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學生對 西北大学 提供的 小提琴和中提琴教育:打下坚实基础 的評價和反饋

139 個評分
45 個審閱


Join us as we explore the fundamental principles and early stages of teaching violin and viola through a series of engaging video lectures and lesson demonstrations, including: 1) Master classes with some of the world’s top string pedagogues, 2) Individual lesson demos of teaching violin/viola set up, left and right hand technique and pieces from the early violin/viola repertoire, 3) Group lesson demos of teaching music theory, ear training and fun activities that encourage good playing habits, and 4) A “field trip” to the violin shop, where we will outfit a new beginning student with a proper instrument and bow. You’ll also engage in a series of discussions and reflections with colleagues and peers across the globe. Upon completion of this course, we hope you’ll return to your studio with confidence, a new curriculum, and a renewed approach to sharing with your students the joyful experience of making beautiful music....



Mar 29, 2018

I learned some and revisited many concepts pertaining to teaching violin and viola, and also learn many new songs similar to the Suzuki book 1 songs. The videos are well made, and to the point.


Mar 15, 2017

An amazing course that was just what I was looking for as a violinist who is interested in learning to teach. My kids are working through the curriculum now and we are all having a great time!


26 - 小提琴和中提琴教育:打下坚实基础 的 45 個評論(共 45 個)

創建者 Raul C

Sep 19, 2015

Excellent and very complete class

創建者 José R V

Jan 26, 2016

Gostei muito deste curso, pois para pais que tem filhos que estudam o violino ajuda no aprendizado.

創建者 Malorie H

Mar 15, 2017

An amazing course that was just what I was looking for as a violinist who is interested in learning to teach. My kids are working through the curriculum now and we are all having a great time!

創建者 Cathy G

Jan 01, 2016

So thorough and informative!

創建者 Gandhy F H T

Nov 14, 2015

Excelente herramienta educativa

創建者 Tatiana E S

Nov 15, 2015

Great course!

創建者 David L

Mar 17, 2016

top knotch! great learning tools and instruction was easy to follow! Thank you!

創建者 Balaji N

Sep 14, 2015

I Love it

創建者 Nguyen T T

Aug 07, 2015

This course is wonderful not only for violin teachers but also for students who are apt to self-study. The instructive videos are very concise, informative and well-organized. The musical examples are among the best for the demonstrated techniques.

創建者 Natouchka M F

Nov 10, 2015

Very EXCELLENT course

創建者 Nadia R

Aug 14, 2016

It is a really good course. I learned a lot. It is an essencial tool for teachers. Thank you

創建者 Sylvia P

Dec 16, 2016

Stellar! Great concepts explained well and demonstrated on real students. Will help me immensely in my own teaching.

創建者 Joanne L

Jun 24, 2018

This is a wonderful course for the accomplished teacher or for someone who is just starting out. The basic foundational techniques and skills are absolutely essential for success on the violin and viola. The stepwise series of lessons, the even smaller breakdown of techniques into steps that even the youngest beginners can grasp gives the string teacher tools that will benefit all of your students. Excellent!

創建者 Elizabeth J

May 17, 2019

Very in depth! Highly reccomended

創建者 Shunyo M

Aug 25, 2019

Can not wait to continue........thanks...

創建者 Marlene C L

Oct 01, 2019

I love the material, the way its exposed, and the quality of the professors. It is an amazing course, with a lot of resources for teachers.

創建者 Robyn J

Jun 15, 2017

The course is set up very well--the handouts provided are excellent, the videos are fun and informative, and the peer review activities are a great way to get feedback and also see other students' ideas and points of view. The reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars is because, when I took the course, there was some trouble getting timely feedback from the peer graders (and delayed feedback will negatively affect your grade). Also, this is a tiny thing, but the Vivaldi music at the beginning and end of every single video got old really quickly, especially since there's a mistake in the recording.

創建者 Débora C d A B

Mar 17, 2016

I loved this course. It helped me very much and I'm grateful for everything I learned here.

The only thing I think need to be improved is the evaluation system.

Can't wait for my next course!


Jun 03, 2016

This pedagogy course is great, but I think it is missing real students learning the current lesson... I feel that the students try just one, and make it perfect, they already know... The teacher could show us how to eliminate their difficulties... Almost 5 stars!

創建者 DanielSubach

Aug 22, 2015

A rather non-engaged teacher ho does not know what goes on with the reviews. She does not have enough people to review the written assignment and the assignments go UN-reviewed leading to a 'no-grade' whihc is ridiculous. It is not even clear how the written reviews are graded. She is not involved and does not serve to inspect the work of the students to ascertain that a grade is in order. Three reviews are requited for a grade, but she has so few reviewers that one might only get one review and then fail. Very inept. Stay away from this one. She does not get involved with answering questions of students either. Her internet activity is rated a 2/5 whihc I did not know until I got involved with this course. Observation of the video showing her teaching is terrible. She places herself in front of the camera and one cannot see the placement of the student's fingers or most importantly what is actually happening on the fret board with the finger movement. She also places herself directly in front of the camera blocking a clear view of everything - poor video skills.