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學生對 多伦多大学 提供的 Spatial Analysis and Satellite Imagery in a GIS 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn how to analyze map data using different data types and methods to answer geographic questions. First, you will learn how to filter a data set using different types of queries to find just the data you need to answer a particular question. Then, we will discuss simple yet powerful analysis methods that use vector data to find spatial relationships within and between data sets. In this section, you will also learn about how to use ModelBuilder, a simple but powerful tool for building analysis flowcharts that can then also be run as models. You will then learn how to find, understand, and use remotely sensed data such as satellite imagery, as a rich source of GIS data. You will then learn how to analyze raster data. Finally, you will complete your own project where you get to try out the new skills and tools you have learned about in this course. Note: software is not provided for this course....




This course is very well organized. This course is also based on a solid combination of theory and practical knowledge. Who wants to clear their remote sensing knowledge this course best option.



The best course on spatial analysis and satellite imagery in a GIS. The instructor fully explained the course very well, every tool is thoroughly defined.I recommend this course to everyone.


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創建者 Md. R I


Don Boyes is a great instructor for this Course. He describes all the topics very clearly and interestingly. His teaching ability is good enough to catch the topics easily for the beginner.

創建者 Jasminka K


I recommend this course for anyone who want to learn more about GIS and ESRI ArcMap. Professor's explanations are clear and understandable, although the topic is not so easy. Students get one year software licence for the best tool and necessary knowledge.

創建者 Sara Y


This course was a simple, yet great way to gain perspective about geospatial data and use it to make wise decisions. In particular, the remote sensing and raster analysis section have opened the door to a whole new area of spatial analysis for me. I would like to take the chance to thank Don Boyes for his interesting, well-structured, and clear lectures. I would also like to appreciate Coursera , giving me the opportunity to participate in this course.

創建者 Iqra I


The best course on spatial analysis and satellite imagery in a GIS. The instructor fully explained the course very well, every tool is thoroughly defined.I recommend this course to everyone.

創建者 Raiyan


learned lots of things from this course like remote sensing and raster analysis which are very important in real world job. It has enhanced my experience and knowledge about raster data.

創建者 Isau R A


I have learnt many things from the instructor. I will say than you to him and the organiser of this coursera course.

創建者 Jeremy R


This a very well-thought-out course! The flow of discussion is logical and the course's coverage is comprehensive. Dr. Don Boyes did good job of putting this course together! I recommend this course to anyone—whether you're a beginner or you just want to augment your existing knowledge of spatial analysis and remote sensing using a GIS. I can't wait to take other courses in this specialization.

Jeremy Rimando, PhD

創建者 Emmanuel A B G


The course is exquisitely well explained. There are not any assumptions on concepts "you should know", the professor explains everything. I have taken more than 20 online courses and I can easily say that this one is between the best ones I have taken. Extremely recommended for anyone who wishes to venture in GIS for spatial analysis with vector data and remote sensing through satellite imagery.

創建者 MD. I H


This course is very well organized. This course is also based on a solid combination of theory and practical knowledge. Who wants to clear their remote sensing knowledge this course best option.

創建者 Edward J O G


The course provides very interesting elements for those of us who are learning everything related to GIS. Although my strength is not the analysis of satellite imagery, there are many tools that are useful. Like the two previous courses, very good material and the videos are very clear. Thanks for all the learnings!



This course offers an outstanding opportunity to understand raster data, interpretation of satellite image, and ultimately remote sensing practices, it is definitely and excellent experience to understand present day depositional environment. I will rate this course outstanding.



This is an excellent course, the concepts are clearly explained and the proposed exercises are very interesting. No matter if you are a GIS beginner or an advanced user, this course is a very good option to improve your skills. I totally recommend this.

創建者 Marino M M R


La forma de abordar los conceptos teóricos por parte del profesor son excelentes, se esfuerza por dejar los conceptos muy claros, lo que permite aplicarlos en cualquier campo y en cualquier herramienta. Excelente curso.

創建者 Walter T


Es un Muy buen curso, basado en la parte operativa matemática descriptiva en forma general, y un resumen completo del uso de algunas herramientas que son de gran ayuda en el análisis espacial correspondiente a un SIG.

創建者 Suhail A


I learn a lot from this course. The instructor is an expert in GIS, he gives very basic concepts of everything which is easy to understand the course. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn GIS.



I am very happy to have followed this excellent quality course that has taught me a lot in the field of GIS. And thanks also to Professor Don Boyes, very good at explaining the fundamental principles of GIS.

創建者 Sumaiya S


Professor Don Boyes is awesome. I did not get bored throughout the course, totally enjoyed, understood and applied in the final project. It was fun! I do not know how much later I actually enjoyed learning.

創建者 Benhur K A


This course was really helpful for my future carrier. It played a big role in my level of understanding of the satellite imagery and spatial analysis. Thank you Professor Don Boyes and Thank you Coursera.

創建者 Paola A A B


Excellent! A very useful course if you want to learn about some of the most important tools in ArcGIS and processing of satellital imagery in a GIS. Well explained subjects and a well planned content.

創建者 Jeremy G


E​xcellent course, really helped me bridge my knowledge gap between GIS and satellite imagery. I feel much more effective in the use of spatial analytical tools moving forward with my career.

創建者 Gabriel A F G


Lo mejor de este curso es que el profesor explica desde una perspectiva técnica, cómo utilizar distintas herramientas disponibles en ArcMAP, y también da muchos detalles que permiten entender la esencia de los geoprocesamientos, es decir entender qué es lo que uno hace desde una perspectiva espacial/geográfica.

創建者 Md A R S


Comprehensive remote sensing analysis and review of most aspects of gis and rs make that course easier for the learner. Highly recommended for the basic remote sensing knowledge seeker.

創建者 Rudra R


Simple and very useful video which helped in enhancing knowledge in the field of GIS and its applications. It will help to support my academic studies as well. Thank you!

創建者 Erick N S L


Un curso bastante util que brinda conocimientos muy completos, cubre todo el tema del geoprocesamiento y explica la utilidad de este, excelente curso muchas gracas

創建者 Mahmudul H


After completion of this course, i have learnt spatial analysis and uses of satellite imagery that is really very much helpful in my work environment.