5. Technology and ageing: Part 1

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There are a myriad of ways people continue to participate in their later years. Week two dives into the physical and psychological changes that are more common in later life and how the gains in technology advancements enable people to be active, independent and socially connected to support lifelong participation. We move from the population perspective covered in week one and consider your individual health status and the factors that influence how you age, such as the type of work you do, your environment, current health conditions and daily activities. Associate Professor Louisa Remedios and Dr Debra Virtue from Physiotherapy, along with Dr Eleanor Curran from Psychiatry explore what typically happens to bodies and minds during the ageing process and practical strategies to help bodies and minds age well. Related to this – Professor Fernando Martin-Sanchez will discuss recent technology advancements that will enable people to be active, independent and socially connected in later life.

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