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This course is designed to impact the way you think about transforming data into better decisions. Recent extraordinary improvements in data-collecting technologies have changed the way firms make informed and effective business decisions. The course on operations analytics, taught by three of Wharton’s leading experts, focuses on how the data can be used to profitably match supply with demand in various business settings. In this course, you will learn how to model future demand uncertainties, how to predict the outcomes of competing policy choices and how to choose the best course of action in the face of risk. The course will introduce frameworks and ideas that provide insights into a spectrum of real-world business challenges, will teach you methods and software available for tackling these challenges quantitatively as well as the issues involved in gathering the relevant data. This course is appropriate for beginners and business professionals with no prior analytics experience....



Jul 02, 2020

Operations Analytics helps me to understand how to solve Newsvendor problem by statisti, forecast SUK and predict the seasonal performance. Great lessions and thanks so much for the three Instructors!


Apr 27, 2020

Excellente course. Very challenging especially for beginners. The motivation to achieve my final goal of reinventing myself professionally, makes every challenge a welcome experience. Thanks Coursera!


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創建者 Neelesh D

Jun 06, 2020

I have been waiting to dig deep into decision sciences and the methods used by industry experts for forecasting. The program has been drawn very cautiously. I am obliged with the specific techniques used for explanations including very sequentially drawn excel templates. I am certain the learnings will help me a lot in my future. I just had quick feedback- while doing the Customer Analytics courses, a lot of links were offered as additional study material while the same is missing in the operations analytics course. Please do add!

創建者 V. H

Dec 25, 2015

I just finished this course a few minutes back. The course material is quite good. There is not much load and it is easier to complete the entire course in a week's time - if you have time on your hands. Don't be too stressed out about the assignments - they are extremely easy and most of them can be solved with a paper and a pen. I learnt quite a bit about "structuring" and "modeling" problems and that was quite useful. Would strongly recommend this to anybody who is interested in moving into an Operations Role.

創建者 Fitrie R

Jul 11, 2020

All professor in this course are very clear with its explanation, including the simulation of calculation for each case. Though this is the basic of operation analytics we should understand, I think every learners should tackle more complex problem in real life by experiencing more real cases (to kick start, can follow prof advices from big corporate cases).

Overall I'd like to thank to professors for all efforts, to make us understand this far

創建者 Marco J G Y

Jun 10, 2020

From a POV of someone with no business analytics background, this Operations Analytics was excellent. The course guides you through the basic tools you need to make practical operations-related decisions. The instructors are not rushing through the discussion, which allows you to properly process the information. They also provide practice excel sheets so that you can run/analyze the data together, which was extremely helpful!

創建者 Tang H

Sep 27, 2019

Finally came to understand the gradual difficulty of these series of courses. Apparently, Course 2 appears a bit more difficult than customer analysis. Course 1 prepares me for a very solid foundation, which allows me to have a better understanding of decision tools behind. All professors provide vivid and excellent lectures on optimization and simulation tools and decision trees. I am very confident to have the next course.

創建者 Jerry D R

Mar 14, 2019

Week 1 professor did a decent job in explaining the material for the course. He also provided word for word slides which was critical for studying given we are not in a face to face scenario in which questions and answers can be done in real time.

Week 2 should have followed the word for word slide approach.

The quality of instruction is less captivating/ less engaging than I would have expected from Ivy League Instructors.

創建者 Michelle H

Sep 05, 2016

The progression of this course was just right and although some of it was over-explained (for me), I would prefer that to the instructors assuming knowledge that I may not have yet. The review sections and practice problems really helped to cement the methodology. I will be able to put these tools to work immediately in my role as Director of Analytics and Reporting. I'm looking forward to the balance of the courses.

創建者 Matthew T

Oct 14, 2020

This course was very insightful as I was able to utilize the knowledge and problems I learned in my undergraduate degree and see how it can be applied in the real world. I was fairly excited to be able to learn more about the functions in MS Excel for optimization and generating simulations in regarding to numbers and tests to predict future profits. The professors are very knowledgeable and taught the course well.

創建者 Seema R J

Apr 25, 2020

Te course has been designed to teach about using data to forecast, optimize and take better decisions. Having spent a long time in the Corporate world , I feel the problems addressed should not have been so simplistic as the decision at work are more complex and uncertain. I loved week 1's session , it was thoroughly designed to lay a very solid foundation and I applaud Prof Senthil for the efforts he has taken

創建者 Utkarsh A

Jun 21, 2017

This is simply an awesome coursework put up by the faculty at Wharton!

Thanks again for the great help out there by making complex decision making look like a piece of cake.Now I know that these example sets are really on a small scale and that the real decision problems are a tough cookie but at the very least, now I know the way to the optimal solution and have gained the confidence in gaining it so.

創建者 Darya V

Dec 20, 2015

Wharton School again succeeds in its online course. I keep wondering their ability to concentrate on main topics, explain difficult theory with simple words and examples. Course contains theory and practice problems, quiz covers course material. I have great insights about operational analytics. Course is totally worth to watch. Thank you Wharton for sharing you knowledge and expertise with the world!

創建者 Yifan L

Apr 09, 2020

Even though I had been previous learning these materials during my college time, I still find it really beneficial to take this course. The method of running simulation, undertake decision tree when you faces real time business issues is practical and helpful. I think I would take further study to use these techniques in the future. Thanks for the videos and materials presented by professors.

創建者 Yang Z

Mar 16, 2016

This is by far the best Wharton course on Coursera. The course materials are well prepared and easy to follow. It is really nice to have practice questions so I can test my understandings before to take the Quiz. The instruments in Quiz are well designed and no outliners appears. Overall, this course set the bar of outstanding quality of an online learning experience.

創建者 Terry W

May 03, 2020

This course builds upon the foundational principles discussed in Customer Analytics. As with the initial period of study, I like their innovative teaching methods introducing concepts and applying them to examples of common business problems using optimization and simulation toolkits. I’m looking forward to the next course as I continue to enhance my decision-making.

創建者 rahul o

Oct 08, 2017

Perfectly explained course if you want to deal with data specially when uncertainty is involved in the future while you are making predictions on your data. Apart from that a lot of inbuilt excel tools(solver,random number generator) used for solving complex problems involving constraints came in handy which before this course i had no knowledge about.

創建者 Michael L

Jan 16, 2016

The Course instructors did a tremendous job taking hard/difficult concepts and distilling those concepts into simple to follow examples. They broke problems into pieces which allowed each video/section to build on one another--this approach was quite effective at starting simple and becoming more complex over time. I highly recommend this course.

創建者 Miss S K T

May 12, 2020

Thank you to the Team of Mentors on Operations Analytics. It has been a really interesting course and a great learning experience with professional mentors and teaching methodology. I really enjoyed it and do recommend it to all those seeking even the basics of number/data management for any business or department within any organization.

創建者 Amit V

Aug 17, 2017

Many, many important concepts and techniques taught in a very lucid manner. Particularly enjoyed sessions by Sergei and Noah. However, sessions by Senthil need to improve drastically on editing and on explanation of more difficult concepts - too much time was spent on simple, basic concepts while difficult ones were almost glossed over.

創建者 rohit r

Sep 12, 2016

One of the best lecture and course I have ever seen .World's best Colleges brought to the DOOR and Lectures from the World Class lecturers. Thank You Professors and the program Manager. Thank You Coursera. While other online education platforms are busy making money , you have set benchmark to the education world. Thank you.



創建者 aakash c

Aug 17, 2019

The course is very appropritate to understand the problems which are very centric to the operation management function. The highlight of the course for me was decision tree analysis.

The course covers descriptive statistic techniques, Simplex method (linear and non linear both), transportation models, simulation techniques and so on.

創建者 Kavitha S

Dec 30, 2016

A great course that takes you into the various analyses involving Moving Averages, Time Series and other forms of analyses. The quizzes were pretty time consuming, had to work through the problems in a detailed manner in Excel, and did take close to an hour to complete the quizzes, but they were pretty straight forward.

創建者 Shruthi

Jun 14, 2017

The course gives us a great start point to understand the supply and demand problems and methods of solving them. Along with a good amount of theory the course enables one to learn a few excel methods that are helpful in optimization problems. The hands on part of the course makes it interesting and easy to follow.

創建者 Deborah L

Aug 07, 2016

With a lot of Excel practices and step by step explanations, this module is enabling to grab the concept theoretically, but also learn with application. It is very clear, very helpful, and with a gradual learning in difficulty that let you use former learnings for the following steps.

Highly recommended course!

創建者 Elisabeth S

Apr 09, 2018

Such an interesting and challenging course. I had to work hard to understand the mathematical side of the course, which was a challenge for me, but very rewarding when I achieved such a high grade. I loved the way that you guided us through Excel and we learnt by new skills by actually doing them. Brilliant.

創建者 Damilla M A M

May 16, 2017

It's a good start for everyone for wants to know how Operations decisions should be made. This course present the logic behind expensive softwares and as my professor says, the difference between an ordinary Operations manager and an extraordinary lives in the details, as to know how the softwares think. ;)