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From small farms to urban neighborhoods, from the region itself to the more distant worlds of the southern diaspora, we discover the stories, music, and art of the American South....



One of the greatest courses I ever followed!\n\nInteresting, documentary, not even one minute boring, very well organized and easy to follow.\n\nMusic is part of our history.


Bill Ferris is a wealth of knowledge and experience - I only regret missing out on the classroom dynamic of a Ferris-led discussion of Southern arts, particularly the Blues.


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創建者 Ken W


I don't know how I would've even survived this pandemic without this godsend of a soul-enhancing course! I'm tearfully-grateful to Dr. Ferris. These aren't merely kind words, these are honest feelings from my heart. I can truly say, I'm now walking this Earth with something priceless and deep to carry with me and share with others from this experience of being in contact with one, Dr. Ferris. I've also learned from Dr. Ferris HOW to be a CONTRIBUTOR and make POSITIVE-IMPACTS to the world's seeming polluted and sometimes deeply depressing stream of life. Pointing out faults and blaming all-day and night expecting people to change in vain, isn't working so well. LOL! Thanks for chilling me during probably the worst summer America's ever known. And, showing me how to be accepting, tolerant, and COOL as a cucumber! Yep! I've been taking notes and stealing techniques. ;) I'm signing off before a teardrop falls into my semi-new MacBook. In all manner of love, respect, and thankful-enjoyment, Ken Wyatt (obviously ignored my rambling red light tonight, oh well)

創建者 Mario M


I want to thank Dr. Ferris for allowing us to get an inside to the beautiful worlds in the American South. The work Dr. Ferris has done in his career documenting the South and mastering it, is truly amazing. This is by far the most enjoyable class I have ever taken!

創建者 Stéphane C


Interesting introduction to the South, Professor Ferris tries to be as exhaustive as the format allows however the exhaustivity leads to a sense of barely skimming the surface over too many topics. I would have preferred a little less and a few more in depth analysis.

Impressive archives collection, definitely a plus of this course.

創建者 Sherry C


The best part of this course was, of course, the videos. But it just scratched the surface. I would have been happy to have a whole unit on Eudora Welty or B B King or the Chitlen Circuit. Each and every one of the films was priceless. But the course didn't fully exploit the possibilities of the web and I felt it was very static.

創建者 Tracey N


Very informative and entertaining course. I moved to the south 10 years ago from way north and the culture is unique and warm. The people are great storytellers and talk slow, stay long. There is a strong music and writing community and I now understand much better the oral traditions and the roots ingrained in the generations of people that grew up here. The strong familial and community connections are deep and they have a sense of place stronger than I've seen in other parts of the world I've lived. I also see a good life balance, and a lot of joy. A truly rich heritage thrives here, and is not lost, even in these-paced, electronic-laden, modren times.

創建者 Supriya S


This course is truly an eye-opener to the American South, its history, and its people. I thank Dr. William Ferris for devoting his time and stories to making this course very engaging, fun, and enjoyable. He is very resourceful in this subject and has extremely shared valuable material. Like the many photos, videos, and interviews of B.B. King, Alice Walker, Jimmie Rodgers and all of the other great musicians, singers, writers, photographers, and story-tellers.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I highly recommend it. Even people who don't have enough knowledge of the South can still score well and have fun learning about it.

創建者 Edward B


An excellent introduction to the culture of the US South; part personal reminiscence (Professor Ferris draws heavily on the work of people he knows), part lecture. It's also cross-disciplinary - perhaps a course in anthropology, perhaps one in literature and music, really both. Underlying it all is the idea that Southern culture is very much bottom up, folklore, the creation of ordinary people rather than high-flown thinking. My only regret is that I now want to spend time with the works of WIlliam Faulkner, Eudora Welty and Alice Walker and will be doing so after I have completed the course rather than in the midst of it.

創建者 Ricardo V


Wonderful course all in all! I enjoyed it a lot and Professor Ferris does a remarkable job showing us with great passion all the different cultural and artistic expressions of the American South. The photographs, videos, audios, and interviews he has captured of the many artists showcased in this course are truly extraordinary; what a treasure! I am so glad I found this course that has taught me so much, that has given me a way better idea of this colorful region of the United States, a region that has given the world so much in terms of culture and art. Thank you so much Professor Ferris!

創建者 Jane B


This course was very enjoyable. I loved the interviews, especially the writers segment. I am very excited to read more of all of these great authors. I have read Alice Walker and Robert Penn Warren as well as Tennessee Williams but can hardly wait to start Eudora Welty's short stories. Loved the professor's style of presenting the course as a storyteller himself. Wow, just saw the American Masters episode on Flannery O'Conner, and thanks to this course I grabbed my husband and was treated to her amazing stories and biography. Downloading their books now.

創建者 Hugh M


The lecturers and interviews are relatively short and the quizzes don't ask that much of you, nevertheless this is a fantastic introduction to the south and explores a good breath of the arts and culture. The depth and passion of William Ferris's knowledge is obvious. He left me wanting more so I bought two of his multimedia books on Amazon, although he modestly didn't plug them I had to hunt them down.

創建者 Miko T


I'm from the Philippines but I've always been intrigued by the American South from listening to blues music and watching movies. This course was very informative and enjoyable. It wasn't overwhelming in terms of the volume of information. It focused on conveying the spirit of the South more than listing down the facts. I really liked how actual interviews and audio clips were used so that we could hear stories from the people themselves. Very digestible for non-Americans like myself.

創建者 Gloria F L


Because I was born and raised in the South, I enjoy courses that expound my knowledge of southern culture. This is an excellent course and I am enjoying Dr. Ferris' lectures. It brings to mind my memories of early childhood experiences (the good and the bad) that have shaped the national and international consciousness. I state that because I lived in Atlanta, GA during the Civil Rights Era and I wear my southern style with pride, no matter where I travel.

創建者 John N


One of the best cultural studies I have ever taken! Dr. William Ferris showcases his mastery in capturing the heartbeat of the American South. Dr. Ferris tells each story with such amazing intensity and clarity that you can't help but be drawn into each moment - as though you were there. Take this class if you're looking for a deeper understanding of how traditions form the basis of societies today and the future.

創建者 KaLani S


Amazing and fascinating course. The instructor is a treasure to find. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this course with an instructor with such a rich history and knowledge of the South. I recommend to any and everyone who loves history and folklore alike. I wish there were a way to down load the videos. This is a great archive of quite possibly my own ancestry. I absolutely loved this course.

創建者 Jeremy E S


Excellent Course! From the start it was very informative. What I liked most about the course was the interviews of the everyday people from the South. The course went beyond the basic facts of Southern Culture and really brought out the influences from the common man. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in American Culture! Thank you for this course.



I am not originally from the South, but I have lived in Florida for the past seventeen years. I have always loved the stories, music, and art of the South, and now I know the history of them.

The course was extremely interesting and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in these things.

創建者 Lester P


As a non-American and a musician I found this course presented immensely interesting and important background information as to how life was and developed in the American South, culminating in hearing the story of its music which I now understand in its context. I heartily recommend this course!

創建者 Cintya P I


This course has it all. If you love art, music, writing and the American South, it's all here. I loved this course and continue to be fascinated by the history of the South. If anything this course gives you a foundation for your love to grow with a new perspective.

創建者 Mikhail M


This course is cozier than my home. Dr. William Ferris is a master, he loves this subject so much that you can't help it but to fell in love with the South yourself. Wonderful honest journey and a heartwarming experience of a faraway culture for me.

創建者 qqwwqq22


Very brief but round introduction for the art forms of the American South. Greatly changed my idea and increased my knowledge about the native people in the South. Slow speed of lecture is very easy to understand for non-English spea

創建者 Allyson E B


The course was very informative. I hope that one day , the educators within the Civil Rights Museum --here in Memphis, TN -- will add this course to their education curriculum. This course is insightful and enjoyable.

創建者 David S


This was such an informative, well taught and interesting course about the American South! I have a much deeper appreciation for the history and the professor’s teaching style was excellent. Thank you!!

創建者 Althea M


As part of the southern family living abroad I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Thanks Bill, for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. I look forward to watching your documentaries on Folkstream!

創建者 Juan U L


A great way to begin to understand some of the fabric, or quilt, that puts all things together in the American South, with one of the researchers that knows the most on the field: Dr. William Ferris.

創建者 Manfred S


This were some amazing and enjoyable weeks to learn so ,much about stories and music of the South. Thank you very much and in particular for the fotos and the audio and video recordings.