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學生對 鹿特丹伊拉斯姆斯大学 提供的 Serious Gaming 的評價和反饋

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Have you ever wondered how playing games can help us to train people, deal with societal challenges or raise awareness of contemporary social issues? In this MOOC you will learn the ins and outs of games that are designed with exactly those purposes in mind: serious games. We will define serious games and discuss the different types that have been developed. We will explain why people like to play them and what impact they may have. State of the art theories from game studies, philosophy and media psychology will be used to help you understand how serious games work and how they appeal to players. The potential impact of gaming is addressed in detail by discussing persuasive games, which aim at changing the player's attitude. Throughout the MOOC, theoretical insights will be illustrated with playful animations and case studies of serious games that are developed by world-class companies in the city of Rotterdam. This MOOC is particularly interesting for you when you are a student considering to study digital media such as serious games, a professional interested in the opportunities these games may create for your organization, or a game developer who wants to know more about the impact serious games can have. Note that this MOOC will not teach you how to design a serious game. Watch the teaser for this MOOC here: Are you ready to broaden your vision on serious games? Join this course and be inspired!...




An interesting course to learn about serious gaming overview. It deliverded with examples and good reference in youtube and websites to view examples of such serious games.



Perfect to gain basic knowledge regarding the topic of serious games. Additional materials also are interesting and I really loved the iconography summary for each week :)


1 - Serious Gaming 的 25 個評論(共 95 個)

創建者 Deleted A


Excellent course. Students have the opportunity to learn about the main features of serious games (definition, how they work, kinds of serious games and other topics). Videos are engaging because learners are encouraged to participate not only by answering questions about content, but also to answer short surveys or to play a game. Also, students are invited to try a lot of games in order to get familiar with serious games. The suggested readings are very interesting (I read most of them). Teachers are nice and enthusiastic. Finally, I liked the course because I had enough time to review concepts and also to play the games. I mean, I learned a lot without feeling overwhelmed.

創建者 Malgorzata P


Perfect to gain basic knowledge regarding the topic of serious games. Additional materials also are interesting and I really loved the iconography summary for each week :)

創建者 Ibrahim H


Very interesting well structured and highly informative course. this course is related to game design, psychology, gamification, engagement, and motivation theories.

創建者 Julia S


Very well constructed course, there was a perfect balance of theory and practice. It showcased what serious game theory is grounded on by showing serious games and depicting them. Very useful if you are interested in learning about serious games, the theory behind it all, and the practical moral and ethical questions underlying them. The videos were informative and the professors were all very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. Highly recommend!!!

創建者 Sol U


Wonderful journey through the world of Seriuos Games and basics of Game Theory. Definitley a MUST for everyone involved in the game industry and very good information for those looking persuasive ways of making the world a better place. Loved it! Wish there were more levels to continue in this homo ludens adventure!

創建者 Shikhar C


This is a great course given by well informed instructors and the best part is that were taught through case studies. This really helped me a lot to understand the concepts that were taught in the well organized modules. Thanks a lot to the instructors and Erasmus University Rotterdam for sharing their knowledge.

創建者 Clara S


Great speakers, great case studies. The rythme of the course is perfect too (duration of the videos, questions, polls, assignments, quizz).. I have nothing to say except maybe it could be interestng to have the feedback of the teachers themselve on our work.

創建者 Albert F P


One of the best courses I have done until now in coursera. It is well organized and presented and provide a lot of real examples of serious games to have a clear idea about this topic. Totally recommendable!

創建者 Amélie N


Je suis très satisfaite. Je me suis inscrite pour acquérir des connaissances de bases. Le cours répond à mes besoins. Les professeurs sont de haut niveau, l'exposé est très clair et bien organisé.


創建者 Fernando T


Very interesting and well designed course. It helps you to understand from the very basics the dynamics about serious gaming, examples, and its characteristics. Well paced, keeps you hooked.

創建者 Dina R


What did i learn about Serious Gaming ?

From zero (before) to 8 (since only because all this is new to me)

Learning about this new topic (to me) was a complete challenge in the beginning. I left it for a while (maybe 2 - 3 weeks) then when i returned i skimmed through the from the start to where i stopped then continued. Things we getting much better with me.

One concern however, the professors were speaking some difficult vocabulary (not the simpler english style) - upon which i had to look in the dictionary quite a few times. - but i guess this was because they were selecting very specific meanings to specific exact words they wanted to use.

Thank you very much for this great experience :)

創建者 Ana R D R P


A​ comprehensive yet very accessible course that covers all the fundamentals of serious games for non-experts. The course is extremely well built, seeking to apply some of the same principles of serious games into the course design itself. A very interactive learning experience, engaging, very rich in additional information and future venues to pursue, and fantastic presenters/speakers. An incredibly valuable course that enriched my career path and opened future professional prospects.

創建者 Emil E I


Excellent approach to a MOOC!! The case studies (though some of them have meanwhile become unavailable) helped a lot, videos were interactive and assignments made you think (so were not a tick the box endeavour). The academics/presentedrs of the course worked well as a team and were very human, not oveerly academic or formal. A good example for a MOOC, congratulations to the team behind this project, would be looking forward to a part II forcusing on serious game design.

創建者 Stefano T


Very interesting course with lot of source material and practical examples. The teachers are clear in their exposition. I only missed some hints on how to realize a serious game: programs? programmation skills? do I have to study these topics in an university to get hired for the realization of a serious game? Otherwise really good course!

創建者 Rohan M T


Good insight into serious games. Learnt a lot of examples for serious games and the importance of the whole concept. Also how it can be combined with gamification (towards the end).

Met a lot of people with some really great ideas for serious games.

Good lectures and interesting reading articles. Enjoyed the course.

Thank you =)

創建者 Yingrong C


It's a cool course for beginners to be familiar with serious games and their applications. The course emphasizes psychological, marketing, and educational perspectives of serious games' analysis; however, I found the information provided applies to the study of political games too. Many thanks!



El curso de Serious Gaming es uno de los mejores MOOC que he hecho. Con videos muy interesantes y entretenidos de ver, complementan de buena manera las explicaciones con distintos especialistas o caricaturas. Los ejemplos que muestran son útiles y fáciles para poner en práctica.

創建者 Magali R


Excellent MOOC. Gives the fundamentals to understand what a serious game is, how it relates to games and how it can become persuasive. You learn key principles needed before you want to start creating. Interesting week assignment.

創建者 Jean-François M


This couse about serious games explains very well the principles to make them attaractive and efficient. Furthermore, it gives good information about how to measure their impact and what could be their evolution in the future.

創建者 Ana L A S d R


Curso completo para conocer sobre las características del juego para usos educativos. Aunque su finalidad no es que tú desarrolles completamente un juego, brinda los espacios de práctica y ejemplos claros para aprender.

創建者 Giovanna U


The course is very interesting for those who want to learn more about serious gaming. It could improve in terms of case studies featuring more games that can be played online and not just video samples of them.

創建者 Kanagavelan.M


An interesting course to learn about serious gaming overview. It deliverded with examples and good reference in youtube and websites to view examples of such serious games.

創建者 Paulo R B M


For the ones who don't know about serious game, this is a good introductory course, with good samples and it is very clear to present the different types of serious games.

創建者 Cola H


I like game. I like serious game. I'm an indie game maker and hope to make more serious games. I like this course. I learn many new things and views from this course.

創建者 Rodrigo B


Great course, really good examples. Projects needed to do and qualify helped me a lot to understand how to create my own serious game projects.