5.2 Video Frames & HTTP Part 1

The fifth module “Video Streaming & MPEG-DASH” focuses on advanced video streaming techniques and details on MPEG-DASH (Moving Picture Experts Group - Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) technology. First, the differences in Push vs. Pull based media streaming is covered along with the operation process of Pull based adaptive media streaming. Second, the types of video frames along with the structure of the fragmented MP4 file and GOP (Group of Pictures) are studied. Third, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) versions 1.0~2 and the DASH scheme is explained followed by examples of the YouTube MPEG-DASH progressive downloading process. Fourth, the standardization of ISO/IEC 23009-1 based MPEG-DASH specifications and the operation process of MPEG-DASH MDP (Multimedia Presentation Description) hierarchical data and MPD decoding & playing methods are covered.

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