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學生對 纽约州立大学布法罗分校 提供的 Stereo Vision, Dense Motion & Tracking 的評價和反饋


This course enables learners to develop 3D vision applications using a stereo imaging system. They are introduced to stereo vision theory, dense motion and visual tracking. They are able to discuss techniques used to obtain the 3D structure of objects. Topics include epipolar geometry, optical flow, structure from motion, multi-object tracking, 3D vision and visual odometry. This course is ideal for anyone curious about or interested in exploring the concepts of computer vision. It is also useful for those who desire a refresher course in mathematical concepts of computer vision. Learners should have basic programming skills and experience (understanding of for loops, if/else statements), specifically in MATLAB (Mathworks provides the basics here: Learners should also be familiar with the following: basic linear algebra (matrix vector operations and notation), 3D co-ordinate systems and transformations, basic calculus (derivatives and integration) and basic probability (random variables). Material includes online lectures, videos, demos, hands-on exercises, project work, readings and discussions. Learners gain experience writing computer vision programs through online labs using MATLAB* and supporting toolboxes. This is the third course in the Computer Vision specialization that lays the groundwork necessary for designing sophisticated vision applications. To learn more about the specialization, check out a video overview at * A free license to install MATLAB for the duration of the course is available from MathWorks....

1 - Stereo Vision, Dense Motion & Tracking 的 9 個評論(共 9 個)

創建者 Juan l

Sep 24, 2019

Incomplete content

創建者 Jangsoo P

Aug 29, 2019

Assignment in week 1 don't have any information.

Everyone fails to pass them.

創建者 Manish S

Aug 31, 2019

When some one takes a course he/she expects a little detail behind each explanation, when ever the instructor said lets go in details, probably the explanation was more sparse than before. One should write, compute and explain the math behind any algorithm not just an abstract verbal explanation. The course was not up to mark. I Cancelled it in the middle.

創建者 Brice L

Sep 02, 2019

This class is awful, don't do it because you will lose your time and your money!

The videos are not even finished and the graded exercises extremely difficult. You will have no support from the instructors who do not even show up on the forums and above everything we are a few students to think the auto graders are broken (for example, the test for the week #4 is not accessible).

I am really disapointed because I have passed 3 out of the 4 classes for this certification but because this 3rd class does not work I will not have the certification.

Finally, don't expect to work only a few hours a week on this class, you will need propably 10 hours to pass each graded test.

創建者 vibhor m

Sep 30, 2019

Worst course ever

創建者 Jose M G L

Oct 25, 2019

Bug in passing the assigment. Do not take this course if you need certificate becaseu you will not get it

Very poor support (none) from teachers. Videos lacking the examples they refer to!

創建者 Alan T

Oct 29, 2019

I wish I could rate 0 stars. Do not take this course. It is impossible to complete. The grader is broken, and that's an improvement over the old broken assignment. Currently the grader claims my submission is larger than it actually is making it impossible to pass. It breaks the entire specialization.

創建者 menna m s

Oct 06, 2019

I would rate this course in negative if possible, and i will never recommend it to anyone. There is no support, no mentors, no stuff involvement.

all of the learners are facing a lot of problems with the auto-grader and yet no one respond to us. This is not the way Coursera used to be. I am really disappointed.

創建者 Stephan J

Nov 06, 2019

Dont do this course! The grader for the assignment in eek 1 has a bug and therefore can not be passed. This problem perists since a couple of weeks and nobody cares about it. I will not spend any Money on such a bad course and have therefore canceled this course. It is frustrating, since there were only the 2 assingments in Week 1 of this course until i would have reached my specialisation. This is very poor and i am really disappointed.