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學生對 俄罗斯国家研究型高等经济大学 提供的 Theory of Finance 的評價和反饋


This course is part of HSE University Master of Business Analytics and Master of Finance degree programs. Learn more about the admission into the program and how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into the program here (Master of Business Analytics) and here (Quantitative Finance) Theory of Finance covers the basic principles and fundamental theories of pricing and valuation of various types of financial assets including stocks, bonds and derivatives. The content of the course corresponds to CFA Level 1. Having successfully completed the course, students should be familiar with the most commonly used asset pricing models applied by academic researchers and financial market analysts in order to determine the fair values of various financial instruments. Students should also understand the key assumptions and restrictions of these models in order to apply them correctly especially at emerging capital markets as compared to developed ones. The main objective of the course is to develop basic economic analysis skills in finance for making reasonable investment decisions and conduct basic research in finance....