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Introduction to Corporate Finance, University of Pennsylvania

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This course provides a brief introduction to the fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making, and financial intermediation. Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, risk-return tradeoff, cost of capital, interest rates, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, capital budgeting, asset valuation, discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, net present value, internal rate of return, hurdle rate, payback period....


創建者 LL

Oct 22, 2016

The professor is very patient, he spends a lot of time making sense of the equations and the calculation process, which helps me comprehend the concepts and their application really a lot. Thank you!

創建者 KK

Jan 04, 2016

Having spent the most of my 20 year career full time in corporate finance i was pleasantly surprised to have new perspectives and takeaway points on key aspects on the subject. Highly recommended


459 個審閱

創建者 Michael B Fenn, PhD

Dec 06, 2018

Please find a way to post the quiz answers. As a professor of engineering myself, I understand cheating is practiced among students, but to try to prevent it at the cost of the mostly other, honest students' learning experience is unfair.

There needs to be more explanation of how to input values correctly into the blanks on the quizzes. I believe I had most all of the answers correct, however those I did not receive credit for were likely mostly due to error in numerical format.

創建者 Damian A. Pereira

Dec 02, 2018

Great Course, thank you

創建者 Nicolas Vilmin

Nov 29, 2018

Good review of corporate finance basics

創建者 Rony Hobeika

Nov 25, 2018

It's a great introduction course! I finally learned the practicalities of different terms I have been encountering daily in my field of work. However, it would've been much more informative had their been more real-life practical exercises to solve! Also, I found the second part a bit confusing especially that I have limited knowledge in accounting terminologies. So, the student would find that part more relevant if they had some background knowledge in accounting.

But all in all, it was good course. Looking forward to advance my knowledge in finance in the future:)

創建者 Mayank Shekhar

Nov 25, 2018

The course covers the basics of corporate finance. It provides a good understanding of the material.

創建者 Колесник Павел Павлович

Nov 23, 2018

Excellent course, but Professor jumps from the most simple to complex topics at ease. I felt uncomfortable

創建者 Bettye Dewey

Nov 20, 2018

Great interactive materials, great professor, easy to digest subject matter and teaching style. Thanks!

創建者 Chung Chi Chang

Nov 19, 2018

Great lecture to take if you want to have a basic understanding of corporate finance!

創建者 Lu Lin

Nov 13, 2018

Useful tool, though I think we need to extend the length of the course or combine this course with Financial Accounting. Financial accounting is a basis for corporate finance, however without the real application of financial accounting, that course is so boring.

創建者 Daniela Nicole Aguilar Bodden

Nov 12, 2018

very useful course to know how to handle finances and formulas to make financial decisions