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學生對 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector 的評價和反饋

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Do you work for a nonprofit or in the social sector? Are you struggling to solve the problems and meet the needs of the people you serve? Come learn more about how design thinking, a human-centered approach to problem solving, can help you truly understand an issue, generate ideas worth testing and iterate to find solutions that make a real difference. Through global stories from areas as diverse as government, health care, and education, we’ll show you the tools, techniques and mindset needed to use design thinking to uncover new and creative solutions in the social sector. The development of this course was supported by the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. For more about the Batten Institute, see: @BattenInstitute @DesignatDarden...




I really enjoyed the DT course. Provided in-depth examples and explanation about how the tool is implemented. Highly recommended for those who have a little/no knowledge about the tool.



this was my first course with coursera. i feel very motivated and found an amazing passion here learning with the greatest faculty of the greatest university.

thank you very much.


76 - Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector 的 100 個評論(共 113 個)

創建者 Anna K


Such an inspiring class



I learned very fast.

創建者 K B


Exceptionally good

創建者 Vasanthi V


Thank you so much!

創建者 Dr. S M


Excellent course

創建者 Nastassja Q


Great course!



Very Useful

創建者 K V S R


use full

創建者 Crony C



創建者 Jesús G L J



創建者 Mona A A



創建者 Jaime S


In comparison with Design Thinking for Innovation, a business-focused course offered by the same institution that I completed beforehand, this course is more substantive in terms of the examples that it provides and the tools that it demonstrates. Naturally, the two courses have many things in common and even incorporate more or less the same video on storytelling by Andre Martin.

It must be noted that a number of the examples appear to have had the "design thinking" label applied to them retroactively, which is to say that design thinking is not especially new as a set of principles or as a process. Moreover, while I appreciate Prof. Liedtka's assertion that design thinking is not a one-size-fits-all solution, I would have liked to have learned of instances when design thinking failed to lead to sustainable solutions. The social sector is as enamored of innovation as the business sector, but the fact is that overly fixating on making things new can mean passing up opportunities to make things better. I would also have liked Prof. Liedtka to acknowledge criticism of the actors in the social sector that she cites, such as MasAgro.

Each week concludes with an auto-graded assessment, and there is also one peer-graded assignment to cap everything off. While I found the assignment a valuable exercise, it was also obvious that many of peers did not feel the same way, considering that I came across two submissions with plagiarized content.

創建者 Manikanta C


Thank you for such a lovely course provided by University of Virginia. I have learnt a lot from this course. However, I would like to mention that when these courses are meant to be for international level students, and since many students from other countries who are are enrolled, the pace of the lecture and the pronunciation can be taken care of so that it is easy to follow what the instructor is trying to say.

I think the content is great! But in some video lectures the volume level was too low to follow.

創建者 Manoj G P


This is a wonderful course. I liked the quality of the content, use of case studies. and exposure to the various design thinking tools.More reading material (case studies), option to gain deeper grasp of the DT Tools and interaction with the Course Faculty (like an open Webinar Sessions atleast once during the Course Term) would have made me give it a 5 star.Nevertheless, this is good introduction to the idea and concept of Design Thinking



Interesting to take a design thinking course about innovation in the social sector. Good balance of theory and examples from the real world. Would be nice to get more diagrams in the videos. Many of them are equivalent to audio podcasts. I recommend to take this short, clear and interesting course.

創建者 Vanee C


This was my first course. I really enjoyed the way they taut us and the examples given by them were amazing. the examples provided me with certain guidelines which were very very useful while doing my project work. My experience was really good and I was also motivated. Thank you so much.

創建者 Sarah


Loved the content. It was nice to have the option to read along with the videos. Good real-world examples of design thinking in action. Some of the videos felt like there could have been more value-added in terms of visuals.

創建者 Dev D


The course really helped in understanding the process of designing a solution and more importantly focus on redefining the problem! A course for those who want to learn the innovation process.

創建者 Raja c


This useful for people who are starting career at the beging according to my view. This course deals with such a real time examples to identify &understand the concept clearly.

創建者 Kapil O


It will be useful if the course can be extended for few more weeks to introduce few more tools and case studies. It was a great learning experience any how. Thanks a lot.

創建者 Smriti S


Very insightful course with appropriate case studies to enrich our understanding of Design Thinking and its real world applications in the social sector.

創建者 Gregory C E


Though a good course, much of the content might appear obvious to anyone who has worked in the non-profit sector.

創建者 Maika D M


It’s a great course to begin with design thinking process. It has a lot of information and it’s easy to follow.

創建者 Shreyaa D


Great course, super insightful case studies and the weeks were spaced out into very manageable chunks.

創建者 Carmen P S


It is a good course for a general understanding about design thinking principles and it process