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學生對 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Corruption 的評價和反饋

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You can't understand the world today if you don't understand corruption. Every day, we see high-level government officials resigning, governments changing, hundreds of thousands of people standing in squares, holding up signs, and often risking their lives to protest the corruption in the world. It's critically important to the health of our societies to understand what people are protesting against. We want to understand corruption. This course is designed to teach you about what corruption is, what causes corruption, the effects of corruption, and how to control corruption. We'll be talking about this from a global perspective using examples from all over the world. We'll also be talking about corruption from the perspective of countries, governments, businesses, citizens, and the people within these entities. At the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of why the world is changing according to the path of corruption. If you're in a position to make changes within your respective entity, to make decisions about corruption, you'll be able to make better decisions....



Aug 16, 2018

I loved this course. It helped me to get a greater view at the real issue behind corruption. The last assignment really made me think about the subject and dive in to give it my best. Thank you!


Dec 05, 2017

Superb course. I learned about the cause and the effects of corruption. As a forensic investigator, this helps me in understanding the causes of corruption and financial crimes. Thank you.


51 - Corruption 的 75 個評論(共 77 個)

創建者 Anwar M S

Oct 09, 2017

A very useful course.

創建者 Bashir A M

Jan 29, 2017

Well prepared course

創建者 Diana L J C

Jun 19, 2018

I learned a lot!

創建者 David C R P G

Aug 26, 2017

Great course!!

創建者 Pipit A

Jul 23, 2017

Very relevant!

創建者 Mike G

Jun 25, 2017

very educating

創建者 Scott W

Sep 25, 2018

Great course!

創建者 Renee M

Apr 25, 2017

Great Class!

創建者 Margarito Z

Jul 18, 2019


創建者 gerald w

Sep 29, 2016


創建者 Prashant R

Jan 08, 2020


創建者 João P Q M

Dec 13, 2018


創建者 Pablo I S M

Mar 02, 2017

The course is well organized and gives a general understanding on what corruption, how it harms society and firms and some ideas on how it could be controlled. Taking it is a good idea if you want to have a general understanding on those topics. However I would prefer a deeper analysis, discussion and more material to have a better understanding on the topic.

創建者 Benjamin M V

Oct 24, 2017

This course will help you learn how does corruption work, what kinds of corruption exist and more importantly how to do a corruption analysis. I think more academic references were needed, but overall everything was very clear and brief.

創建者 Fabián D R

Nov 10, 2016

En una opinión muy personal me llevo un buen sabor de boca, el maestro tiene una apertura a las ideas que casi ninguno tiene, y es la verdadera idea de uno lo que le el sentido al curso y las ganas de realizar un cambio.

創建者 Ole T B

Aug 20, 2017

Very interesting. The course brings up examples of how to fight corruption and the reason why corruption spread as wide as it has. It also debunks several of the myths regarding the topic

創建者 Jp C

Nov 07, 2016

Through this class, I made many sad conclusion about where I grew up. It also opened my eyes that corruption is more than just bribery. A very good all-around analysis of the phenomenon.

創建者 Christina P

Oct 14, 2017

The content was very good, with an overview of the theories of public corruption and the effects of corruption on countries. The delivery was a little dry, but overall a good course.

創建者 alex s

May 19, 2017

Very good class and the paper was the best part. Not only to sum up what I had learned but learn about other countries problems in this area.

創建者 Giannis R

Oct 01, 2016

Very interesting course and professor Nichols is very likeable. The one thing I would improve is the quality of the notes.

創建者 Gabrielle D

Jul 06, 2017

The class is excellent but the certificate is too expensive.

創建者 Kousay a

Oct 13, 2016

An outstanding addition to your MBA education!

創建者 Suresh K P P

Sep 11, 2017

Excellent course to learn about corruption.

創建者 Jean-Charles F

Dec 31, 2018

Great course - thank you !

創建者 Daniel H

Nov 15, 2016

I would have been great to have more examples of the different types of corruption, the analysis to fight it and the solutions behind it. A case-study method I believe is optimal for this subject.