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學生對 莫斯科物理科学与技术学院 提供的 技术写作 的評價和反饋

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The course develops technical writing skills necessary to communicate information gained through a process of technical or experimental work. The course highlights the factors that determine the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved. You will learn how to write different technical reports, e.g., laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, consulting reports, etc. The course also approaches several language, structure, style, and content issues that you can encounter while reporting the results of your research....



Great course! I think the writing assignments really help you to get an idea of what a career in technical writing will be about. I really look forward to starting a career in technical writing!


This course is a great gateway to the world of technical writing. A good effort by the trainers and curriculum creators at familiarising the learner with the basics, nuances and the requisites.


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創建者 Jayadevan P C


It's a useful course for every professional, especially for those English is not their mother tongue.

Usually these kind of courses a sleeping pill for me but it is organized elegantly and the classes/ videos are of short duration. This helped me to attend the classes.

Thanks for the team.

創建者 Prince U


I feel fulfilled completing this course. It had very important lessons in it for me as someone in the technical field. My ability to organize and structure my reports/instructions or procedures has been enhance after completing all the modules. Thank you MIPT and Coursera.

創建者 Akash N T V


I have learned more in this course in matter of weeks then ever in my life by college. The information they are imparting is priceless. It will help me in every project and report I will create as an Engineer. Thank you ma'am for such a wonderfull course.

創建者 Bhushan S M


This course is very helpful for developing technical writing skill. I learned so many things such as audience adaptation, format organization, styles of writing, etc. Thank you Coursera community for providing this course!

創建者 Deleted A


this course is an excellent course with outstanding explanation and contents

創建者 eli


I have learned a new skill set through this course, truly, but the poor English within the quizzes and how SPESFIC your answers must be (half the time were never covered in the videos themselves), and how the peer reviews are either a mess, or people are just copying and pasting from the videos on YouTube, I would just recommend you to either audit the course or buy a book on technical writing . I should also add, week 5 is just one huge sales pitch for websites that have nothing to do with technical writing, if you really need sources and list of patents there are many other websites you can choose from that have many more options and helpfulness than what this course tries to push onto you

創建者 Asena C


as a curriculim developer the assessment of knowledge is not reliable.

創建者 Lee A B


Needs to be updated, tests answers don't match material.

創建者 Alice B


Most questions in the tests were phrased very poorly, to the extent that, despite having thoroughly followed the lessons and taken notes, I had to do a lot of guesswork. Many things were explained as absolute truths when it's obvious that they could change depending on the type of technical document one is writing.

Moreover, the course is really hard to follow. The presentation is unengaging and the speaker's pronunciation is not the clearest. In a course that preaches conciseness and clarity, you'd expect these qualities to be reflected in the way materials are presented. It is not the case.

To conclude on a positive note, there are some solid learnings to be taken home, if you are patient enough to look for them.

創建者 Jessica S


This course had a lot of issues. Many topics were not fully covered (for example the instructor said that there were 10 things and would only list 9). Practice quizzes given before information was shared. The last chapter seemed like a plug for the creators of the course. Many of the videos stopped and needed to be reloaded. This did not happen with other courses. At the end of the course the final project required a peer graded assignment. This assignment required visuals and did not allow for the file to be uploaded as the other peer graded assignment did. This didn't allow the viewing of the project to be seen in the correct format.

創建者 Hussein E M R


Extremely bad layout - no slides and the interaction is very boring..

創建者 054_Souvik M


This Course is useless....Teachers are not so good.

創建者 Carmen W


The technical content of the course was very good. The assignments allowed for use of what was taught. I have noticed improvements in my writing since doing this course.

創建者 Binha


It's an amazing begin for peoples that need to have a first contact with the technical writing. The activities and lessons permit an engagement with other participants.

創建者 Martin D


The course contains a great deal of useful information for the aspiring technical writer. I appreciate the straightforward presentation.



excellent study material. very good explanation. easy to understand. highly knowledgeable instructor. I love this course. thank you

創建者 Kimberly J S


The course raised my writing skills a notch or more higher. Thank you Coursera. I am looking forward on taking other courses.



Very informative and easy to understand. This online course is very useful especially for technical people/engineers at DEWA

創建者 Aditya S C


The course was very well structured... a perfect balance between theoretical and practical aspects of Technical Writing.

創建者 PILLI P 2


I was really enjoy to know about this course, thank for u gave a better opportunity to provide well learning platform.



A very good course on Technical writing. Those who want to work in this field this is the right course to be taken.



Gives an good understanding about the technical aspects required in writing papers,reports,reviewing other's work

創建者 Kelvin K


Thank you for such an amazing course! I have learned so much and am applying it to work towards my vocation!

創建者 Gisela A


This course is a very good start for those willing to start a career in technical writing/communication.

創建者 Fernando M


Excelent course, great especiazation. Very useful for science students and young professionals.