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學生對 资本联盟 提供的 Valuing nature and people to inform business decision-making 的評價和反饋

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The aim of the course is to introduce businesses employees to the Capitals Approach and help them to get started with integrating natural, social and human capitals into business decision-making. This course is an introductory course; no prior knowledge of natural, human or social capital is needed. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the capitals approach and to undertaking a natural capital assessment, and is available for all employees and leaders, sustainability practitioners, procurement officers, accountants, human resources, auditing, strategy, risk management and finance departments. The material is covered in good depth and will require time and commitment to learning. Due to its comprehensive character, the course may be less suited to C-level management. The course consists of four modules and its structure follows the internationally recognized Natural Capital Protocol and Social and Human Capital Protocols. The course features many business examples to demonstrate why and how other businesses have integrated natural, social & human capital impacts and dependencies into their decision-making and management practices. The first two modules guide learners through risks and opportunities related to nature, people and society; introduce the concept of a Capitals Approach and present the business case for undertaking an integrated capitals assessment. The third and fourth modules focus specifically on natural capital and how to get started with a natural capital assessment. These modules guide learners along the scoping stage and introduce students to measuring and valuing natural capital. By the end of the course, participants are expected to have learned about the different capitals, why it is essential to embed them into business decision-making, and how to get started with a capitals assessment. Future course specializations will build upon this introductory course, by providing additional content on social and human capital and allowing the learner to go more in depth with the content and application. This course has been developed by the Capitals Coalition, supported by We Value Nature, a collaboration between ICAEW, WBCSD, IUCN & Oppla, with the support of Nature^Squared....

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創建者 Nikki M


I​ found this course extremely insightful and so useful as it really brought the Natural Capital Protocol to life. I was inspired by the organisations featured and found all the information and tools shared very usable. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand more about how to reduce negative impacts on the natural world and is keen to take meaningful action.

創建者 Nicolas A J


Excellent course! You will learn how to integrate Natural, Human, and Social capital in decisión making.

創建者 Torben M


Excellent, with regard to presentation, clarity, interesting examples from leading businesses, well informed managers and ceo's etc.


In my opinion a bit to much material / to much repetition / to time consuming. It takes to much time before one arrives at the core of the course.

創建者 Antonio C H


Didn' like it. Not adapted to tyhe reallity of may companie. Dificult to understand some key concepts. Probably not suited for me and thw problem is mine.