Identifying Companies that Pay Less than the Prevailing Wage

Welcome to week 3! This week you'll continue learning how to use Tableau to answer data analysis questions. You will learn how to use Tableau to both find, and eventually communicate answers to business questions. You'll learn about the process of elicitation, and learn how to ensure your data story is not undermined by overgeneralization or bias and how to format your data charts to begin creating a compelling data story. By the end of this week, you will be able to: <ul><li>Write calculations and equations in Tableau</li> <li>Publish online business dashboards with Tableau.</li></ul> <p>Remember to refer to the additional resources for this week: “Examples of Tableau Dashboards and Stories” and "Using Tableau Dashboards When You Don't Have To." <p>You will also complete a graded quiz. <p>As always, if you have any questions, post them to the Discussions. <p>To get started, please begin with the video “Customizing and Sharing New Data in Tableau.” <p>I hope you enjoy this week's materials!

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