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學生對 哥本哈根大学 提供的 Sustainable Tourism – promoting environmental public health 的評價和反饋

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The MOOC introduces learners to key environmental health and natural resources management challenges associated with the rapid growth in international tourist arrivals into low-income countries. Since infrastructural and regulatory capacities in such countries are often limited they are more exposed to the negative implications of such development. The MOOC will present experiences and potential avenues to develop a more sustainable form of tourism. The Course particularly focuses on the problems and potentials of tourism development in small island states in tropical and sub-tropical settings and highlights the challenges of such development on vulnerable ecosystems. It also highlights how tourism development in Zanzibar results in increased pressure on its marine environment, solid waste management, water resources and control of mosquitoes. These factors will be used as tracers of impacts and areas for future improvement towards a more sustainable form of tourism. Zanzibar will be in focus during this course and used as a case in order to exemplify how a massive increase of Tourism in a low income and resource poor setting, can increase the vulnerability of the local population. The Course topics also relate to a number of targets under the global Sustainable Development Goals, especially: Goals 3: “good health and well-being” Goals 6: “clean water and sanitation” Goals 14: “life below water” Goals 17: “partnerships”. Thus, the Course is a continuation of the efforts and discussions raised as part of the 2017 international year of sustainable tourism. A diversity of perspectives and areas of expertise will be presented by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, State University of Zanzibar, representatives from the hotel sector and international experts in specific areas of sustainable tourism....




I learned a lot regarding the topic of sustainable tourism, Thanks for the excellence of the professor who gives every little detail pertaining to the topic. It was indeed a very knowleageable course.



I want to appreciate my Mentor Mr. Flemming Konradsen for providing such a pleasant learning experience through this course. This will surely enlighten our career in a positive direction.

Thank You


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創建者 Srishty A


It is a must for people in the Hotel industry, especially so that they could find ways to become an eco-friendly hotel nevertheless it is also for people who want their communities to grow in a sustainable way where the locals are benefited.

創建者 Evelyn S n


i have liked the course as it has shown a true reflection of Zanzibar as case study. This is backed by the fact that local experts where interviewed and i have been to Zanzibar many topics discussed come to life, meaning they were actual.

創建者 Dibblex S


I am so grateful that I got to do this incredible course. I must say that I learnt a lot and the case examples were very on point and specific to what the course outcomes was meant to achieve. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

創建者 K N W


This course is really helpful for me to understand about environmental sustainability. special thanks to professor Flemming Konardsen for sharing his knowledge with us. And also thank you Coursera for giving this valuable opportunity.

創建者 JIDU K U


It was worthful to know about the role of environment in Organising Tourism Activities

It's a Most important topic in the Sustaining of tourism and paving the way for the progress of economies of and standard of living of Society

創建者 Mohammad A A


The course has helped me to understand various Social, Environmental and Economic issues concerning sustainability of Tourism. Extensive resources with case studies helps to understand from theoretical and applied perspective.

創建者 Chukwukelue U U


It was an eyeopener. I learnt a lot about tourism and I also learnt that tourism go beyond traveling or visiting important places but that the environment is also part of tourism. I encourage everyone to take this course.

創建者 beng w c


Clear and precise presentation by Prof Flemming. Opened my eyes to problems faced by Zanzibar and other lower to middle income countries and it is not just the hoteliers' responsibilities. It starts with us, the tourist

創建者 Doriana


This was my first course on Coursera! I'm really thankful for this, it developed my english skills as well, I'm glad I did this, the videos were very good to listen and watch, it was never boring! I loved it, thank you!



I have learned so many things about sustainable tourism. The course was amazing! If you are a part of tourism industry, you should probably take this course and just.......Take it to the next level!! Thank you so much!

創建者 Julian D L C


The course allows reflection on the role of the tourism industry regarding the objectives of sustainable development, allowing to visualize strategies to build an industry according to local needs facing global trends

創建者 Tahir R


amazing course with updated case base study of Zanzibar. I learned a lot related to the topic of sustainability, public health, tourism. Thanks for the excellence professor who designed the course in a great way.

創建者 Cristhian N R P


Es un excelente curso, te inculca finalmente a querer trabajar y mejorar en el sector turístico con los lineamientos de Sostenibilidad y cuidado ambiental, definitivamente este curso debe tener una continuación.

創建者 Johannes V


I appreciate the extent of information and resources for research that are given in the course, I have enjoyed it and now hoping to continue my ventures in this field. It was a well rounded informative course.



Thanks to all the new experience, we will be able to create a more sustainable tourism, be more aware, and less consumers, taking care of our natural resources, which they need from us today more than ever.

創建者 Pelpita W S M C B


This course is an interesting and very important course and I get a good knowledge about the environmental friendly tourism and also how can we protect the environment while keeping good tourism industry.

創建者 Percy F


Many thanks to Flemming Konradsen from the University of Copenhagen for designing and delivering this course in an engaging, effective and interesting manner.

Percy Fernandez, PhD

創建者 Asifali A


Thank you sir...

Iam a tourism student. Through this course, I learn more about the how we need sustainable tourism and importance, I think this course will help me in my current course and also in future.

創建者 M H A


T​his course made me know the important of public health and what the relation with tourism industry and how we build this sustainable tourism industry. Hope can be another updated part and information.

創建者 Lucia C


Thank you very much to the all team members from University of Copenhagen (and from others institutions that were involved in the process) for this opportunity to participate at this Course! Good luck!

創建者 asel k


Very interesting and well structured course, during the three week's course, I was able to learn a lot. Recommended to everyone who is interested in sustainable tourism and special thanks to Professor!

創建者 Thaïs V B


Very understanding for someone like me who is not in the tourism sector. Only but is that there are articles and videos which are not for public access. The videos and interviews are very interesting.



This is a great course that has taught me a lot on how we can create sustainable tourism that will benefit us as a people as well as the future generations in line with sustainable development goals.



A well designed course to understand the detrimental impacts of tourism industry on environment with great examples. I'll be now more conscious about my habits and practices while travelling.

創建者 Rebecca H


I really enjoyed this very interesting course, as I work within the tourism industry it has made me rethink certain aspects and also the way I will personally travel in the future. Thank you