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學生對 洛桑联邦理工学院 提供的 Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark 的評價和反饋

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Manipulating big data distributed over a cluster using functional concepts is rampant in industry, and is arguably one of the first widespread industrial uses of functional ideas. This is evidenced by the popularity of MapReduce and Hadoop, and most recently Apache Spark, a fast, in-memory distributed collections framework written in Scala. In this course, we'll see how the data parallel paradigm can be extended to the distributed case, using Spark throughout. We'll cover Spark's programming model in detail, being careful to understand how and when it differs from familiar programming models, like shared-memory parallel collections or sequential Scala collections. Through hands-on examples in Spark and Scala, we'll learn when important issues related to distribution like latency and network communication should be considered and how they can be addressed effectively for improved performance. Learning Outcomes. By the end of this course you will be able to: - read data from persistent storage and load it into Apache Spark, - manipulate data with Spark and Scala, - express algorithms for data analysis in a functional style, - recognize how to avoid shuffles and recomputation in Spark, Recommended background: You should have at least one year programming experience. Proficiency with Java or C# is ideal, but experience with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Javascript or Ruby is also sufficient. You should have some familiarity using the command line. This course is intended to be taken after Parallel Programming:



Jun 08, 2017

The sessions where clearly explained and focused. Some of the exercises contained slightly confusing hints and information, but I'm sure those mistakes will be ironed out in future iterations. Thanks!


Nov 29, 2019

Excellent overview of Spark, including exercises that solidify what you learn during the lectures. The development environment setup tutorials were also very helpful, as I had not yet worked with sbt.


376 - Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark 的 400 個評論(共 460 個)

創建者 Ting T W

May 09, 2020

Nice course, get a fundamental knowledge of spark, scala. Homework is good with a decent level.

創建者 Patrik

Jan 13, 2020

The videos had focus issues every now and again. It was still possible to see everything shown

創建者 Jose P A A

Jun 29, 2017

Good stuff, well presented, but the instructor takes no risks to explain more complex details.

創建者 aknin k

Dec 25, 2019

Bien mais j'aurais aimé avoir plus d'exercices pour s'entrainer sur les dataframes / datasets

創建者 Chuishi

Jan 09, 2018

Very good course! Contents are very useful. The lectures are intuitive, thorough and clear.

創建者 Sjoerd T

Apr 08, 2017

Took a bit long before the course actually started, but when it did, it was a great course!

創建者 Sridhar K

Sep 07, 2018

Really i get a wonderful experience and it gives the platform to increase my knowledge.

創建者 Federico A G C

Jun 30, 2018

The instructor is great as well as the material. The exercises are a little off topic

創建者 Khalid S

Mar 25, 2018

The course didn't flow as smoothly as I would have liked but I still recommend it.

創建者 Piotr G

Jul 05, 2017

Great content, however some materials are not clear and videos had a few problems.

創建者 Aaron

Dec 10, 2019

A good course to know about how spark works but not how to use it, I like this!

創建者 Иван М

Apr 08, 2017

Nice course, could use little fixes. Sometimes practice goes ahead of theory

創建者 Kristoffer V

Jul 03, 2019

Sometimes the labs included techniques not fully covered by the lectures.

創建者 Faisal A

Jun 29, 2020

Assignments could be made a little better. The lecture content is great.

創建者 Anuj M

Jun 21, 2020

Great course, trainer is simply amazing with the delivery and teachings

創建者 Deepak D

Nov 23, 2018

Not specify & given instruction regarding how to submit the solution

創建者 Pedro M

Apr 29, 2017

Very interesting course about Spark, it covers a lot of key concepts!

創建者 vahid s

Jun 27, 2020

I think programming assignments could be better but still OK.

創建者 Francis T

Apr 16, 2017

I really liked the content regarding Dataframes and Datasets.

創建者 Emmanouil G

Apr 01, 2017

Assignment Instructions need improvement in terms of clarity.

創建者 Gongqi L

Apr 10, 2017

Very good course, but it needs more details and examples.

創建者 kaushik

Apr 09, 2017

Good course ! But does need more programming assignments

創建者 Mohammad T

Aug 24, 2019

such a beautiful course design for a bigData devlopers

創建者 Kota M

Apr 05, 2018

It is a good course, but the lecturer speaks too fast.