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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 基因组数据科学所需的统计学 的評價和反饋

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An introduction to the statistics behind the most popular genomic data science projects. This is the sixth course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University....



The professor is really enthusiasm, so I was really impreesed by him. And his teaching is brief, and I can learn key points through the lectures. Great course!


It is really great that told me lots of basic statistical information that I didn't know.


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創建者 Maximo R


Great course!!!!

創建者 YuanL



創建者 Ryan A H


Overall, a very good course. Not without its flaws (inconsistent video audio levels), but I have walked away knowing far more about Genomic Data Science than I expected to.

創建者 Nitin S


sometimes termininology was used interchangeably, which can be confusing for a beginner but overall a good introduction to statistcs for genomic data analysis

創建者 Saaket V


Enjoyed it. One of better courses I have taken in Coursera. A good introduction to using statistics in Bioconductor with genomics data.

創建者 eman m a


theoretical parts need more explanation. But in general, It is a well-structured course. thanks for your efforts

創建者 Maria J


Very helpful and i understood i should master statistics and do more research

創建者 tawanda n


new material would be great as well as new datasets

創建者 Pedro M


Pretty good but a little superficial and outdated.

創建者 Michael R D


Nice course. Ready to apply data.

創建者 Ariful l


good for learning




創建者 Dr. P R I



創建者 Mihaela M


I liked how energetic the lecturer was. He clearly has a reasonable amount of experience and some of the tips he gave about doing statistics in the context of genomic studies were useful! I liked how the professor recommended some extra reading at the end of every topic. I also really liked the fact that he recommended some extra courses to be taken.

But despite that, the course itself was a bit too short - the topics introduced just scratched the surface. This made sitting through the R tutorials particularly tedious - how would one get the use of R tools to do the tasks, if they haven't understood the theory properly? I know it's supposed to be an intro course, but still in its current state it can be a bit confusing. I would suggest making it somewhat longer, so that the intro to each topic could be done a bit more in depth - maybe focusing a bit more on the theory, so that the students could get an intuition for the methods, rather than just doing R commands which for them mean nothing if the theory is still very blurry.

創建者 Catherine J


Because of short time frame for course, it couldn't present topics in sufficient depth to to practically applied. Well presented for an overview of statistical terminology.

創建者 Thodoris S


too much overlap with Jeff's course in introduction to genomic data science

創建者 Aditya N


I feel that more hands on session should be included.

創建者 Gonzalo C S


Bad or superficial explanations. The instructor speaks very fast and you need to continually stop the video to keep the pace. Some interesting commands and are shown, but the instructor seems to be tired of explaining them and defers explanations to lots of links at the end of each video.

創建者 Andrew M


This course is the shotgun approach to this topic. There's way too much material covered so shallowly that the instructor may as well not have bothered. While it is true that the course is heavily annotated with web links and references, IMNSHO, this is a cop-out. This course could improve dramatically by extending it a couple of weeks and covering some of the material in greater depth. I think the instructor also also buried his lede by deferring the discussion of predictive statistics and an overview various experimental processes/software until week 4. Both of these topics deserve better treatment front and center in week 1.

創建者 Jhon O


Overall, the course has great content, but I am not satisfied with the presentation. I will greatly recommend that the course should be reviewed and be presented more professionally. The issue I found with the presentation is that it is not engaging and not student-oriented. It is quite difficult to follow the demonstrations. There is huge room for improvement!!!!!