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學生對 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Pricing Strategy in Practice 的評價和反饋

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In this project-centered course, Darden's Ron Wilcox and BCG's Thomas Kohler will walk you through a real-world case, from problem statement to detailed analyses. You'll use all three lenses (cost, customer value, and competition) to recommend an optimal price—and then adjust to market disruptions. Utilizing the concepts, tools and techniques taught in previous Specialization courses—from basic techniques of economics to knowledge of customer segments, willingness to pay, and customer decision making to analysis of market prices, share, and industry dynamics—you will practice setting profit maximizing prices to improve price realization. You'll finish the course with a portfolio-building project that demonstrates your pricing prowess from this Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and Boston Consulting Group course....




The faculty had very rich experience in Pricing and their sharing of the real world experiences enriched the learning experience. Great course on Pricing



Very Insightful Specialization Course. The contents and delivery are helpful in understanding pricing strategy and being able to apply the skills.


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創建者 Paraic M


This was my least favorite of the 4 courses. It felt more like busy work than actually learning.

創建者 Mohammed K


Best course on pricing strategy.

創建者 AMIT A G


This course was Ok. Very basic course content. The only thing I didn't like is assignment reviewing and get reviewed by peers. My assignment is pending for review since 3 weeks and nobody is reviewing and so I am unable to get my certificates. I have completed everything from my side and reviewed 3 assignment. This review system is bad. I will not get the certificates because nobody is there to review my assignment. Pathetic!

創建者 Arun P


Great Learning Experience . The instructors are adept at engaging the learner and disseminating information. The only bad feeling is the Caveat at the bottom of the certificate which says " The online specialization named in this certificate may draw on material from courses taught on-campus, but the included courses are not equivalent to on-campus courses. Participation in this online specialization does not constitute enrollment at this university. This certificate does not confer a University grade, course credit or degree, and it does not verify the identity of the learner. " . Essentially , the certificate is a document to prove the learner paid money to Coursera.

創建者 Tatiana S


This course resumes the top-level comprehensive specialisation with an all-round business case, which leverages all three lenses of pricing strategies and the various tools we have been exposed to in the previous courses. Some revision is available from the previous courses. Overall, the quality of the material presented in the course is exceptional and the learning is immediately re-applicable on the job. It does require time and effort to complete, but frankly, getting this type of top-level MBA training at this price is a bargain, don't think twice.

創建者 Iskandar M


This course is priceless and it gets very challenging at the end. To be able to grasp all concepts taught in this course I recommend you to take the pricing strategy optimization specialization. I really really get both tangible and intangible benefits from this course. Thank you!

創建者 Ajit P


I really appreciate instructors for their hard work and dedication for sharing the material. This course summarizes the previous three courses and brings the concepts all together. Tons of practical examples. I highly recommend this course.

創建者 Olesya A


This is a practical course with a lot of helpful content. The Professors teach the course in an engaging way. It helped me advance in my current role and did very well in a project on value-driven pricing. Thank you!

創建者 Amitabha S R


The faculty had very rich experience in Pricing and their sharing of the real world experiences enriched the learning experience. Great course on Pricing

創建者 Ismail A S


Very Insightful Specialization Course. The contents and delivery are helpful in understanding pricing strategy and being able to apply the skills.

創建者 Eleftherios K


Great course, Fantastic tutors (both from Darden and BCG).

The only flaw is the delays in the assignment review (might take even 2-3 weeks)

創建者 Ulf E


An excellent specialisation - I enjoyed every minute of it. Good teachers, well thought through material presented with some humour.

創建者 MA Y


Excellent course! The best business management course I've learned ever. I would like to know if there will be a second course

創建者 Azat


great course and content. even after almost 10 years in the business environment i was able to learn something new

創建者 Аль-Хаир Л А


It was an amazing experience and i had he honor to meet an amazing and proffessial people.

Thank you.

創建者 Sudha S


A course that is well taught and highly informative. Recommend it and the specialisation :)

創建者 Eladio M


Extremely good course. I learned a lot and can apply it instantly to my work

創建者 Oluyinka O


Very insightful course, I am very happy I came across this.

創建者 Sanjay K


Excellent business and application oriented course

創建者 Vikash P


Just superb. One of the best MOOCs ever.

創建者 Alberto R N


Excellent presented case!!

創建者 Lars A G


This course offers a solid introduction into the field of pricing strategy. The course material is of extremely high quality with the instructors giving thorough explanations of both the theory and the practice. The reason this course does not receive full marks is simply due to the fact that the quizzes could be more exhaustive to ensure that you have learned the materials.

創建者 Caodu B


This is a very useful course that I have taken in pricing. I enjoyed learning it and it is very helpful for me.

創建者 Danilo C P


I think that this case is nice, but we should have more exercises do practice on them!

創建者 Niyati S


course was good but the grading process is really bad... I finished all my course work and assignments 2 weeks back and still waiting for the grading to be finish. It passed the course completion deadline but still the grading is not finished.