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學生對 阿尔伯塔大学 提供的 软件架构 的評價和反饋

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The way that software components — subroutines, classes, functions, etc. — are arranged, and the interactions between them, is called architecture. In this course you will study the ways these architectures are represented, both in UML and other visual tools. We will introduce the most common architectures, their qualities, and tradeoffs. We will talk about how architectures are evaluated, what makes a good architecture, and an architecture can be improved. We'll also talk about how the architecture touches on the process of software development. In the Capstone Project you will document a Java-based Android application with UML diagrams and analyze evaluate the application’s architecture using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM). After completing this course, you will be able to: • Compare and contrast the components, connections, protocols, topologies, constraints, tradeoffs, and variations of different types of architectural styles used in the design of applications and systems (e.g., main program and subroutine, object-oriented, interpreters, pipes and filters, database centric, event-based). • Describe the properties of layered and n-tier architectures. • Create UML ipackage, component, and deployment diagrams to express the architectural structure of a system. • Explain the behaviour of a system using UML activity diagrams. • Document a multi-application system with a layered architecture....



This is a excellent course for Software architects, addressing all key areas needed in the field. Good content, definitely recommend this course for anyone aspiring to be a Software architect.


This course integrates the previous courses (Object oriented design and Design patterns) and applies the knowledge taught in those courses to real life problems. Highly recommended.


51 - 软件架构 的 75 個評論(共 150 個)

創建者 Eduardo I


There are some important concepts, but I think this course don't have the enough number of examples, in order to facilitate the assimilation of the concepts. But It is an good course

創建者 Filippo C


Content was well thought and prepared, though sometimes I would have appreciated a bit more practice/details on the topic then covered by peer-graded assignments.

創建者 Skalmantas O


It was definitely interesting at first, but later modules were quite boring as they went into philosophical level. But overall it was good experience, thanks.

創建者 Peter C


Not as informative as the previous two courses in this specialization, although the links to free materials in the discussion boards helped a lot.

創建者 Nguyễn H G


This course is very useful, but i think intructor need add more example in presentation.

I support student easy make assigment.

Thank you!

創建者 Attilio P


Very interesting course, although it'd be nice to spend more or longer lessons on some relevant and central topics (e.g., ATAM).

創建者 Girish C


I felt the material was very shallow. I had to go and refer to YouTube videos to clarify understanding on few.

創建者 Liu Y


This course can provide more practical assignments for students to master the concepts covered in lectures.

創建者 Zhou X


It's introduction of software architecture, mainly focus on basic concepts, lack of practical examples.

創建者 Gabriel J Z Z


Good Course, it clarifies important SW architecture topics and presents good examples

創建者 Kuei-Chin H


I had a hard time understanding how to do an assignment at the very beginning.

創建者 Dr. T J H


Very Good! However, the solution for the final assignment is incomplete!

創建者 Cassio S


Good content, except for the ATAM method which is too superficial.

創建者 Zayar S T


Very Broad Expression about Architecture but I bit of difficult.

創建者 Alexey P


I think the course is much worse than Object-Oriented Design and Design Patterns. Especially ATAM part. It's too abstract, too hard for understanding and requires too much time. The benefits is not clear. And it seems that this process is rarely used in practice. Wasted time.

創建者 Yevhenii M


Absence of ATAM examples, that's quite unclear how the final assignment should be done.

創建者 Aurel M


No meaningful feedback at all, discussion forum was useless.

創建者 Mutasem E


Depending on self assignment is not fair if there's no enough assignments to pass the course

創建者 Reza A


Very boring.

創建者 Loi N


Through Coursera, I have studied many interesting subjects that I haven't known before. Interesting assignments, the way to cross-check student's work and peer's work is so great. I will spend more time studying other's Coursera in the upcoming time.

創建者 amadou d


Absolutly Fantastic Courses!! Well Designed. I got what I was looking for. Using Andoid as a way to pratices is also a very good idea. Thank you very all of you.

創建者 Ahmed A A M


A great course that gives a good introduction about software architecture , architectural models , architecture evaluation and ATAM

創建者 Zhao H


This is a very very excellent course of which I've ever taken & would like to recommend it to my friends to expore.

創建者 Deepak S


Great Content and useful Information to get Started with Software Architecture, I need to deep-dive now :)

創建者 Cristóbal A S V


This is a good course, could be a little more dense, but it is really good overall and i learned a lot