an expert from Groupe Renault to deal specifically with the subject of batteries from the point of view of their impact on the environment.</p><p>The evaluation of this chapter, in the form of a graded quiz, is in the following section. This evaluation concerns only the videos <em>Lecture</em> and is required to obtain the certificate.</p>

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