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學生對 洛桑联邦理工学院 提供的 Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures 的評價和反饋

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Learn about Smart Cities within the context of management of urban infrastructures. The introduction of Smart urban technologies into legacy infrastructures has resulted in numerous challenges and opportunities for contemporary cities and will continue to do so. This course will help you to understand how to make the best of these smart technologies in your cities’ legacy infrastructures. Over the past few years, advances in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have significantly challenged the traditionally stable land scape of urban infrastructure service provision. This has resulted in increasing interest from both technology vendors and public authorities in the transition of cities towards so-called “Smart Cities”. Although such “Smart technologies” can provide immense opportunities for citizens and service providers alike, the ICTs often act as disruptive innovators of urban infrastructure service provision. In this MOOC, you will gain a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with the Smart urban infrastructures, namely Smart urban transportation and Smart urban energy systems. Over the journey of this 5-week online course you will learn about the most important principles for the management of Smart urban infrastructures as well as the applications of these principles in the transportation and energy sectors. This course does not have any prerequisites. However, to take the most away from of this MOOC, we strongly encourage you to enroll in our other MOOC on the Management of Urban Infrastructures, which has been widely praised by learners. Through this course, you will: - Gain a deep understanding of the nature of disruptive innovations (smart technologies) in urban infrastructure systems; - Learn about state-of-the-art strategies for effectively managing the transition from legacy infrastructures to smart urban systems; - Study the management of the transition phase from legacy infrastructure systems to smart cities by supporting innovations while avoiding early lock-in; and - Understand potential applications of the materials learned in this course within the context of the management of smart urban transportation systems as well as smart urban energy systems....



Quite informative. Loved the way of instructions. It's a very simple English accent and I was able to grasp it even without subtitle. The handouts/reading material is more helpful to work on quizzes.


Very detailed and to the point course related to the smart city projects. Transition from ordinary urbanization to smart urbanization is accurately explained. Thank you sir for this course.


151 - Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures 的 175 個評論(共 242 個)

創建者 Gianluca P


Very good course.

創建者 Arielle M


Very good MOOC!!

創建者 Mckenson A E


Awesome course!

創建者 gülten


very very good

創建者 Marin G


Great course

創建者 Vaishalik J


Great course

創建者 Shivani B


Nice course

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創建者 Mohamed A C


un bon Mooc

創建者 Kenneth A


Very Good!

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創建者 lahlou s


très bien

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Too good

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創建者 Daithi M W


An interesting course about a very interesting topic. A problem I had was with the structure of some of the lessons. The course deals with several fundamental features of smart cities, yes. In the lectures, these features are often broken down into sub-features, and then more sub-features, and then more. So sometimes I found it a bit difficult to follow what was going on, because of all these different features. It would have been useful to see all this information presented visually, in simple slides. But nevertheless, it's an interesting course.

創建者 Tuğrul A


Overall course structure and the scale of content is well-suited to the complexity of Smart Cities context. Video content is satisfactory and clear, although not fully compliant with written supportive material at all times.

Interviews are generally from global industrial players and generally very high-level. It would be very helpful if the students can hear more from urban managers and policy makers about how they actually perceive and handle current Smart City issues.

創建者 Mohammed M


Thanks to Mr Mathias and the university for providing this course with fruitful information within and the most valuable point is the interviews with experts and leads company in field. I really got a large amount of new and useful information in the field that I knew nothing about at first. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in, or just who is curious like me to get acquainted with this field of knowledge.



Having passion about urban infrastructure and to get knowledge about Management and and how its works for its citizen, I proudly say that this course had help me to get dig more about in daily chores and services. Professor's guidelines about the topics and interviews of renowned entrepreneurs had keep the grip tight to learn and get to know more about the topic.

Thank You so much.

創建者 Harshal G H


Perhaps, better MOOC on smart cities among available ones. Covered different perspectives such as social, political, technical, legal, and so on. I liked the course, and will recommend it to friends and colleagues. Personally, I think 'S4-1 Transition in Socio-Technical systems' is very good articulation of challenges from a theoretical point of view. Great job.

創建者 Irene N


Very interesting course, the real life examples-case studies provided and the interviews helped understand the subject better. I found it a bit difficult to remember all the new terms included. I suggest that the presentations be renewed with better design so that the movements used, among other graphics, do not distract the viewer from the subject.

創建者 EFuster


I have found the course very interesting with a very practical approach that facilitates concepualisation and addressing concrete problems.

I would have liked more concrete examples of cities and of the different concepts that were described , although the majority of the interviews were very interesting.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge !!!

創建者 Marie D


Very informative MOOC, the content is well illustrated (videos, interviews of leaders, cities as a case) and well structured. Ideal to understand the concept of Smart Cities and understand the key challenges for urban managers and policy makers. A focus is made on Smart Urban Transportation and Energy systems.

Great job, thanks a lot!