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In this course you will learn how organizations create, capture, and maintain value, and how it is fundamental for sustainable competitive advantage. You will be able to better understand value creation and capture, and learn the tools to analyze both competition and cooperation from a variety of perspectives, including the industry level (e.g., five forces analysis), and the firm level (e.g., business models and strategic positioning). • Understand how managers coordinate different functional areas, resources, and systems inside a company and align them with the external environment to enhance overall performance • Knowledge of strategic management tools and frameworks, and apply them to real business contexts Process diverse business and industry information to diagnose strategic issues, evaluate strategic alternatives, and formulate a coherent and actionable strategic plan • How to think like a CEO, entrepreneur, or general manager. This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and



I am really honored to review this course. The course and the Professor was really having a high practical approach. 4th Module was little bit confusion although it was a great time doing the course.


Highly recommended course material. Really enjoyed solving the case studies. The learning from the course on different frameworks was immense. Also the feedback from the peers provided more insights.


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After taking this course, I have learnt following,

Solutions to the business challenges under the study of 1st course, that we can have better results after setting and communicating cleared mission and vision according to the business model to the whole organization so that individual’s efforts can convert in to one FORCE towards the accomplishment of common objectives & sustainability of business model. And how to get internal coherence towards the business module and overall strategic fit within the organization and outside challenges under the definition of V A R S framework. A new thing to me that strategic intent for team can also play a vital role in high achievements.

Solutions to the business challenges under the study of 2nd course, for sustainably of business model and profitability the analysis of industry are most important to take corrective actions and future decisions. Study and understanding of PESTEL framework and Five Forces made more clarity to take relevant and correct decisions. There was lot of material and support to understand that how we can make a successful strategic fit between internal strength, activities and capabilities with external environment or requirements.

Solutions to the business challenges under the study of 3rd course, here in course it is an ample study, material, lecture and case study to understand that how we can keep sustainable competitive advantages to reduce or minimize the challenges of five forces which always keep the company’s profitability low or high cost of business. There is learning over best strategic fit of activities, resources and capabilities along best use of value chain and network chain to develop best economic value added.

Solution to the business challenges under the study of 4th course, there is the best-case study to understand the best application of generic strategies, after the study of this course we can make best use to determine the generic strategy but here we will apply the study of 2nd and 3rd courses as well. Cost leadership and differentiations both are back bone of current ear businesses, this study will support us a lot of over generic strategies and will lead towards strategy renewal as well while evaluating internally activities, resources and capabilities with external challenges. Now we are much confident after this study that we can identify stuck positioning of company, then can recommend over strategy renewal so accordingly to the industry to keep strategic positioning.


Business strategy demonstrates the FIT among different activities, functions and capabilities within the company, enables the manager to add value and to capitalize business opportunities and helps to ALIGN internal strengths with the external environment for business sustainability. It briefs and guides over business strategic TOOLs that how a manger can use such well described frameworks and can ANALYSE environment & industry to DEVELOP competitive edges for sustainability and strategic positioning and leads towards strategy renewal in case of stuck in middle.

創建者 Emmanouil K


Excellent class! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn the basics of business strategy. Professor Somay is a subject matter expert and his lectures are wonderful. Many thanks!

創建者 Francesco R


Great to waste time due to idiots that give you low marks on purpose, in spite of the quality of your assignments. Thanks, Coursera.

創建者 Anant S


Course is worth taking time. Deepak somaya has well explained the concepts. Peer review assignments were worth to take, without that course has no value. One must do all peer review assignments with effort, without copying or writing from somewhere else. you will definitely learn a lot from this course.

創建者 Izabela K


Business Strategy is an exceptionally well designed online course. The knowledge and skills learned in each Module can be immediately applied in daily work. It also provides great resources to broaden the knowledge. The case studies are both informative and extremely engaging. Thank you.

創建者 Corina H


Mr. Deepak Somaya has been the best lecturer I've encountered thus far, his method of teaching is commendable and always explains himself well with lots of examples. I found the course interactive, with examples easy to understand yet challenging. I highly recommend this course.

創建者 Ekene M


Highly recommended course for anyone looking for foundational and advanced knowledge of strategy. Prof. Somaya did an excellent job. I really enjoyed the peer review assignments as it helped to grasp and deepen knowledge gained after each module.

創建者 Elena L


Great course and especially professor Somaya is a brilliant teacher, always coming up with interesting cases, metaphors and constant willing to share as much as possible with students. Deepest appreciation and gratitude to the whole course Team!

創建者 Tom W


I really enjoyed the case studies in this course and the education on various frameworks felt like I could immediately use the material in real world scenarios. Highly recommended course materials.

創建者 Siri


Although the professor did a good job of bringing in examples and real-world business strategists, it would have been great to encourage more women into business by including female entrepreneurs or bosses in his interviews and examples. I understand that there are far more men than women in the highest levels of corporate leadership, but professors have a unique opportunity to change that by amplifying their voices and encouraging the next generation of business students to include women in leadership.

創建者 Zaw Z O


This research based specialization has provided the fundamental knowledge and essential skills in from daily strategic leadership to Managing organization effectively; you will see how the course is precise and concise that leads the potential leverage for achieving your organization’s goals and sustaining its long-term success.

創建者 Deleted A


The lectures are way too political. The constant push for climate change initiatives is the instructors political viewpoint, it is not business strategy. It’ would be one thing to mention climate change once or twice in reflection of some business customers views. A business has to take many customers views into consideration, even when you don’t necessarily agree. But most customers have political views far less extreme than academia. Harping on and nagging the instructors political views distracts from the on subject content and seriously degrades the value of the course.

I wanted to learn more about formal business strategy. As a small business owner, I don’t always know the formal names of the concepts. It is good to learn the lingo.

Instead, I am realizing why so many college graduates need to be deprogrammed, like they were in a cult, before real world businesses can bring those graduates to client meetings, Alienating half of one’s customer base with extreme politics is a stupid business strategy.

Keep the politics out. Focus on business strategy like the course advertises.

創建者 Umme s


Its my honour to review the course, it was excellent I had undergone with very good experience from this course the things i learned from this course are how sets the strategies for the business, and frame a business model by VARS frame work how the companies create competitive advantages by means of incorporating dual or integrated strategy and external analysis by means of real time examples of the companies like UBER, STARBUCKS etc, concept explanation by means different examples of the companies and also interaction with industry executives, all these helped me to have analytical skill and operations and strategy of companies

創建者 Kyle B


I've loved this course. The lectures are concise but interesting, and I like that the professor seems to have written his own book (available as a PDF) to supplement it. Unlike in some of the other courses, the professor seems to have put a bit of thought and creativity into the way that he presents the material, and it somehow feels more personal than the other courses.

I also like the open-ended and longer-form writing assignments. It really helps see whether the other students we're grading actually UNDERSTAND the material, and from time to time I learn something from the way others have constructed their responses.

創建者 Dr. R M


I found the course to be very useful with lot of value addition and learning. The content and videos were very well designed with updated inputs, precise and knowledgeable. Contemporary case studies were given that enhanced our enthusiasm and contributed to learning. Peer review was a very effective way of learning as I could understand the view point of others. Overall it was a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot Coursera and Prof. Deepak Somaya.

創建者 Brian T


The best course I've taken on Coursera. Really should be considered as the epitome of how Coursera business courses are done. Extremely well laid out with excellent slides and the best transcripts I've seen. Tests and assignments are thoughtful and not full of trick questions. Writing essays as memo format another great touch. Bravo!!!

創建者 Anton F


outstanding course. Efficient, strategic, very well structured and, what I especially like, it feels very personal because of those additional snippets like interviews, reports from football field. Great case studies. One of the best courses I've taken. Absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in introductory business strategy questions.

創建者 Ivana P


It is really awesome experience to learn about Business Strategy with such clear explanation and clear connection between theory and application. I really enjoying myself to learn and also to do assignments because it pushes me to research the case. Thank you so much, Professor Deepak Somaya and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

創建者 MD K Z


I appreciate the flow of the syllabus, supported by comprehensive case study for each company presented. One of the biggest learning, is the different views projected by all members in the forum, and assignments. It creates sense of knowledge adoption whether you are align with others, or totally different view. Thank you

創建者 Gabriel O


Quite engaging and resourceful .The lectures are so simplified to enable you have a good grasp of the subject matter, and e.g's given, for case studies resonate with your day to day activities.

The lecturer and CEO's brought in,are such a wonderful lot and i do owe them a lot to getting though this stage.


創建者 Judy D


Very informative. At first I wasn't looking forward to writing a paper every week, but it definitely helped to reinforce and fully understand the lessons. Professor Somay provided very clear explanations and I enjoyed his use of soccer to explain concepts. It's a great class to learn about business strategy.

創建者 Tarek E


Amazing experience, I already studied Business Administration and Strategy as my formal high education but never was able to look at businesses and industries as a business or strategy analyst. The frameworks and tools in the module are very helpful in assessing and intervene in business and how they operate!

創建者 yongmyoung L


It's a really helpful course to understand corporate strategy. And it contains case studies for easy adoption of theories and interviews with C level officers what they implemented in real field. Especially EVA concept gives clear direction when I create a strategy even its concept is quite simple.

創建者 Jennifer N


Wonderful course. I got out of it exactly what was promised. The professor is very good at communicating the concepts and providing details. I found that I often disagreed with his analysis of the case wrap-ups... but appreciated the views. Overall, wonderful professor and great class.

創建者 Nehemiah Y K


This is a very comprehensive course and I have learned a lot, from how important it is for leaders to lay a good foundation from vision and mission, how business models determined the competitiveness of an organization and how a business can have a sustainable competitive advantage.