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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 运营管理概论 的評價和反饋

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Learn to analyze and improve business processes in services or in manufacturing by learning how to increase productivity and deliver higher quality standards. Key concepts include process analysis, bottlenecks, flows rates, and inventory levels, and more. After successfully completing this course, you can apply these skills to a real-world business challenge as part of the Wharton Business Foundations Specialization....




Great Instruction by Prof Christian - very lucid and with real world examples. Learning a business skill is mostly learning observation.. Now I know what to observe when looking for productivity!



I found this course to be very informational; the practice and homework were excellent to prepare for the exams, and the instructor covered all material in the lectures that was on the exams.


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創建者 于一铭


I think for calculations there should be a sample answer so that students can know what's wrong with theim when their own answer is wrong. It's just so painful for me to go over and over again with these exams without knowing what's wrong with my answer.

創建者 Choudary j


The material was rushed and some parts were not well explained. I understand the time constraints to cover a large course. Like in Toyota Management style, Its better to be good at some concepts rather than be average at all concepts.

創建者 Jeffery W L J


Some great information. The final test though appears to have some errors. I found a discussion in the forum about it from a few years ago where an admin states otherwise. I'm not convinced however.

I enjoyed the course though.

創建者 Vyom G


The content of the course is very good, so is the faculty's teaching method.

The course presentation seems outdated and the there is a bit of disconnect between the theory and its application in practical problem solving.

創建者 Nithyashree S


This course helped me understand the basics of operations management and the real life implications of the same. The professor delivered the content in a comprehensible and fun manner.

創建者 David M


Topic is great, covers a lot of concepts that are important in this field.

Providing the students with examples of the formulas and definitions prior to the course would be a big help!



I was not impressed with course up to about week three. Then the light went on and I understood the layout of the curriculum Good course with a lot of intense calculation required.

創建者 Alex M


A very academic course that turns intuitive concepts inside out, with little perceived benefit. The course would benefit from more applied examples with clear added value.

創建者 Ashish V


The presentation and course material is of minimal use. It should be more descriptive so that we can review the subject at a later time after completing the course.

創建者 Vasanth P


This is the most difficult course in the entire Wharton fundamentals, i struggled a lot with this. You need to understand the formulate and keep practicing.

創建者 Philipp R


Interesting course material, but the slides and presentation could be more clear. Exam questions are not always stated precisely.

創建者 Sainath A


The videos aren't enough to get through the homework and quiz which I thought were to go through.Rest the content was good.

創建者 Francisca E


Professor spoke too fast, not always clear, many students had same consistent questions about quizzes, examples and tests

創建者 Marlowe D


This course is fairly informative but it take much longer than advertised unless you have a background in operations.

創建者 Muhammad A A M


The way instructor gets into the numerical solutions is not that great to understand. It should be in gradual pace.

創建者 Philip R


Decent material and very sincere instructor, but somewhat dry and not as vividly applied as would be possible

創建者 Xinhua L


some concepts are not very clear and exam questions are not reflecting the concepts taught in the course

創建者 Mukil V N


The test taking instructions needs to be more specific. This was a big pain. The lessons are good.

創建者 Angelene M S V


A pretty hard course with a very fast paced mode of learning. Still useful and challenging!

創建者 Duong B N


Plz help to make knowledge as short and simple as they can be for the learner.

創建者 Henry M


Goes through the material somewhat quickly. Could have done more with week 1

創建者 Rajarajeshwari S M


Need more sample problems to understand the concepts better.



This is not upto the standard of Wharton, I believe.

創建者 Rean T


Formatting of answers during quizzes wasn’t clear.

創建者 Stephanie P


Course material not user friendly.