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Self-Driving Cars Teach-Out, 密歇根大学


The drive toward self-driving cars continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace and the promise of more accessible, lower-cost, and safer mobility options has electrified a broad discussion about the future of mobility and transportation around the world. Automated and driverless vehicles, sometimes known as autonomous vehicles, are a shining star in our collective digital futures as they will play an integral role in how we move people and goods from point A to point B. Despite this excitement, there are many challenges to overcome and many questions to be asked about this technology. In this Teach-Out, you will hear leading experts in technology, law, accessibility and equity, and societal change. The Teach-Out will address the following questions: What is an automated or driverless vehicle? What is a self-driving car? How are we testing this technology and when can we expect to see it on the roads and experience it for ourselves? What are the major legal questions? How are people thinking about accessibility and equity of these emerging technologies? How is this going to change our modern society (at an individual, community, national, and international scale)? What can we do to prepare for these changes? How do we build trust in this new technology?...

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