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學生對 阿姆斯特丹大学 提供的 Unraveling the Cycling City 的評價和反饋

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Obscured by its apparent simplicity, cycling is a complex phenomenon. Being an almost perfect human-machine hybrid, cycling is deeply rooted in a plethora of socio-technological systems. Around the world cycling is embraced as an important ingredient to tackle a wide variety of individual and societal challenges. The Netherlands is often seen as an ideal living lab, because cycling has retained its significant share of mobility throughout the country. At the same time, there are large differences in developments across time and space, that allows for a better understanding of potential causal relations. This is also increasingly recognized by (inter)national top tier researchers from many different academic fields. They are uncovering reciprocal relations of cycling with spatial, ecological, historical, social, cultural, economic, biological and political structures. Unraveling the Cycling City bundles the state-of-the-art knowledge that emerges from research and practice on the Dutch cycling system. As such, it provides an easily accessible platform to learn about important causes and effects, to open minds for the complexity of the entire system and to support group deliberations around the world....




Wide range of content including relevant literature journals, media and videos. Well structured and considered. A course that is both simple to progress through and offers great depth to the subject.



The course has selected really interesting articles and videos. The course gave me a much more open view, it taught me to see opportunities instead of seeing only problems with cycling and cities.


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創建者 Jessica A


This layout of this course was completely unique and extremely engaging. It really stimulates critical thinking about the interplay of various factors and how they can shape a cycling city. I personally really enjoyed this course and it inspired me to hopefully continue researching and learning about this.

創建者 Roberta C


Un corso sulla città ciclabile osservata da diversi punti di vista - pianificazione, società, economia - e realizzato con la massima cura dall'Istituto di Ciclabilità Urbana dell'Università di Amsterdam, che raccoglie i migliori esperti al mondo su questo tema. Eccellente opportunità e grande ispirazione.

創建者 Niren J


A well structured course, providing great insights for cycling activists, planners or for anyone else desiring to learn about cycling experiences in urban areas. The course takes one through various perspectives, often through off beaten track when compared to the standard transport planning practices.

創建者 Laurence P


Cours très riche, très intéressant avec de bonnes surprises. Il m'a permis de renforcer ma culture vélo et de l'ouvrir vers de nouvelles perspectives. Il m'a donné envie de retourner faire du vélo aux Pays-Bas pour observer les flux de cyclistes, pour expérimenter les aménagements.

創建者 Katya C


Very informative course, full of great resources including research articles, videos, interviews, webinars, etc Really enjoyed zoom discussions with fellow students and learn from their experiences. The course gave me vocabulary to advocate for bike infrastructure in my community.

創建者 Robert C


Very insightful MOOC, i have learnt a lot and will take away new gained knowledge and thoughts to deliver into my professional and also personal life! All the personnel and staff that contributed to the content, have invaluable skills and knowledge ready to be soaked up.

創建者 Ben T


I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking seriously about improving the balance of our transport networks around the world. The unboxing of how cycling fits into the urban environment was revealing and thought provoking for my own professional practice.

創建者 Maxime L


Cours d'une grande richesse. On peut alors imaginer la ville durable de demain, pensée pour l'homme (et le vélo) et non plus pour la voiture.

Great course. I can now think the tomorrow's sustainable city, build for person (and thus bikes) and no more fo cars.

創建者 Anna W


A fascinating course which packs a lot into its four weeks, illuminating the complexity of cycling within historical, social and urban contexts and providing plenty of inspiration for further learning, both academically and in real life. Highly recommended.

創建者 Rahul R


This course is a wonderful guided tour of the cycling world. Cycling is a cultural phenomenon which is entirely nonlinear and sometimes unpredictable due to its vast culture, dynamics and infrastructure that exists in cycling-friendly Dutch society. Thanks.

創建者 Tom A


Informative and thought provoking. Good insight into why Dutch cycling works so well and what is "missing" in the UK. Will use the content in my day to day work as a sustainable transport engineer developing cycle and walking infrastructure.

創建者 Leonie T


Interesting topics and you'll get an insight of different points of views (inhabitants, urban planners, ...). The tasks are also do-able and the demanded time for all the exercises is exactly (if not even less) than described in the module.

創建者 Jordan S


This course has opened my eyes to so many different aspects of cycling culture that I had never considered. It has really inspired me to take action and try to fight for a cycling culture in my city. I cannot recommend this course enough!

創建者 Doru O


Loved the course! Mind opening regarding the ways space in a city can be looked at in a much more efficient and friendly way. Now if this understanding could spread to cities around the world, we would live in a much better place.

創建者 Richard S


A pretty good starter. Would be great if the University of Amsterdam could do something as a follow up, with more of the detail on what works and doesn’t work (maybe with credit) as their summer course is not running this year.

創建者 Matt P


A great intro into Dutch cycling with lots of useful information for community advocates and professionals. The instructors challenge you to think differently and explore a wide variety of topics. Highly recommend!

創建者 Evalotta S


The course gives great insights and perspectives on the issues of cycling in the Netherlands but also in comparison to other cities. I learned a lot and took it with me! Great course and great lecturers!

創建者 Robbie S


Wide range of content including relevant literature journals, media and videos. Well structured and considered. A course that is both simple to progress through and offers great depth to the subject.

創建者 Juliana B


Me encantó este curso, muy completo, muy dinámico y con una perspectiva muy acertada y muy novedosa para un tema que seguramente estará mandando la parada en los tiempos en los que estamos viviendo.

創建者 Jiří G K


This course takes you deep into the cycling world, not only in Netherlands. I have enjoyed the materials provided, even some of the papers were hard to read or study, due to the academical language.

創建者 Ana C


I have to say all the hours of this course are worth it and it was not a waste of time. This is what you want to know when you are surfing on reviews, right fellow student? I hope you enjoy it!

創建者 eric a f


It's a construction to be made between you and the course especially if you want to learn about cycling mobility, cities & people and places. Enjoy every moment of this course and let's ride.

創建者 VAN D F


Great course that completely changed my vision of cycling. the contributions are very rich and delivered on various media (papers, university essays, videos, blogs). Very stimulating !

創建者 Brenda V F S


I really loved it. I learned so much about cycling and its multiple aspects. I really want to keep learning about this subject and someday visit the Netherlands to experience it.

創建者 Erick F C C


Me encanta el curso, muy buena información y creo que todo el mundo debería saber sobre estos temas, el curso es muy dinámico y con muy buena información y gente muy preparada