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學生對 圣彼得堡国立技术大学 提供的 Web Development with Java Spring Framework 的評價和反饋

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SPRING IS THE MOST POPULAR WEB JAVA FRAMEWORK. Spring's libraries are trusted by developers all over the world in innovative solutions like streaming TV, connected cars, online shopping etc. That is why studying Spring is an urgent task facing a novice web developer. Our course is for anyone interested in Web Development and java. WE will go over the main parts of this framework in detail - developing RESTFul Web Services using Spring MVC and Hibernate CRUD. After completing our course, YOU will understand Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and how to access data using Hibernate. YOU will be able to develop a Web Application using Spring MVC and develop RESTFul Web Services. Web developers receive one of the highest salaries due to companies competing for professionals. Knowledge of Spring is one of the most common requirements for a Java developer job. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to start a career in programming and become a full-fledged developer of corporate web applications, who can design modern reliable high-load services. Students wishing to study in this course should have the basic knowledge of Java programming, XML, JSON, Web Development and SQL queries. Let's develop applications with Java Spring Framework!...



This is an excellent course. It gives a proper hands on experience of SPRING framework.\n\nSample application is also a great artifact to learn many things.\n\nThanks for the course.


This course was a great start to learn about spring framework and web development. It's somehow challenging and I love that!


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創建者 Yonatan M


It is a very pleasant course

創建者 Shamsiddin T


the course is the best

創建者 Souleymane G


very good content

創建者 salhi r






創建者 Lau X W


As a whole, my experience with this course is moderate at best. The instructors accents are hard to understand and the poor transcription does not help. I frequently find myself rewinding the videos numerous times as I struggle to understand what it was saying.

The content itself is of decent quality. Concepts taught are structured and reinforced with short quizzes after each segment. Instructors also provided documents for self-reading which helps a lot when we need to look back on what was taught.

However, even though this is an introduction course to a Spring Framework, there are still some contents which I had hoped the instructors could've covered. Namely, handling infinite recursions in database relationship, and using transactions. Although the latter was taught in the course, there was no explanation on how to actually use it. These are some of the problems which I've faced when I was doing my final assignment.

To conclude, the reason why I decided to take a course in Spring Framework was to have a place to get started. This course certainly delivered my expectation, but could've offered better translations.

創建者 Michał


The course was okey. The teacher was speaking with pronaunciation that was a bit hard to understand. Even coming from a different slavic country I had a problem understanding some of his words. Captions did not help as they ware auto-generated

Also the grading - in all weeks there were quizzes and only in the last one there was a peer reviewed task. It should have been a peer reviewed task per week with adding things we've learned that week to what have been submitted last time

創建者 Daniel N


Apresentation could be better




創建者 Omar K M


The content of this course is enough to understand the basics to create Spring boot application. However, the instructor reads from notes and very often he pronounces intelligible words. Additionally, subtitles seem to be generated automatically and there are many mistakes.

Finally, I would say that the course can be done in just one week (actually, all the material could be covered in less than 2 days). However, the peer graded exercise (properly done) will take much more than the estimated 40 minutes. Although, while reviewing peers, I found all of them uploaded incomplete code or, even worse, no code at all.

創建者 Josselin S


P​resentation could really use some work, the lecturer is just reading notes in a very monotone voice. Having an actual transcript (rather than the currently autogenerated subtitles) would be more useful.

M​ore practical exercises, less quizzes.

T​ypos and syntax mistakes are not uncommon.

PDF downloads of the slides are missing for some of the last courses.

O​verall satisfying content, but presentation needs some polish.

創建者 Luis F P M


This course needs to improve and extend out the information about spring framework, otherwise handle many topics without a strong explaination over each one. Making the experience hard to get every feature, The final assisgnment is large for beginners and kind od challeging

創建者 Ajita G


It was a very comprehensive course on Spring. I like the content very much. But I feel the final project was too difficult. Also the sample project football.rar offered didn't run for me.

創建者 Yanuar A


f​rom 3rd world country perspective, the lesson doesn't have that much content. My expectation is that the lesson shows you how to use spring boot. It did, but just the very basic of it

創建者 Bhavyai G


Unclear voice, incorrect auto-generated subtitles, and monotonous explanations. Dont waste your time on this course, free youtube videos are better than this.

創建者 Peter K


Can't listen to this speaker. He's too monotone and it feels like he's just reading a script. Content seems really good, just doesn't hold my attention. :(

創建者 anjali r


The course was horrible. The concepts explained was not clear. Don't waste your time on this course.

創建者 Ayla P


I've token other course in coursera and sincerely I think this one is so soft and useless



Lecturer only reads everything. It is very boring. I would rather read a book.

創建者 Sefa S Ö


lecture is very monotonous like reading a book

創建者 Ali S


Very bad

創建者 Burak B