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學生對 密歇根州立大学 提供的 What is news? 的評價和反饋

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This course will guide you through the basic elements of professional journalism and the news values and ethics of covering real-world issues and events. The overview and examples of the types of news coverage helps introduce the different types of journalism, such as social media, multimedia, print, visual and broadcast, and how professional journalists effectively use each format....




Very good because it is taught about all the basics of journalists. Various case studies also train me to be able to think more with the mindset of a journalist. I highly recommend this class.



I really enjoyed learning all of the different parts dealing with Journalism. I thought that the videos and the light reading made for a great learning experience. Thanks, Denise Shannon.


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創建者 Anna C S V


I liked that it focus on new media, however I missed some text material to support the classes. Some minor mistakes on the exercises still need to be fixed. Some videos could be better produced, but the content is very good and I understand that it is also intended to be view on cellphones, so it was good.

創建者 Sela J A


I really enjoyed this introduction to journalism with lecturers from Michigan State University. I really like the video lectures as well as the added readings. It makes it feel like I am a student without needing to be at a campus. The videos are great! Each lecturer gives great explanations in such a short video making it easy to absorb the information. Highly recommend for those who definitely want to take the route of a journalist.

創建者 LS


+ Good introductory course, interesting to-the-point information, good links, vivid, well-structured and motivating presentations, especially by Ph.D. Lucinda D. Davenport, Instructor Joe Grimm, and Sports Journalist in Residence Joanne C. Gerstner.

+ Clear, pleasant voices, perfect video lengths, and availability of transcripts help the learning process.

- The course needs updating. It would definitely be worthwhile to do so.

- Please check spelling and other mistakes in the transcripts.

- The evaluating standards are too polarized: either perfect (33 points) or wrong (?) 0 points. This isn’t too helpful neither for evaluating nor for understanding what one could do better…although I think I understand why this way of evaluation has been chosen.

Overall: Very good course. I learned a lot; it definitely sparked my curiosity.

創建者 Steven H L


This is a very thorough introduction to what news is. It’s part of a larger certification on journalism but could be easily done on its own if you wanted a sound overview of what news is. It covers the types of news and provides an introduction into generating and refining ideas for news articles. Finally, it strongly emphasizes the principles of journalism which includes a very good assignment on considering ethics in journalism. When you look at that, think like a journalist by asking questions about each ethical scenario, as the possibility on how to approach each one is layered.

創建者 Jason K


I really recognize the quality of this training. Very well structured, well documented with case studies that guide the students and allow them to understand the current challenges in the profession of journalism in the age of social networks and new technologies: the basic principles of journalism are real pillars on which to stand in order to properly document, collect and share true, verifiable and complete information in its community. Thank you for Michigan State University and the entire teaching staff. Well done.

創建者 Nathália B


It was an excellent module, essential for anyone who wants to start or improve their writing nowadays. Important to understand how to develop a story / news, respecting the good practices of journalism, in addition to the structure that a story / news should have, especially to hold the reader's attention / involvement. Thank you for the course and congratulations to those involved in the development and availability of the content.

創建者 Chloe D


I like that this course starts from the very basics. It can be difficult to jump into a subject with which you are not at all familiar. The resources mentioned in this course were also very helpful. The only thing I would suggest is that the spoken content does not always match the content that appears on the screen during the video lectures.

創建者 Nikhilrajgeet R


Really it was an amazing experience to have such great professors, who are best in their field, they teach us well with great enthusiasm. Talking about the course, it was the bestest course which will tell you every small basic aspects revolve around journalism. Overall, i love it and i nailed it. Thankyou Mentors once again 🙏

創建者 Liezl H


As someone who has university journalism training, I can confidently say that this course is very valuable to anyone who wants to learn about the journalism world. It teaches a whole range of topics and includes all relevant and necessary journalism practice for beginners. Thank you!

創建者 Crystal Q C


Excellent course! Especially for people like me who are not majoring in journalism but always long to pursue journalism study in graduate school ! Journalism is so charming and thank all the teachers and Coursera works for presenting such a wonderful course for me. Thanks!

創建者 Meltem T


This course have given me a new point of view about journalism. I am a novice learner of this field and now I feel I have comprehensive knowledge about the ethics and values of journalism. I enjoyed every lesson and exercise. Thank you for preparing this elaborate course!



I found this course not only interesting but also it helped me broaden my horizons. Now I can understand how news are written and presented on newspapers, TV or social media. Now it is more understandable how my role in this society affects others. Thank you, Coursera.

創建者 Cynthia K


Great specialisation. It has been designed mainly for people who desire to become a professional journalism. This specialisation degree offers valuable journalistic techniques to write concise articles, not only that, but how to gather information in an ethical way.

創建者 Pearl R


This is a compact course with details brewed to the T. The topics covered give you a thorough explanation of types of journalism and how to use them. Very resourceful course and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks to all the staff that is still active on forums.

創建者 Eleana S


Great content ! Very interesting and given in a clear and comprehensible way with real life examples . It is knowledge you can implement in your own life. The course is very well organized and easy to handle as well ! Thank you ! I totally recommend it !



It was an amazing experience. I learned so many things about journalism in this course and mostly about credibility. Credibility is the foundation of good journalism. Thanks to all the faculty members to make learning fun and easy.



An amazing course for anybody that wants to become a journalist. This first course in the specialization is a great beginning for understanding and comprehending the values, ethics, goals, and all the different areas in journalism.

創建者 Thomas H


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創建者 Faiza s


I really enjoyed along with learning and that was marvelous..from submitting to reviewing and then allllll the discussions ,helped me figure out how to use that information which I had learned throughout that specialization.

創建者 Donna M


The course was an eye opener as it explained many kinds of journalism, rules and ethics and how to get started. It also helped me see that journalism is conversational.I learned many places where I can look for stories.

創建者 Chloe L


Thank you so much for creating this specialization! It's awesome to have access to affordable education online. After taking these courses I'm feeling way more confident and excited about pursuing a journalism career.

創建者 Jubayrul I


I really had this opportunity to learn a lot of things of journalism field. I am a student of this dept. I can say that this course helped me a lot to understand the basic things from the scratch. Thanks coursera.

創建者 Kaj F M


i am so happy that i got to learn everything that is in this course, i have never imagined journalism that way, i am very grateful this will forever be helpful in a professional level in future and in the now...

創建者 Daniel Z


Great course! I will most likely continue to take this series of courses! The professors/teachers are great, and can help when needed. The courses are simple and easy to use. Overall, great course!



This is a great jumping off point. The modules are manageable for tight time availability, the assignments are approachable and the staff are very engaging. Would definitely recommend.