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學生對 职业经理人认证机构 提供的 Modern Supervisor Skills 的評價和反饋

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This course provides the essential skills and knowledge that you as a supervisor will need to understand and communicate effectively with employees and customers from a wide variety of backgrounds. At its conclusion, you will be able to: • Describe the nature of a supervisor’s position and its role in building a positive work environment. • Identify and apply skills for communicating effectively with individuals and groups. • Explain the implications of a culturally diverse society and workforce. • Explain why a strong customer service culture is crucial to organizational success. • Explain the role of the supervisor in creating a customer-centric organization. Most importantly, you will be able to apply this knowledge immediately to be an effective, efficient supervisor and deal with employees, other managers and customers appropriately and effectively. If you want to become or are currently working as a supervisor, this course is made for you. You do not need to have management or supervisory. If you have a high school diploma or its equivalent and a few years of work experience, you are qualified for this course. There are no prerequisites for this course, and you do not need any special software....




As a current cleaning supervisor, this course has taught me many important things regarding my position. I am really thankful for all what I have learned. I will continue with the next course.



Great course to offer on coursera with flexible terms of study and adequate materials to equip students to pass their assignments, earn a certificate and build on their career.


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創建者 Rimba S B



創建者 Safiya L


The course was straightforward but also gave me insight that I hadn't thought of before. I will definitely continue.

創建者 Nicole R


This is a challenging course. It is very informative and there is soo much to grasp in a short space of time.

創建者 Sara


I really appreciate the course! And specially that you accept it the financial aid. Thank you so much

創建者 Saud A A


I really recommend this course for individuals who wants to build their managerial skills.

創建者 Venz P


Thank you for my instructor in doing the presentation. I learned a lot!

創建者 Amy M


This was a good course that will help enhance supervisor skills

創建者 Nur a A


Very informative. Helpful in identifying supervisory skills.

創建者 Frank W B


very intuitive and helpful in improving skills.

創建者 Nicola F


Great course - awesome instructor!

創建者 RoS*r


A Fulfilling effort to completion.

創建者 Ahmad Z


Thanks very helpful

創建者 Larry L T



創建者 Gatorano J P



創建者 Alhanouf f a A


there is no translate

創建者 Eugenia V


Have to pay extra after finishing for the certificate, to be fair this is announced in the first video, but regardless, not ideal.

創建者 Ярослава Б


I would not call this course helpful or useful. The production quality is very low.

創建者 Ngo H T


Audio quality is really bad

創建者 Arnie H


peer reviewed assignments dont get reviewed for you to complete your course and recieve the certificate that you earned and paid for. They will not give you your course certificate until you review 3 peer assignments, but there is no other assgnments to review so it just says "sorry no assignments to review" and your supposed to wait for over a month or so to recieve your grade and certificate when you have already completed your responsiblities in regards to earning the proof of completion. Very dissapointing process. would not recommend any course that has peer reviewed assignments as they are not structured around what I thought coursera was all about. That is completing a course at your personal pace, and recieving credit for it in a timely manner. will not be recommending this to anyone. Also, no phone number to call to talk to a person about your dissatifaction with the proccess? that only means they do not value as a customer only a dollar amount on a speadsheet.

創建者 Loo K L


I’ve come into this course genuinely hoping to gain but find this hard to continue at the second video of Week 2. Week 1 was hard to get through with draggy video lectures that doesn’t get to the point. Too many insignificant points were made with not much focus. Too heavy concentration on video format without readable documents to complement learning and provide variety.

My expectation maybe too high having taken other course that are way more well-defined, way more well-structured and better delivered. Or maybe it just doesn’t suit my style of learning. Giving this a pause now and may come back to complete the course if improvements are made.

創建者 B T


What is required to pass this course, is worth way more than a messily certificate from an relatively unknown source. It's filled with things like, Diversity! Doesn't matter if your employees are competent, as long as it's a mixture of colors. Sorry I ever started this one.