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In this course, you'll explore the basic structure of a web application, and how a web browser interacts with a web server. You'll be introduced to the request/response cycle, including GET/POST/Redirect. You'll also gain an introductory understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as the basic syntax and data structures of the PHP language, variables, logic, iteration, arrays, error handling, and superglobal variables, among other elements. An introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will allow you to style markup for webpages. Lastly, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to install and use an integrated PHP/MySQL environment like XAMPP or MAMP....



Even being quite an expert in area, I still enjoyed this course a lot and learning quite much from it as well. Highly recommended to everyone who developed an interest to PHP and web-applications.


Had to hear/watch some videos multiple times, unlike the other course I took with Dr Chuck. Could be sql really is his favorite. Could also be that I have absolute no previous knowledge of PHP.


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創建者 Jake S


PHP taught by a used car salesman. This is not an intermediate course, and when you compare it alongside something like "Beginning Programming in C" by Duke University, it really reflects poorly on the University of Michigan, whose reputation was the precursor for why I signed up in the first place. Besides the lack of meaningful exercises, the instructor comes off as a self-obsessed narcissist who would rather post "extra" content of other students introducing themselves and pictures of himself, promoting his other courses, rather than actually teach material. I still to this day do not understand why PHP resources are often so lacking, yet this course is a case-in-point example of how, even when one is eager to learn the modern standards of this much-maligned technology, they are so commonly presented with sub-standard, highly generalized material that embraces the language only as an afterthought behind the shiny vehicle of "building a website."

創建者 Daniel S


I always stayed away from php for the exact reasons he mentioned most people do in the beginning of the course. However, I needed to connect the dots between front end and server side and this is a great way to do it. Furthermore, learning a bit of php is beneficial regardless of whether you make it your primary language or not. I just wish he would relax on the sloppy penmanship and explain things a little bit clearer. You are a great gift to the programming community, for your python and now php/sql course. Thank you!

創建者 Jimmy K A


This course is awesome. Rather than going into much details about syntax, Instructure directly deep dive into main part. Assignments are challenging, but you get to learn lot and lot or things. Dr. Chuck is fantastic.

創建者 Parikshith S


Great course

創建者 Aaron H


If you have html and css behind you already you can easily complete this course in a weekend.

創建者 Manav J


basic course...good for beginners

創建者 Ahmed H



創建者 Vladyslav T


Very bad exercise and very little practise.

創建者 Will C


very great prof. and the content is pretty good

BUT the teaching staff is awful and very very arrogant: if you just dare raising any issue from the forum, you will receive a condenscendant answer from Stephen Catto (a specialist in suddenly closing any thread that does not suit to his beliefs and accusing you of hijacking a thread when posting something related).

These guys don't even know how to send an email to the whole student community for relaxing them meanwhile the system being down, as they hide behind their forum.

Then, unfortunately whereas the curriculum is great and the professor really masters his field, if you have by misfortune to flag a bug (like with the autograder which was done), you will experiment how their ''teaching'' staff can be a disgrace.

創建者 Justin C


I think this course is the worst I've taken on this site. It's not well organized, and the professor is very unclear and tends to fill lectures with information that is not useful for the class (a lot of history, which would be fine if there was more concrete how-to information). Also, it feels clunky and out of date. The testing/rating is not very good. The assignments are very poorly written. Also, it's in a specialization called "Web Applications for Everybody" and multiple times in the class, the instructor says something like: "I assume you have learned Python or another coding language before starting this class." I would hardly call that "for everyone." I think it's misleading. I would not recommend this class.

創建者 Hadi J


It is not an advanced nor intermediate course. Just Good for beginners!

創建者 Juan M R


This course is wonderfull.

I can see in the way he show the content; he have been doing this by years and years and he master it.

He go slow or fast , according to the complex of the matter.

In this course you will find some screen captures of code, and he will show you step by step how that code works.

The content are just the best you can get (music pictures etc..).

This course is a breaking point, for someone who have java or c knowledge

I made 200 web sites from 2008 to now running in apache, using php, and i have my own C.M.S. and i did not know the 98% of the power than php have , this course show me the moyo of php.

if i can travel in time and take a course in the past it will be this and get some bitCoins. =).

I'm just going true week 5 and i love it .

This course is much productive and useful, if you do it with some knowledge from before in java, python , c, c++ , or whatever .

This course is the result of years of thinking and developing. We will die and this course and some programs we will do in php will keep running in servers. This course show you hot to mix html and php. and introduce you in a way to work on db.

創建者 Zachary C


Dr. Chuck does what so many - including Codecademy - fail to do: teach a programming language while making sure his students really understand its context and use. In one video he explains how HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP all play their role in the request-response cycle in loading a web page. On its own, that video has done more for me in terms of understanding the web and its languages than any other online course I've taken. To top that off, Dr. Chuck takes care to guide his students through the perks, quirks, and nuances of each language.

All in all, as someone who's failed to really engage myself in learning a new programming language after fiddling around with others for so long - since "beginner" courses tend to be light on everything but syntax - this course was nothing short of perfect for me. Thanks, Dr. Chuck!

創建者 Fabio B S D R M


Another "hit" from Dr. Chuck ( AKA Prof. Charles Severance) , this guy and his team are amazing. Too Much roots concepts given and Dr.Chuck has an amazing talent of explain what is important to learn, after that you can trail your own path. I think this is the 5th or 6th course that I take with Dr.Chuck and still fascinate by his way of teaching. Without mentioning that he is on development for such a long time that it seems he knows all programming languages. Words cannot express how grateful I'm to Dr.Chuck and Coursera people to give us this wonderful learning opportunity. It's very good to know that you can learn from the bests. Only who really wants to learn can understand that. Best Regards.

創建者 Jack


Good intro to PHP and server-side back-end development. This specialization uses the LAMP stack, and delves into the history of the internet too.

Course is a bit long because he reviews HTML5 and CSS3 at the start, but I strongly recommend knowing these before this course. You don't have to know/use JS until course 4 in the specialization. Might want to supplement with Hackerrank and work a dozen or so problems using PHP to get used to the quirky syntax.

創建者 Ahmed A


Yes take the specialization, yes the WHOLE specialization, not just this course. it will be worth it. However, don not start here until you have at least one programming language under your belt. The whole thing designed on the assumption that you are knowledgeable in at least one programming language, not experienced, but just knowledgeable. Also, if you are in for a full-stack career, start with font end first or at least its basics.

創建者 Wayne D J


A very good course in deed. A gentle introduction to PHP for complete beginners. I especially found the free text book very insightful and it helped me along in my studies. The assignments were not very difficult but just challenging enough to test one's programming skills. Above all, I really had fun learning from Mr Severence. His fun and quirky personality and teaching style made the course all the more enjoyable.

創建者 Andres B


Very smooth flowing, easy to follow. Great Profesor Chuck's insights, historic perspective which helps you remember stuff and practical knowledge. However, more study needed to master syntax and get used to the language at this point, is not that now I feel I can go ahead and start developing stuff but I feel I can easily understand something I see, a snippet or something I add to one of y websites,

創建者 Abdelkarim J


There are more things to say. first I would like to thank university of Michigan and Coursera that provide us a huge opportunity to learn more about web applications. also I would like to thank Mr.Charles Russell Severance who guide us and teach us a lot of materials about the web. I wanna say that I will continue this specialization until end. Highly recommend for everyone to take this course.

創建者 iftekharchowdhury


Instructor is awesome. He is an experience professor. Content is awesome. Better than my university course. You will learn how to write logic step by step if you complete your assignment by yourself. Don't get frustrated. They give you the code. But you have to fix this code by reading and understanding. That's why you have to be carefully listen professor lecture video. I love this course.

創建者 Sofia M G L


I really liked this course and found it very useful despite the fact I'd actually been working with php for a few months beforehand. The course really helped me to understand the structure of the web to be able to work better with it. I thought the lectures have a great rythm and the later assignments were a nice way to introduce good practices in security without being too preachy.

創建者 JMF


Outstanding! Dr. Chuck and his team are so amazing... I took this class specifically because Dr. Chuck is teaching it, and I learned so much. I knew nothing about PHP going into this course (and have minimal Python experience, and some very rudimentary very old HTML experience), and I feel so much more confident about learning programming. And it turns out I really love PHP!

創建者 Deleted A


Around this time last winter I was following a PHP tutorial on YouTube. While I did learn a lot, it never went over the fundamental basics, and the tutorial did not thoroughly demonstrate the fundamental concept of what "logging in" is on a system level. I feel so much more confident in PHP after taking this course. This course was excellent!

創建者 Nikhil A


It was an amazing experience learning this course at coursera. I thank coursera for providing this wonderful course to us and helping us to learn new things and add skills to our resume. Finally i would like to appreciate Dr. Charles for teaching us in such a cool way. Hope to find new and wonderful courses like this one on coursera more often.

創建者 paras_kori


Dr. Chuck is really one of the best tutors who can make you fall in love in web development.

The selling point of Dr. Chuck's style of teaching that he never gives too much importance to the topic he is teaching but to what he can do to appreciate what the people of internet have built for us, and how one day you can too do this.

Thank You 👦