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學生對 纽约州立大学布法罗分校 提供的 Smart Contracts 的評價和反饋

2,060 個評分


This second course of the Blockchain specialization will help you design, code, deploy and execute a smart contract – the computational element of the blockchain technology. Smart contracts allow for implementing user-defined operations of arbitrary complexity that are not possible through plain cryptocurrency protocols. They allow users to implement conditions, rules and policies of the domain applications. Smart contracts are a powerful feature that, when properly designed and coded, can result in autonomous, efficient and transparent systems. You will design and program smart contracts in Solidity language, test and deploy them in the Remix development environment, and invoke them from a simple web interface that Remix provides. This course features best practices for designing solutions with smart contracts using Solidity and Remix IDE. Main concepts are delivered through videos, demos and hands-on exercises....




Excellent course! Provided a good overview of how smart contracts adds a layer of value to the evolution in blockchain technology. The hands on programming experience was quite helpful as well.



Thank you; excellent starting point so I can have a good foundation to learn more Solidity programming; the discussion forum is helpful when I submit the code at the end of the project.


376 - Smart Contracts 的 400 個評論(共 405 個)

創建者 Gary T


Without at least an indicator of which area of final project fails grader it gets difficult to know what to look for

創建者 Matteo L


Not being a native English speaker, I found a bit of difficulty with the teacher's colorful pronunciation.

創建者 Maddy D


A lot of the code is really outdated. I had to do a lot of my own research to catch up to latest version.

創建者 Yves T


Course is good but there is clearly a bug in the evaluation process of week 4. You have to work on it.

創建者 Keith M


Very basic. Final programming assignment pretty much spoon-feeds you the answers through the hints.

創建者 Nanda K


Good content, but I wish it was presented better. The teacher blandly reads out from a prompter.

創建者 Maulik P


The explanation of the keywords in the example smart contracts should be given more clearly.

創建者 Vlad S


I would have liked a more in-depth approach for the Solidity language courses.

創建者 Nofil A


I think there should be more practice to get hands on solidity .

創建者 Jeremiah F I


Nice course but there is need for improvement in course content

創建者 Marco M


I think there should be more exercise.

創建者 Bornface S


I leant a lot, with real challanges

創建者 Daniel B D


It's time for a contents update.

創建者 Jordan P


outdated and hard to follow

創建者 Anthony S


S​ome basic learnings to be had here, and the final project they finally ease you into some programming. There are a few mines of code you will have to write yourself. A few lines of code are basically given to you, and the others you will never figure out based on what they "teach" you (unless you are already experienced, in which case, why are you here?). Someone on github has it up. Very disappointing course.

創建者 Charles F L


I love to learn with Bina, however the content is outdated. I am unable to use the code provided with the currently available Remix IDE. Unfortunately, I must abandon this course.

創建者 Shelly H


It feels like the professor is reading from a text book!

創建者 Frank P


Very outdated. Cant do assignments with current tools.

創建者 Jakub


Old version of Solidity asking for major update.

創建者 Felix W D


T​he course is trivial. The course mostly consists of just repeating what is written in the Ethereum documentation, and only 30% of each video actually discusses the subject, with the remainder being filler. The course does not contain any depth at all, and the final project is laughably easy and can be completed without understanding what you're doing at all.

創建者 Patricio C G A


Outdated, so it turns useless, all explanations are based on a version of REMIX that is not current years from now. At the begining of each video , the instructor points the items you "should" be supposed to learn, and in the next minutes, the explanations turn so far from practice, that you end up not understanding anything.

Im looking for another course.

創建者 Michael


Programming classes pointing to an external source, should not be outdated. Extremely frustrating.

創建者 Francesco C


They never go into details, the code is quite outdated, bad English pronunciation.

創建者 James C Q E


Outdated examples. Code always have multiple errors

創建者 Javier L C C


Very basic, it was more informative than practical