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The world of business strategy is in transition. What used to work doesn't anymore -- not necessarily. This course prepares you to think strategically in an age when companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have become more valuable (in market cap terms) than companies like Exxon. Today, business value and competitive advantage arise more often from consumer perceptions of what is "cool" than from physical assets or economies of scale. In this course -- the first of a three-course specialization tailored specifically for the age of creativity and innovation -- you will gear up for the challenges of strategy formulation and implementation in a 21st century business. After taking the course, you'll be able to: - Explain why "doing" strategy is considered "the high point of managerial activity" (Mintzberg); - Recognize and avoid the old, tired ideas about strategy that are still out there, so you can adopt fresher, better ideas; - Point out how doing strategy has changed because of advancing technology and globalization; - Prepare for the Capstone Project for the Strategic Management and Innovation Specialization...



Sep 21, 2016

I liked the course a lot, the references were great and gave me great insight about Strategic Management. The lecturer was really good, specially if you compare him to the one in Strategy Formulation.


May 13, 2017

Awesome Course. Very well explanation of the concepts and the material content is fabulous. I will definitely recommend this course to my contacts who are interested in pursuing business strategy.


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創建者 Eric F

Jun 17, 2019

Excellent presentation. Very useful

創建者 Moses T

Jun 14, 2019

Very well articulated with good practical examples.

Can possibly have slightly longer videos. Right now, in all the courses, the videos seem to be a little too small. May be can stretch a little more, and also, have a flow of videos. Right now, a video, a supplementary material, I mean, the flow of listening gets disrupted and the focus shifts.

Please see if any changes can be made.

創建者 Vaishnavi V

May 20, 2019

Highly motivating course!

創建者 Jafed E

May 14, 2019

Able to concentrate and stay focused for periods of several hours, even when tasks are relatively mundane, and doesn't make mistakes. He has a high boredom threshold. Always assured and confident in demeanour and presentation of ideas without being aggressively over-confident. No absences without valid reason in 6 months. Reaches a decision rapidly after taking account of all likely outcomes and estimating the route most likely to bring success. The decisions almost always turn out to be good ones.

This Course always completes any assignment on time and to a high standard. This Course has outstanding artistic or craft skills, bringing creativity and originality to the task. Aiming for a top job in the organization. He sets very high standards, aware that this will bring attention and promotion. This Course pays great attention to detail. He always presented work properly checked and completely free of error.

創建者 walid k a i

May 02, 2019

A very important course with excellent lectures and illustrations. I highly recommend it. I would like to thank the site team for their great work.

創建者 Perinbanathan V

Apr 30, 2019

A very good course for someone with the starting level knowledge in Strategic Management. I have completely enjoyed this course. The overall structure of the course is very neat and clean and easy to follow. The final assignment is the highlight of this course.

創建者 Srinath R

Apr 22, 2019

Well structured and case study based learning has made the learning experience more apt.

創建者 David C H J

Apr 16, 2019

Insights were exceptional. Very recommended!

創建者 Anivaldo P S

Apr 12, 2019

Curso simplesmente EXCEPCIONAL, aborda a estratégia empresarial com uma visão crítica muito inteligente. Fiquei motivado para concluir a especialização da CBS.

創建者 Alexander Z

Apr 11, 2019

I found this course abit too basic and theoretical with frequent reference to a toilet brush production business

創建者 Carina S

Apr 08, 2019

Interesting topics wi


Apr 08, 2019


創建者 Maria G M

Apr 07, 2019


創建者 Meeta A

Apr 03, 2019

Thank You!

創建者 Karan d

Mar 24, 2019


創建者 G S

Mar 16, 2019

Strategic Management by Denmark's Copenhagen school Management has excellent course content , passes on great strategic and tactical experience to learners and professions from Industries. It sharpens the acumen for strategy formulation & development .

創建者 Milk P

Mar 13, 2019

Very insightful way to learn about how strategy and innovation can shape business

創建者 Diego K V

Mar 11, 2019

This course is excellent in all of its historical revision and contents. To me, a must to anyone wanting to learn about strategy.

創建者 Aakash G

Mar 10, 2019

Didn't learn anything new. Concepts were very theoretical and if you have completed an MBA. You are familiar with most of the points discussed

創建者 Eduardo A S C

Mar 02, 2019

This is a good course. I recommend for anyone!!!

創建者 Paramjit S

Feb 23, 2019

Really Insightful...


Feb 23, 2019

Awesome Course. Very well explanation of the concepts and the material content is fabulous. I will definitely recommend this course to my contacts who are interested in pursuing business strategy.

創建者 Prem T

Feb 21, 2019

A very wonderful course.

創建者 Yaki M

Feb 20, 2019

A good starting point in order to organize one thoughts and understanding of what strategy is.

創建者 Shubham K B

Feb 20, 2019

Great resources and detailed information about origin of Strategies.