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學生對 莱斯大学 提供的 Self Awareness and the Effective Leader 的評價和反饋

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Part of being an effective leader is learning how to play to your strengths and overcome characteristics that don't lend to good leadership practices. During the course, you will examine your own strengths and learn ways to use them in a leadership role. Learn to manage stress and solve problems creatively. Throughout the course, you will also build a tool kit of useful techniques that you can begin using right away in your engineering career. This course is designed for engineers who are interested in and have the desire to advance into leadership and management roles. You don't need any leadership experience to do well in this course. We ask you to reflect on your personal experiences pretty often, so some work experience will help you in that aspect, but we hope that most of what you learn here will be applicable to many areas of your life. Looking to advance even further as an engineering manager & leader for Industry 4.0? Rice University's top-ranked School of Engineering now offers a Master of Engineering Management & Leadership, 100% online for your convenience. Visit to learn more....




Very pertinent information. Presented in a usable format. Helped me to see areas in my life that I hadn't previously considered. Revealed my blind spots and gave helpful tools to improve those areas.



Probably one of the best Courses I have taken till now. Engineering leadership and management is just what I was looking for to organize fast paced noisy growth in the industry.


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創建者 Peter H


$450 for this course and they can't even bother to make sure that the quizzes are scored correctly? Two weeks back to back and one question each week has been counted wrong when answered correctly. That, paired with the fact that your only method to have an assignment graded is via peer review means that I'll be suggesting peers save their money on this course. It's entirely possible that you could be stranded with no one to grade your work - Coursera's suggestion if this should occur is that you should beg on the forums - or transfer your work to a later session of the same course. Good content, awful policies intended to allow the platform to be hands-off for Coursera - that's unacceptable at this price.

創建者 Justin S


Excellent course to get your brain thinking. Opens your eyes into a leadership sight. Help yourself

創建者 Tanvi S


The course content shows the meticulous efforts by the creators. It perfectly fits into the stipulated time of course completion, thus providing the participant with enough time to skim and scan (if not read through) through the materials and helps them take along the essence of it. The quizzes can be enhanced into more conceptual ones, rather than being theoretical based on the videos and summaries. The peer graded assignment is helpful in the way that it tests your actual understanding of the learning materials. In sum, it is a course worth the time and effort.

創建者 Hani H Z


I am proud to be a member with those who take this Excellence online training

創建者 Chester M


Good course; very interesting. I would like to see the professor grade the course papers or at least review them instead of stric

創建者 Kuan Z


It is an excellent course. Engineers need to deliver the collaterals on schedule. Sometimes they have to be very creative. This course teaches people, no matter whether they are junior or senior, how to manage stress, negotiate, and find what they are good or bad at. I really enjoy the video from those two senior leaders. They have shown many practical ideas to manage teams and projects.

創建者 Antony C


This course has helped me to become more aware of myself,. While I have taken numerous personality assessments throughout my career , Some of the dimensions exposed by this course were really revealing. Had I known them earlier , I would have benefited by improving those aspects. This could have helped me , become a more effective leader

創建者 Balakrishnan S


Enjoying the voyage of self-discovery. I think this is a must-do course for engineers, looking to transition into leadership/management roles. I like the introspective aspect of the course, as one can improve through introspection.

創建者 Carissa J V


This is a big help to everyone especially this time of pandemic. This also allows us to refresh ourselves on how to be an effective leader. This is a self- discovery.

創建者 Amit K M


excellent contents and course...i encourage all who read this to complete this course....and do repeat it .after successive interval if time in your life...



It's really an amazing platform for students to gain knowledge and the teaching part is really good.

創建者 E E M


I want to continue to the next course of this specialisation courses can you assist me through

創建者 Anders H


You can get practically everything this course tries to teach you by just reading the first 3 chapters of the book used in the course.

創建者 Eve K


The peer review grading for the SA assignment should be removed. Students uploaded the instructor's original instructions as their document to be reviewed, they uploaded no documents and asked to be graded in discussions group and telling others they would give them full mark and, some plagiarized each others documents! Not to mention that you need 3 peers to grade you for a total of 16/20 to pass so you are at their mercy for a course that you paid for and put effort in. Ridiculous!

創建者 Rakesh M


It was like swimming lesson.

創建者 Christopher H


This course was exactly what I was looking for. I was frustrated by courses which present "very deep" "strategies" and abstract concepts for how to lead. That did not resonate with me. This one focuses on me first. so I can figure out who I am, how I currently lead and how I can improve.

創建者 ALEX C P


Not only for leaders do I think that this course is suitable for. The many things you can learn and exploit of your personality, even though you are not meant to be a leader, make of this course to be really worth it.

創建者 Edgar C


Muy buen curso, el contenido programático presentado por el instructor esta muy acorde al alcance de un profesional que se quiera formar en liderazgo. Felicitaciones al Instructor y a la Plataforma Coursera..!

創建者 John L


Very pertinent information. Presented in a usable format. Helped me to see areas in my life that I hadn't previously considered. Revealed my blind spots and gave helpful tools to improve those areas.

創建者 Arturo G E


Well structured and very illustrative. All the supporting material is very useful. The experience shared by the presenter gives value added to the course. Thanks.

創建者 Dr U K - P


A good experience of learning. To know myself and my capabilities. How to achieve leadership position and perform the same effectively. A good course.

創建者 Binh L


Thank you! It's helpful course for me as I'm a new in leadership position. I'll review this course later on to relearn for my leadership position.

創建者 Marco G


The course gives the possibilities to reflect on personal and interpersonal aspects that are crucial for a briliant career.

創建者 Jordi E G


Highly recommended to help understand your own strengths and weakness, so you can focus on improving or potentiate them

創建者 Sandeep R


Really loved the way David laid out the fundamentals and helped us through a journey to know ourselves a bit deeper.