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學生對 阿尔伯塔大学 提供的 面向服务的体系结构 的評價和反饋

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Based on an understanding of architectural styles, you will review architectures for web applications, then explore the basics of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in two approaches: Web Services (WS*) and Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. In the Capstone Project you will connect a Java-based Android application with Elasticsearch, a web service with a REST application programmer interface (API). After completing this course, you will be able to: • Describe SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) to structure web-based systems. • Explain WS* services (i.e., SOAP over HTTP, WSDL, UDDI, BPEL). • Apply REST architecture (i.e., JSON over HTTP, URI). • Identify REST design principles. • Create a system using REST interfaces. • Apply microservice architecture....




Amazing explanation and examples to help understand each concept. Really glad to enroll in this course. I am more knowledgable now than I was.\n\nThank you so much for building this beautiful course.



This Specialization helped me to acquire new theoretical and practical aspects. Highly recommend this course to anybody who is involved in Software design and Architecture!


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I took all 4 courses of the Architectural Design Specialization, consider this a review of all four.

I am an experienced programmer, with about two years Java/Android experience.

The classes gives a good overview of Object Oriented Design Principles, Design Patterns, UML diagrams, etc.

The class is of course taught in Java, with an emphasis on Android.

I found the material to be fairly easy overall, the lectures and lecturer (a professional actress) were general easy to understand;

I liked the Android programming exercises, but though there was too much hand-holding; many times we were just cutting and pasting from instructor examples. I guess I feel like I would of learned more if it hadn't been so simplified. That said, if you have no background in Android App development you may have to spend a fair amount of time learning Android on you're own in order to to the exercises.

The final project involved writing an app to connect to an "Elastic Search" server using REST protocol. I could not get this to work, I think the server was down. I ended up turning my assignment in untested (I have has similar issues in other Coursera classes).

What I thought was missing in the class was an overview of some of the more advanced Java idioms used in some of the code (builders, Parameterized Classes, etc.). This may have been an attempt to stay relatively language neutral.

So overall good, but I might have liked

1) More on advanced Java;

2) Less hand-holding on exercises - I understand some students may have minimal Android experience, so maybe provide two versions of the exercise, with and without "starter code";

3) please be cognizant of keeping the Elastic Search Server running, If it is required by the assignments (I understand there is also a way to run Elastic Search locally, although I didn't try it)

Thank You,

David Tucker

創建者 Akshit G


The course can go more in-depth with the RESTful API design aspects. However, you can get past that by just referring to and reading the provided course notes thoroughly. Overall, the course does a great job for substituting a college-level course in Intro to Service Oriented Architecture.

創建者 Yash K S


I enjoyed being part of the course. Hats-off to the online mentors and educators around the globe who are helping this far to help us in making progress to our careers. Thank You!!

創建者 Bruno M


Great course, I preferred the previous course mainly because this one would use the current trends for services instead of the legacy ones.

創建者 Fabrice L


Great content. The week 2 about Web Services and SOAP is not really needed anymore.

But REST API is definitly a usefull tool to know.

創建者 Christoph A


Very goodcontent. Assignments are interesting, but their content is not really covered in the course (UML, mobile app programming).

創建者 Deleted A


Good Course, but I would have liked more examples of Web Services and a, perhaps short, tutorial on ElasticSearch web servies.

創建者 Ivan W


it would be better if there would be more support from the faculty.

創建者 Deepak S


It would be great if the educator taught the lessons with hands-on.

創建者 Vova N


NIce to have more small practical tasks rather than one but big

創建者 Venkata D P K


Course content is pretty good. And recommend this course.

創建者 Partha B


Every thing was good. The assignment review takes time :(

創建者 Denny M


Fun course to learn about all the basics.

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Facinating Course.

創建者 Thành N K


very useful

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Frankly speaking, I would say that this course is most controversial from all Software Design and Architecture Specialization. The first 3 weeks are just studying old architecture approaches to web services and only the fourth week describes modern ways to develop a web app, but it's not enough. I would say that the first 3 weeks should be combined in one and all remaining time we should dive deeper into modern web architectures.

創建者 Matthew G


This course was the least hands-on of all the modules in the specialisation. I would have preferred more focus on the basic principles and more practice as opposed to many lectures on (outdated) web technologies. The final capstone assignment is also impossible to test as it is, which is frustrating.

創建者 Chuanqi Z


The difficulties of the home work is not that hard. The course can definitely dive deeper on some of the topics

創建者 Cassio S


A bit superficial and the assignments are not challenging at all, but still worth while.

創建者 Joaquin M S


The course have good content, but it feels like it's in a state of abandonment