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學生對 英联邦教育信托基金 提供的 为年轻读者而写作:打开宝箱 的評價和反饋

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This course is for curious students and aspiring authors with a passion for writing for young readers. Participate in a dynamic online community of writers as you experiment with your own writing and develop your voice. This course will guide you with a combination of video lectures, online readings, peer reviews, and guest appearances from world-renowned children’s authors. As you work through the writing exercises, you will give and receive feedback from your peers and gain tools and techniques for improving your writing. During this course you will identify stories that matter to you, explore cultural significance and boundaries, and shape your identity as a writer; become familiar with standard elements of narrative (character, setting, plot, theme, language, dialogue, point of view); reflect on your own work and practice essential self-editing skills; see the different ways in which words and art interact, and the possibilities of longer narrative forms; come away with practical insights into publishing options; and create a plan for pursuing your enthusiasm for writing. By the end of the course, you will have ten to twelve extracts of writing that you can develop into a portfolio. Join a dynamic community of many voices from around the world. Find inspiration in your own voice, heart, and place so that you can tell the stories for young readers you’ve always wanted to tell....




I am a beginner wantabee author and publisher, first steps are elementary, as I need. Self paced, life can get in the way. Instructors are wonderful, as are the guest speakers and interviewees Thanks.



This course introduces writing in an easy to understand way. The interviews with published authors are very insightful as well. The exercises are a great avenue to practice what the Mooc instruct


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創建者 Monica B C


Yo envío mis trabajos, pero dice que estoy atrasada y no se como revisar el porque del atraso. Necesito ayuda. Gracias

創建者 Eddie M


The last two weeks of this course held great information. However, the first three weeks seemed to lack focus.

創建者 Mogeeb A R M


Nice course for writers in the start of their career, specially those intending to write for children.

創建者 Ana O


I enjoyed the course but I would prefered it to be longer. I found the second part more useful.

創建者 Kate M K


A very good introduction for writing stories. Lots of useful, practical advice. Thank you.

創建者 Bel K


This course has some really good information about writing for young people.

創建者 Annabelle k l


Its intresting but often feels repetitive and more like advertising.

創建者 Thomasybruce


The interviews and course discussion are invaluable in this course.

創建者 Amy


Pretty basi



Very generic advice although the interviews with children's writers were illuminating and helpful. The marking system was inaccurate, for example it deducted marks for submitting an assignment over word count when it wasn't! Good, solid advice about setting character, scene and place and ideas to help you out of writer's block. The two main presenters were very knowledgeable and it was pitched to an international audience. Some of the activities were repetitious but I guess the craft of writing is but there was a sense of the course tapering away at the end with a proposal letter to a publisher with very little exemplar material being provided to assist.

創建者 Maureen M


I really enjoyed this course and the others I have taken through Coursera as well, but I am frustrated with the marking system! Some peers don’t fully understand the criteria or they are scammers, give 0% and tell you to take their English as a second language course. The system should figure out how to flag these people somehow. If I got 100% from one and a 0% from another that should tell you something.

創建者 Bev G


This course is touted as being for beginners and people who have already done some writing. For beginners yes... and I'd put this at about a Grade 7-8 level of teaching, perhaps. Much to simplified and not enough details. People are not told that there are online resources to check spelling and grammar that are very helpful and writing programs, as well. I copied the transcripts for my own use later, only to find spelling errors, grammar mistakes and the wrong words being used, all things that were under the what not to do category in one of your modules. The only good thing about this course is that it kept my brain moving and motivated to write. So, if you're a beginner, you'll enjoy this course, but if you've been writing for awhile, don't waste your time, unless you have nothing better to do. Happy writing!

創建者 Mehdiya a


I'm thankful for their effort but it said I didn't submitted my assignment and the peers reviewed it and it said all of them I got 0 and not passed

創建者 Deleted A


Lot of trouble in submission of assignment