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學生對 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Customer-Centric IT Strategy 的評價和反饋

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Now more than ever, corporations are investing heavily in IT. The quality of these investments affect the daily work of millions, yet it’s not uncommon to see industry surveys where the failure rates for IT projects is over 50%. It’s possible to do better and it’s possible to do so consistently. In this two-week course, we’ll step through major challenges within corporate IT and how to address them with the disciplined use of design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile as a team framework. By the end of this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, you’ll be able to: Use the Business Model Canvas to focus your company strategy and facilitate buy-in from stakeholders Translate your work on the Canvas to specific charters in IT Rapidly prototype strategically-aligned processes for implementation within your IT infrastructure Please Note: This is a short-form course, two weeks in duration....




Excellent content, and some of the examples are actually related to real life scenarios. It's good to focus on small and medium businesses instead of talking about Fortune 500 companies all the time



Leading the Modern Day Business Specialization should be renamed to something that is better aligned with the industry terms - such as\n\nDigital Transformation Specialization or


1 - Customer-Centric IT Strategy 的 25 個評論(共 140 個)

創建者 Konstantin V


This course is good to get an understanding about how to plan development of enterprise software in alignment with company's business strategy. Good observation of business model canvas framework and good linkage to particular user stories.

However, this course has nothing to do with IT STRATEGY mentioned in its title. It is particularly focused on ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Content of the course does not touch true strategic topics critical for IT division - infrastructure strategy, sourcing strategy, IT organization model, financing, definition of AS-IS and TO-BE states, roadmap development, program and projects management. All these point, according to the course title, were expected to be shown through "customer-centric" prism. None of these point was covered unfortunately.

創建者 Evas B


Great and clear; easy to understand even for a novice who was never involved in project management.

As being key user for a big project implementation, thanks to this course, I have answers to my

questions I had at that time. Now I also know how to do it and engage people to collaborate to achieve the goals.

創建者 luis m


quick and easy, makes you start working right away in the correct manner, making sure every effort gets a positive result.

創建者 Mariam O A N


very useful course, and quick/to the point, provided clear and easy to use techniques for creating an IT strategy

創建者 Gene K


It is a great course, and very similar in scope to Cisco's

Business Architecture Approach. In other words, this looks at the business from a holistic point of view and lays out some common tools for helping to understand its common processes. This, in turn, will help you design better solutions for your customers, because you will have a deeper understanding of their acumen.

創建者 Murphy C


As a technology professional, I find this course very helpful and interesting for those of us developing solutions and products for both in-house projects and external projects. The frameworks proposed and provided by Alex are applicable to many IT implementation and design problems. I strongly encourage technologists to come in and have a look!

創建者 Justin C


Great short course that encourages you to think and ask more questions to understand what the user's needs are instead jumping right into the SOLVE mode of addressing what IT thinks the user needs. I really like the 0 /30/90 success criteria it is practical for large enterprise projects but also valuable for small application enhancements.

創建者 Preammie P


I have learn overview about Agile things and an IT stategy by focusing on customer-centric. Moreover, I learn about Business Model Canvas to describe about corperate stategy in team. It is very simple. I can draft it in 20 minutes and read it in 90 seconds. I also learn how to sketch a process design. That's amazing. It's new for me.

創建者 Cristian S


Es un buen curso, muy practico que es fácilmente aplicable a proyectos y organizaciones que requieren de mucho trabajo con el cliente. Brinda herramientas que comenzare a ocupar desde hoy en mi trabajo.

創建者 Souban A S


Excellent content, and some of the examples are actually related to real life scenarios. It's good to focus on small and medium businesses instead of talking about Fortune 500 companies all the time

創建者 Girish S


Leading the Modern Day Business Specialization should be renamed to something that is better aligned with the industry terms - such as

Digital Transformation Specialization or

創建者 Alan B H


short and sweet. very useful framework to apply for consulting!

創建者 Deepak Y S


I loved taking this course. It was so useful.

創建者 Ellen F


This was a great course, short and practical. I'm not in IT, but need to understand programming from the viewpoint of understanding healthcare EHR software, and this fit the bill without getting too technical. I recommended it for anyone who might need to understand how to make software work better (or why it DOESN'T work) from a user/customer perspective.

創建者 Catherine B


Amazingly concise, yet very informative. The course discusses the most important factors that make for customer-focused techniques that will be valuable in making a project successful. Thank you, Alex Cowan! Great course!

創建者 Sarah C


Excellent course providing fresh tools that can be readily used to drive desired outcomes. The application of agile to IT is brilliant. I am thrilled to leave the class with many tools I can apply daily.

創建者 Lidia L


This course was very informative. The way the instructor brought over the lesson was broad in a way one could understand. Thank you so much.

創建者 Alastair M


A great course that focuses on the importance of being customer centric when developing IT solutions. Alex Cowan is a good lecturer.

創建者 Richa K


The examples presented in the course were really helpful in understanding what goes into developing a customer centric IT strategy.

創建者 Andri O


This course helped me understand process design, user stories and business model canvas to integrate with IT system.



I would be much grateful to Sir Cowan for all of his endeavours in making this course a success.



Very good course for jobs related to IT project design and implementation for customers!

創建者 Francisco L


Excellent way to use new tools to create an IT project, or maybe any kind of project!

創建者 Ali S A


very helpful course, I encourage every one who interested in IT strategy to take it.

創建者 Ashish G


The examples of how to apply the learnings to actual problem scenarios is amazing.