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學生對 亚利桑那州立大学 提供的 Teach English Now! Second Language Reading, Writing, and Grammar 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn ideas for teaching reading and writing courses, and how to include grammar instruction within them. Learn how to help students with differing types of reading problems and how to implement both intensive and extensive reading strategies. Learn strategies to engage students in the stages of writing--pre-writing, writing, and post-writing. Find out about different writing problems that students may encounter. Incorporate grammar through the use of noticing and input enhancement....




I am greatfully thankful for giving me the chance to dive into that amazing world of Reading, Writing and Grammar stratagies so that I could modify my teaching style for my students to benefit more!!!



Although the skits are cheesy, they improve comprehension of the concepts discussed throughout the course. The course was still meaningful because it teaches you to integrate all skills in one lesson.


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創建者 MAX A A J


In my personal opinion, what we get form ASU and COURSERA is just priceless, persinally all courses I have taken, helped me to achieve my goals and enhance the way I normally teach, also with the new methodology updates, I have incorporated new teaching techniques. Learning through this system is just amazing, and sometimes we are not aware of our own potential.

創建者 Mohamed I


The course is incredibly awesome. The instructors and materials, and the way the teach is pretty amazing. I really recommend this course to anyone seeks to be a teacher.

創建者 Laura S


This course provided me with the methods of teaching reading, writing and grammar as a new TESOL volunteer teacher. I was also supported by the text books provided by the location where I teach.

創建者 Esther A


I love this course very much. It was very interesting for me to study it. The teaching videos were amazing and the actors in them played even more better than in some Hollywood` s films! :) My big thanks to the team of ASU&cousera. Love you all!

創建者 Menna R


I enjoyed in this course and with these Professors .

Also , I knew my issues and improve it .

I become more confidence .

Thank you

Dr. Shane Dixon

Dr. Justin Shewell

Jessica Cinco

Thank you Coursera to give me this opportunity to learn and improve myself.

創建者 Mahmoud I M A


I owe a big thank you for all people working in this great project of helping teachers all over the world improve their academic career. Special thanks are due to my brilliant professors Dr. Dixon and Dr Jessica who are of great help and make admire teaching because of understanding what they presented to me during the course. I intend to finish the whole courses TESOL professional Certificate. You are really the light in darkness.

創建者 Miriam O


This is a highly recommended course. Its worth doing because one is acquainted with strategies especially writing strategies that will help one deal with the skill easily. Do it, you ill love it

創建者 Kriebel D S


Such a useful, great course!

創建者 Abduvahob E


I appreciate to Coursera and also for Arizona State University to help me learn more about English like reading, Writing and Grammar and also I want to add the Speaking as well.

Thanks fir all!!!

創建者 Adalto F d G


The course is excellent! The content is well prepared and really useful. The teachers are wonderful with their ability to teach, to perform, to transmit information and more yet, to inspire! Teachers able to inspire are not found everywhere. But they are here!

Despite to have studied in some of the best institutions of two countries, I never found professors like here as Shane Dixon and Jessica Cinco. Congratulations! More than teach, you inspire!

創建者 Natalia T


All the courses that are part of this big course are magnificent because in every video teachers are using their own advice on how to make content sticky, using incredible themes and making sure information is well-presented (even when it's difficult), repeated and understood (thanks to quizzes and practical tasks). I cannot stress how grateful I am to be a part of this course.

創建者 Финогенова Е А


It was really helpful and effective in order to rethink my own teaching approach and dip into all these techniques. I appreciate all reviews and feedback I got. Also assessing other people's work, I noticed my own mistakes or sometimes useful techniques. And I would like to express a deep gratitude to teachers and all people who created this course!



This course has been very well delivered because of the way our instructors took us into real life situations through stories and ended up delivering the content in a very unique way.It has really stuck like MUD.All thanks to Dr, Shane Dixon,Dr.Justin Shewell, Jessica Cinco and the rest of the team.

Nakitende Rovina

創建者 Rafael D


Highly Effective, Informative, and Beautifully Delivered Course!

Want to know how to efficiently teach Reading, Writing, and Grammar (the painful one:)? Then you're bound to work through this course. Learn world-class techniques and develop your mastery as a teacher with Arizona State University professionals.

創建者 Екатерина


If you want to start your career in teaching and you don't know what to begin with, this course will teach you how to build Reading, Writing and Grammar lessons effectively. Thanks a lot for all the teachers of the course. It was not only informative and practical but also very fascinating.

創建者 Catalina B


Excellent course, it has provided me useful tools for my classes and also the knowledge that brings confidence in teaching. I love the creativity they have in these courses, not boring and always interesting and fun, which makes it a great experience in learning too!



Dear Coursera,

Why can't I continue my course through Financial Aid assistance. When I was about to submit my peer-graded assignment I couldn't because it needs to upgrade my subscription. Can you please help me to solve this and continue my Financial Aid?


創建者 Emeribe R U


The course content is robust, interesting and very engaging. The educators are top-notch, the best of the best. You are taught in a way that prepares you to be the best among your contemporaries in the teaching profession. I am glad I enrolled for this course.

創建者 kiyingi i


A lot was learnt especially, how to handle different readers, the lion reader, the scarecrow and one more. It was a superb experience as writing putting onto consideration, the planning ahead, organizing, audience, spelling n grammar and so on.

創建者 Partha S


It was a great learning experience, especially to know about different reading and writing activities which I knew nothing about. This module will definitely help me become a better teacher.

創建者 Babayeva K


It is an excellent course and materials are so useful. Videos are enjoyable :) I have learned many useful methods which I will use in my clasroom while I teach. Thank you for everything!

創建者 Renata A L


É um curso dinâmico e muito coerente com a realidade que enfrentamos em sala de aula. Com certeza farei muitos outros cursos para dar um upgrade no meu curriculum.

創建者 Ma V A A M


Very informative course!

創建者 Han H


peer review takes time a lot so it sucks

創建者 Shahid I


The course was great as all of the previous ones. Way to go. I am probably learning more from the way the course is presented than the content of the course itself. The content was already out there, its the presentation that makes it, well, 'sticky'.

I do have a suggestion to rectify a problem, if possible. There are some MCQs in the quizzes in this course that have an option like 'All of the above'. The system is also programmed to randomize the sequence of the answers which makes it possible to have this option of 'All of the above' on the first, second or third number. This either does not make sense (on number 1) or makes it confusing (on number 2 and 3). Can this be rectified somehow?