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學生對 科罗拉多大学波德分校 提供的 Kinematics: Describing the Motions of Spacecraft 的評價和反饋

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The movement of bodies in space (like spacecraft, satellites, and space stations) must be predicted and controlled with precision in order to ensure safety and efficacy. Kinematics is a field that develops descriptions and predictions of the motion of these bodies in 3D space. This course in Kinematics covers four major topic areas: an introduction to particle kinematics, a deep dive into rigid body kinematics in two parts (starting with classic descriptions of motion using the directional cosine matrix and Euler angles, and concluding with a review of modern descriptors like quaternions and Classical and Modified Rodrigues parameters). The course ends with a look at static attitude determination, using modern algorithms to predict and execute relative orientations of bodies in space. After this course, you will be able to... * Differentiate a vector as seen by another rotating frame and derive frame dependent velocity and acceleration vectors * Apply the Transport Theorem to solve kinematic particle problems and translate between various sets of attitude descriptions * Add and subtract relative attitude descriptions and integrate those descriptions numerically to predict orientations over time * Derive the fundamental attitude coordinate properties of rigid bodies and determine attitude from a series of heading measurements...



Brilliant classes! Absolutely brilliant, enjoyed every bit of it. All you need is that you should love Physics and Maths to attend these classes. If you do, it is an enriching experience for you.


if you are an aerospace engineering student and would like to get into orbital mechanics/ control and dynamics of satellites or celestial bodies, it's a decent course (series) to take.


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創建者 Thomas M


Very well taught and engaging course, I would recommend to anyone looking to further their understanding of kinematics and attitude descriptions. Quite a high level of understanding of matrix maths is required so I would recommend brushing up on that beforehand.

創建者 Gabriel K K


Very nice course, on a very good level, to students or professionals alike. Very useful approaches to attitude estimation, with algorithms that can be implemented in real time and describing the trade-offs between each different approach presented.

創建者 Nishanth S


The course is beautifully designed. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. This was the toughest Coursera course I have ever taken and was definitely worth the effort. Thank you Prof. Schaub, TAs and my fellow learners for making this course amazing.

創建者 Mehvesh S


This course was so good that I'm considering a masters at UC Boulder! On my way to finish all the courses in the series and I highly recommend to finish all 4 courses to have sufficient fundamental knowledge in ADCS/GNC field.

創建者 Ull T


Great course, with good pace. I like how the concept checks not just simply ask what was already explained explicitly, but require you to apply the concepts in order to find the correct answers. I really learned a lot. Thanks

創建者 Vishnuvardhan S


Awesome Course,Professor Hanspeter Schaub is simply awesome, he delivers the concept so perfectly.Course is superb. It was wonderful to take this course. Hoping to take the follow-up courses.Thank you for the course.

創建者 Gregory T


Great course for understanding the mathematical framework behind describing spacecraft attitude! You'll need to know Matlab or equivalent and should be good with some of amount of vector math and dynamics.

創建者 L. R C


Loved the style of the professor, he is very clear concise and direct, the Concept Checks are very interesting, I think this course is a must for anyone interested in learning about spacecraft kinematics

創建者 Saju T M


Brilliant classes! Absolutely brilliant, enjoyed every bit of it. All you need is that you should love Physics and Maths to attend these classes. If you do, it is an enriching experience for you.

創建者 owais k


if you want to learn about spacecraft attitude and would like to get experience in describing the motion of spacecraft as well as dynamics of satellites.This course will be first step.

創建者 Leoluca G


Wonderful course taught by a professor that transmits his passion for the subject. The course is spread out evenly and the tests are helpful to review the material.

創建者 Samy E H


Amazing class from an amazing teacher. I found it fascinating from the beginning to the end, and cannot wait for next modules, especially the last!

創建者 Aaron B


A wonderful course on Spacecraft Kinematics, by a top quality instructor.

Thank you Professor! It was a pleasure to take another course from you!

創建者 María A A B


This is a great course for beginners in kinematics, I enjoy it and learn so much. However, you need to have a good math background.

創建者 Kyle R


Gives a good introduction to common attitude representations, along with how attitude can be determined from sensor measurements.

創建者 Shubham N


Best technical course on coursera. Instructor is full of knowledge and is one of the best teachers i have came across.

創建者 Dhvani M K


A good course for those interested aerospace, as well as those just looking to further their mathematical skills.

創建者 Satvik S


Amazing and passionate teaching. Not ever boring. Does not feel like an online class. Thanks to the professor.

創建者 Shaun C


Excellent, loved the professor's teaching style, found this very informative and applicable to my current job

創建者 Sergio A R V


I couldn't be more happy with this course I enjoyed every second of it... and yeah... also the assignments

創建者 Hettikankanange D V A


one of the best course i have learn from online which enhance my knowledge and skill in particular field.

創建者 Miguel A M M


It is one of the best courses I've ever had. Dr Schaub knows how to give excellent lectures.

創建者 Javier C M


Some times it is challeging, and it is always interesting. Very well structured and taught.

創建者 Jose F G


Stunning course! Great lessons by professor Schaub. I'll do another with him. Thanks a lot!

創建者 Fabrice P


Great course, the teacher makes us want to continue, it's clear and concise. Thanks a lot.