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學生對 新泽西州立罗格斯大学 提供的 供应链物流 的評價和反饋

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2,192 條評論


Have you ever wondered how goods get delivered to us so quickly as soon as we order them? One word: Logistics! In this introductory Supply Chain Logistics course, I will take you on a journey to this fascinating backbone of global trade. We cover the three major building blocks of logistics networks: transportation, warehousing, and inventory. After completing this course, you will be able to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of different modes of transportation. You will understand what goes into designing and setting up a warehousing facility. Finally, you will be able to select the options that enable you to develop logistics networks, that minimize costs and deliver top customer service. This is an introductory course designed to provide you with a start on your learning journey in logistics. You do not need to have any background in logistics, but it would be beneficial if you had a basic understanding of business concepts. Join me and we will learn together about logistics! Interested in learning advanced supply chain topics? Check out the Supply Chain Excellence MasterTrack™ Certificate:



Very informative! the assignments are discussed before performing, supportive and responsive community. Very entertaining professor with real life references in the video lectures. Highly recommended


This course was well organized, provided necessary learning materials, and hands-on learning experiences. I would highly recommend this course to others interested in learning supply chain logistics.


1876 - 供应链物流 的 1900 個評論(共 2,189 個)



The course was easy to follow, the teacher was engaging, and the material helpful. I look forward to taking more classes taught by Mr. Leuschner.

創建者 Rahul P


I get to learn alot about supply chain mangement after doing this course, I must say course is designed to learn proficiently in minimum time.

創建者 Karan T


Good souse. It refreshes one's basics. but more stress needs to be given on terms and Key words. Also Week 2 and week 3 were not designed well.

創建者 Deepyanti K


It is Good Course i have learnt in this whose organisation planning for selecting Mode of transport, ware house planning and what factors influ

創建者 Tarun


peer graded assignments should be a little simpler, these are very complicated. good for learning perspective but takes a heavy toll on time.

創建者 Durjoy R


This course give a brief idea of how the supply chain logistics network works and how can I implement my idea. To me the course was fine.

創建者 Vaibhav B


This course gives the basic knowledge of supply chain management and assignment enables learner to apply the needed practical knowledge.

創建者 Shahin M N H


It was thought provoking and interesting .The assignments where fun.I have good understanding of logistics .Rudolf is a fun instructor.

創建者 Farah N


As I have no previous text-book knowledge concerning Logistics I am happy with this introductory as it gave me an initial understanding

創建者 Parth C


as mentioned in the description It will not take you to the depth and breath of the topic but for the understanding it is good course.

創建者 Daisy N


The content of this course is very useful and detail for a new starter however I can not see sea transportation method in this course.

創建者 Akshay V


This course is really great cleare my basic concept for logistics and other related parts. This course really adds value in my future.

創建者 tanya V


Got to know the basic concepts of the supply chain logistics. Looking forward to apply it in real life and learn in much more detail

創建者 Sandeep R S


A good short-term course for Beginners. The best part being the assignments, which creatively attaches to the classroom concepts.

創建者 Pritam D


Good course ... the course materials were helpful and the way the concepts were presented was really good ... highly recommended!

創建者 Vincent M


Really entry level course with not too much content. If you are a faster learner, you can expect to finish this course in a week.

創建者 Michel C


The course is really good and shows the fundamentals of Supply Chain Logistics. I just think it could go deeper on some topics.



Good kickstart for those who are rookies in the field. But for people with prior knowledge in this field, it is a slow course.

創建者 Mohammad I


Best Course and that is most effective in the Supply chain field,

and Instructor is the best way to how to deliver the lecture.

創建者 Rahul B


It is a good foundation course for supply chain logistics. One can learn about basic ideas of how to build logistics network

創建者 Krishna K


Quizzes could have been more elaborate and with a higher difficulty level... Course content also could have been a bit more.

創建者 Athena R P B


This is a very good course to have a general overview what are the components of Supply Chain and Logistics and how it works

創建者 Elias


Supply Chain Logistics is a very good introductory course to logistics essentials, operations and planning for beginners.

創建者 Alberto


Good for initial approach to logistics, not in deep information. Links to the additional information sometimes do not work