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學生對 北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校 提供的 美国南部:故事,音乐和艺术 的評價和反饋

384 個評分
103 條評論


From small farms to urban neighborhoods, from the region itself to the more distant worlds of the southern diaspora, we discover the stories, music, and art of the American South....



One of the greatest courses I ever followed!\n\nInteresting, documentary, not even one minute boring, very well organized and easy to follow.\n\nMusic is part of our history.


Bill Ferris is a wealth of knowledge and experience - I only regret missing out on the classroom dynamic of a Ferris-led discussion of Southern arts, particularly the Blues.


76 - 美国南部:故事,音乐和艺术 的 100 個評論(共 103 個)

創建者 José D


I took this course with a special interest on the musical aspect, namely the blues, of course. In that regard the course is very superficial, but has some interesting stuff even so. The other aspects of literature, painting, and the more popular arts (kilts, oral traditions, etc.) where a nice surprise. This course gives a view of a cultural aspect of America that is very interesting and mostly unknown, particularly, I guess, to a non American. I advise this course to anyone who is interested in ethnology, folklore and popular art and music and is not already familiarized with the American South.

創建者 Ann M


This course was a great introductory material to the life and the oral tradition of the American South. It explored the deeper areas of Southern life and localised the culture through one-on-one recordings and interviews. One suggestion is that in the last class, Prof. Ferris could have provided a synopsis of the course material. The pace of the teaching is adequate and the modules enable the learner to seek more information as needed. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course.

創建者 Arturo T S


Es una muy buena introducción al estudio de la cultura del sur de los Estados Unidos y al mismo tiempo un panorama para buscar más información sobre ciertos temas como el blues, las tradiciones orales, la religión, la vida cotidiana y los grandes creadores de la literatura y la música inmersos en la tradición del sur estadounidense.

創建者 Deleted A


Really interesting. Just a shame that all sources used are limited to the instructor's own work (books, photos and videos), and also that the tone is very monotonous which sometimes makes it hard to lose interest.

創建者 Emily Z


An insight into an storied culture. My main complaint is that this class is much less of a structured class, and more a string of glimpses into specific and sort of semi-random aspects of Southern culture.

創建者 Sue J D


I watched many of the videos. It was very interesting. I particularly liked the stories/video clips of musicians. I do hope you have seen The Song Catcher..this reminded me of it.

創建者 Bernardo F B E


This course is complete and does offer very good information on the music, stories, and art of the American South. I really enjoyed the blues music information presented to students.

創建者 Echo W


interesting, the photos, the film and voice records really bring us back to the time in the past, which also help me know what the real south is.

創建者 Ena X


It's a great course with a lot of background on Blues music. Tho I wish there were more music pieces to listen as examples.

創建者 Donna S


Great Material. Quizes and discussions didn't work, But i was only auditing the course. There is a wealth of information.

創建者 Yushan S


A good course for anyone who want to know more about the American South, but a little boring~

創建者 Coral Y


rich and engaging documentaries took 80% of the class content - but still fun to watch!

創建者 Allison B


Great course with a different perspective on history&people. Fun and simple.

創建者 Thanh T D


Interesting course covering various aspects of the south americans culture.

創建者 Laura G


Entretenido, ahora entiendo un pelín más de la cultura de Estados Unidos.

創建者 Dorothy H


Good course with lots of educator's personal experience and footage.

創建者 Amy S


Great reflections on some wonderful oral history research.

創建者 Rebecka J


Really good course. Happy I had a chance to take it :)

創建者 Andrés S


Faltó entrar un poco más en detalle.

創建者 U.Raja h



創建者 Eva B


Some good information but the video clips were outdated. I can see incorporating historic info, of course, but there must be some video clips from 2000 onward. as well.

創建者 Victoria G


This was a really good course. I was mostly interested in the music and related culture, but I will be interested to read some of the books that were discussed. Thanks!

創建者 Meghann M


Too reliant on materials directly collected by professor, too little context of larger artistic community.

創建者 Celeste G


Examples are good. Lecturer could be more interesting

創建者 Joan E F


This course would work better if the material wasn