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學生對 加州大学圣地亚哥分校 提供的 Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science 的評價和反饋

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Mathematical thinking is crucial in all areas of computer science: algorithms, bioinformatics, computer graphics, data science, machine learning, etc. In this course, we will learn the most important tools used in discrete mathematics: induction, recursion, logic, invariants, examples, optimality. We will use these tools to answer typical programming questions like: How can we be certain a solution exists? Am I sure my program computes the optimal answer? Do each of these objects meet the given requirements? In the online course, we use a try-this-before-we-explain-everything approach: you will be solving many interactive (and mobile friendly) puzzles that were carefully designed to allow you to invent many of the important ideas and concepts yourself. Prerequisites: 1. We assume only basic math (e.g., we expect you to know what is a square or how to add fractions), common sense and curiosity. 2. Basic programming knowledge is necessary as some quizzes require programming in Python....




The teachers are informative and good. They explain the topic in a way that we can easily understand. The slides provide all the information that is needed. The external tools are fun and informative.



It is a great course! teachers explain everything with care. While providing lectures there are some popup ques that verify whether you understood that lecture or not. Overall, a great experience.


451 - Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science 的 474 個評論(共 474 個)

創建者 Mary B B


V​ery difficult to understand. I felt left most of the time floundering to figure out what the teacher was saying and how it related to the quiz questions.

創建者 Jody-Lynn R


I don't want to pursue taking this course at this time. It does not allow me to unenroll or cancel this course.

創建者 Aaron A


A lot of sections were not explained really well. I had a hard time following the concepts.

創建者 Sidney G


The lecture is good however, it is difficult to understand because of the stuttering.

創建者 Matthew E


Some interesting ideas, but course delivery and content needs a lot of work.

創建者 Ramkumar


i don't know how this course is going to help in computer scien

創建者 Luis M V F


This course lacks of mathematical foundations.

創建者 Assael M


course material was great

創建者 Ganesh P


I can't figure out what direction the course is going, and what the end goal is each lesson or in general. I don't feel like i'm learning anything objective but that i'm just being presented with loose and abstract ideas, that can't be applied anywhere.

You need to watch the video a couple of times to understand what they are talking about and even then you don't know why we are learning to solve that puzzle, what can be taken away from it that is useful anywhere else.


There is no refund, so I cancelled my subscription but watch everyday anyways to get my money's worth, hoping to see if by chance i find something useful to apply in my programming, but it's fruitless. Even by the poll results from quizzes, you can tell, most people aren't following.

To think this is course is provided by a university. Youtube provides much better content for free and I just found a good course

創建者 Chanon B


I​'d give this 0 stars if I could. Don't be baited by the "University of California" subtext, it's 100% taught by professors from HSE University in Russia. There's a language barrier; I understand that English is not their first language, but since lectures are all pre-recorded there's no excuse for stuttering and stumbling through a pre-written script, especially not for "lectures" that are only a few minutes long at most. Homework and assignments are child's play, but also with no real feedback.

創建者 Khan S H


week 2 to week 5 does not cover much, especially does not provide any clue how that could be used in computer science. It shows many ways to solve the problem but give zero direction how one could think about a new problem. When you have a new problem, you do not know which theory will apply. How should we think to decide which theory will work, this should be covered.

創建者 Onur S S


I'd give 5 star, i just wanna indicate a problem. After week 3, 3rd party puzzle app links are broken. I can't do exercises. I see '502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0' error on my page. Apart from this, course is awesome.

創建者 Riley K


Link for quiz tool did not work and wasn't fixed after a month. The order of the units seemed like it made little sense in my opinion. Some questions were worded poorly or crucial information was left out or vague

創建者 rajinder s s


I did not get much from the course. while the material is interesting but somehow some instructors lack the ability to explain things very clearly.

創建者 kaushik


some of the topics were fucking bad the explanations could have been a way more clearer felt bad

創建者 Andrea Z


good content, but I have to say that is very and I mean very hard to understand the teachers

創建者 William L H


I'm not sure which is more bizarre, the topics being discussed or the quizzes.

創建者 Course


solutions are contradictory. i am trying to unenroll, please help me, thanks

創建者 ID


Too many errors and incongruencies. Often very unintelligible.



By far the worst Coursera course, I've taken

創建者 Michael J M


unable to unenroll. extremely frustrating.

創建者 Vikram R V


some of problems can not solved

創建者 Yiqing L


quiz is too hard!!

創建者 forat s


Very poor