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The Talmud is one of the richest and most complicated works of literature the world has ever known. Since being composed around 1500 years ago it has inspired not only religious reverence but significant intellectual engagement. In this course learners will be introduced to the unique characteristics of this text and the challenges that inhere in studying it while studying a chapter of the Talmud. Students of the course can expect to develop an appreciation for how the Talmud works and why it continues to inspire religious and intellectual devotion. They will be challenged to employ critical reading skills and to analyze legal and historical concepts....




Great way of introducing a topic as complex as the Talmud. It was surely amazing to have such course instructors who can rarely be matched both in eloquence and erudition. Overall it was fun!



Best course I've experienced on Coursera so far! Really engaging and not 'dumbed down'. Fantastic and charismatic professor and assistant. Already recommended the course to many friends.


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創建者 Leonard B


An excellent introduction to a complex study.

創建者 Felipe O


They should do another extension course

創建者 Deborah M


interesting, well presented course

創建者 Victoria R


Very informative! Thank you!

創建者 Phutoli S C


Excellent and comprehensive!

創建者 boaz m


v​ery well structured!!!!

創建者 Fortunus G


Great introduction!

創建者 Leonardo D


Excelente curso!!!

創建者 David M


Ya'sher Koach!!!!

創建者 Farzona M


я люблю Ислам














創建者 mohamed g s a


good course

創建者 Yohanan S



創建者 Owen R


Good Job!

創建者 David W


I enjoyed the course tremendously. However, since I am/was a complete novice to Talmud and the sometimes complex argumentation and thought processes (and I am certain I got only a smattering and a simple one at that), it was sometimes difficult to follow the videos of Prof. Barry Wimpfheimer. He spoke way too quickly and monotonously. No inflection. Also, the transcripts of the lectures are terrible. They are not at all accurate, and there are many, many spelling errors and much incorrect punctuation. It made a complex subject even harder to follow. On the other hand, the videos of (now) Dr. Sarah Wolf were exemplary. A true joy to listen to, and very clear in all respects. All in all, I enjoyed the course, but it needs polishing.

創建者 Lisa C


This class is extremely informative...i came into it knowing absolutely nothing about The Talmud. I came out of this class with a better understand of what the Talmud has to say and how it is read...What i didnt know was ..the Talmud (complete) is just huge. I did pick up a little bit of Hebrew which i think is great. Im looking forward to purchasing a few chapters of Talmud and studying further. The only drawback of this class that keeps it from being 5 stars is the instructor has a fast speech rate ...he speaks very fast so youll be thankful for the pause and rewind feature. I think if he spoke at a slower rate there would likely be another entire unit added to the class.

創建者 Nancy J G


I am a convert to Judaism and hungry for all the knowledge that I can find. The course was very good and the instructors more than capable. Maybe adding one really elementary video in the beginning for folks like me would be appreciated. Or, maybe other students are way ahead of my knowledge. The only other recommendation I would make regards the printed script that accompanies the videos. Wording is great. Punctuation dreadful, way beneath the level of the instructors and the course.

創建者 Ross A


Generally the course was really good, and had some excellent materials, especially the glossary for each chapter and the readings. Although it is considered an introduction, sometimes there was assumed knowledge of Judaism and Jewish theology/history, which was a bit unfortunate. This could easily be fixed with possible "additional" materials to expand on the topics covered. Overall though, it was a course definitely worth taking

創建者 Judith G


I wish the course had covered a bit more about the Talmud, and possibly another topic. The course may need to be a bit longer, though, to accomplish this. Otherwise it was a good beginning study on the Talmud. I appreciate the hard work both put into producing the videos. Thanks for the course.

創建者 char h


Very interesting, with great use of the text to illustrate various talmudic methodologies and features. However, PLEASE have someone proofread your captions. They are riddled with errors, including both leaving out Hebrew words and mis-transcribing English words.

創建者 John H


A fast paced and interesting journey through an example of the subject. Leaves a lot of questions to explore. The only thing I would like to have seen more would have been interaction with other students.

創建者 Charles W


This is a very well constructed introduction to the Talmud but I think it would be improved if it made more demands on the student in terms of reading assignments and exercises.

創建者 John L


Very interesting peek into the world of Talmud (and interesting to this non-Jewish student). I like that the Hebrew-reading student can access the original texts too.

創建者 Patrik W


Informative and deatiled. A bit more practical context for those unfamiliar with the jewish tradition would have helped put this on 5-star level :)

創建者 Lorena W


I wish there were subtitles in other languages. Some concepts are too complex to understand in a foreign language.