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The course builds on my Introduction to Financial Accounting course, which you should complete first. In this course, you will learn how to read, understand, and analyze most of the information provided by companies in their financial statements. These skills will help you make more informed decisions using financial information....




Professor Bushee is fantastic!! Best accounting professor I've ever had, aside from a similar professor at UCLA (David Ravetch) who was able to bring humor to accounting in the same way.



Great material and videos. Complex topics are explained pretty well and simple. It would be much more helpful though if the answers were explained, as in the first part of this course.


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創建者 Gary D


Very clear and mildly entertaining intro courses on Accounting. Prof Bushee does an excellent job! Have recommended the course to several people. I even have a desire now to go and take more accounting classes! Thank you Prof. Brian very much! This course has been a great help to me!

創建者 Loh N E A


I have no prior or related background to accounting, but I definitely understood the content. Easy to follow, clear and detailed explanations. I actually enjoyed the course more due to the humour that breaks up the monotony of some concepts. Would definitely recommend!



Prof Brain Bushee is an awesome teacher and thanks to Wharton Business School to have thoughtfully crafted the curriculum. Same applies to the introductory course related to this - 'Introduction to Financial Accounting'. Worthwhile investment of my time and money.

創建者 Jason I


The videos are very easy to follow and filled with information yet was still entertaining enough to make me want to watch more and learn more. The professor delivers the course remarkably, I wish I had the chance to sit in an in-person lecture of his.

創建者 Deleted A


I took the basic course 'Introduction to Financial Accounting', and I really like that one. Combined with this one, I made a great improvement in my accounting knowledge and analytical skills. Thank you professor for your wonderful lectures!

創建者 Krishn


It was an amazing course by the professor Brain, this course really helped to understand the intricacies of the financial statement. I used the fundamentals of this course to understand most of the intricate transaction quite easily

創建者 Mircea N S


Professor Brian J. Bushee is nothing short of outstanding. He has a brilliant mind and a rare gift/talent in teaching. It was a real pleasure and I considered myself lucky - thanks to Coursera - to take this course. Thank you!

創建者 Liuginsa R


I have learned so much in this course and so grateful because now I have the skills I need to be successful in the accounting field. Thanks to Coursera and professor Bushee my professional life have changed for the better.

創建者 Alap M


A fantastic and thorough course on accounting ( accompanied by the first part). Your confidence in reading 10-k reports of listed companies will increase many-fold after completing the course and the assignments!

創建者 Javier F


It is more advance than general accounting course. So, you will learn a lot and with good quality materials. Discussion board is a little bit out of date, however the videos and slides are crystal clear.

創建者 Tina C


Professor Bushee is fantastic!! Best accounting professor I've ever had, aside from a similar professor at UCLA (David Ravetch) who was able to bring humor to accounting in the same way.

創建者 MB


Best course available on Financial Accounting. Coming from an Engineering background, this course helped me to understand how to read financial statements. Thanks a ton!! Professor !!!

創建者 Brian M


This entire course was very well done. I liked the professor and his virtual students. They asked (for the most part) relevant questions that added to my understanding.

創建者 Chinthala G


This is my first course in Coursera !!! I liked it soo much because our teacher is the most friendly and the assignments are too good !!! I successfully completed it!!!!

創建者 John B


Good stuff - well presented. I probably could start over again to reinforce what I learned. I do wish there were some updates to reflect changes in accounting rules.

創建者 Huide Z


Boring, difficult yet rewarding. Honesty just what I expected out of a financial accounting course. The professor really grew on me. Hope he does more courses.

創建者 Ravil R


Exceptionally comprehensive course, especially for the "Into" level. Very knowledgeable, skillful and experienced professor, pleasant learning process.

創建者 Lukas M


Professor Bushee is incredibly good in delivering a lot of content well by also keeping the course entertaining and funny. Really enjoyed all 10 weeks

創建者 Chang L


Learned a lot from this course. Every video I watched at least 3 times until I passed the final exam. I enjoyed this course. Would recommend.

創建者 Pavel M


More advanced content, and a perfect complementary course with the Introduction to Financial Accounting. I highly recomment this course.

創建者 Jesús R


It's a very very well developed course, I'm very satisfied with all the content that this course can offer. I recomend take it !



I can't express more how I am happy with this course. The best ever . Easily understangable and simply explained. Smashing one.

創建者 Matt d J


The professor explains the topics in an entertaining and informative way. One of the best instructors I've learned from.

創建者 Ellis


Dear Pro. Bushee, you are really a great teacher! Really like you very much! Hope you will have more MOOC courses.

創建者 Bernard N K M


Challenging but interesting as need to research for concepts online to answer the tough questions in the quizzes.