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學生對 阿尔伯塔大学 提供的 软件进步的评价与指标 的評價和反饋

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This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality....



Does let you know practices that help in making the right product that is managed right and done right, with retrospective techniques that can be implemented after the project is completed.


In this course, I lean a lot of things based on review and metrics for software, such as sprint iteration, project iteration, daily scrum, project perspective, and many more.


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創建者 Sumit G


Pretty good course, although could have been a bit more exhaustive

創建者 Kevin S


One of the best parts of the specialization! Really recommended

創建者 Victor U


Good course, but it reviewed items found in other courses.

創建者 Konstantin K


Good of reviews. A few of metrics

創建者 Baby J M


Very helpful training. Thank you.

創建者 Pratik


Include a practical video

創建者 sumit a


very Helpful

創建者 Raghu K V


Good Course.

創建者 Chanchal D


Thank You

創建者 Jose H L



創建者 Duy P



創建者 Freek d B


It's challenging to teach and learn product management through an online course. You can get an overview of the important topics and learn the theory, but this doesn't enable discussion, exchanging experiences, and forming balanced opinions. A product management does a lot of her/his work by talking (to many different people involved), which is very difficult to train online (it could be done with role playing assignments supported by video conferencing, but I think learning from experienced colleagues in practice is a much better way). The quizzes are often a good way to rehearse the topics that have been explained, but sometimes feel like an extremely simplified black-white view on very nuanced issues.

The best parts of the Software Product Management courses for me were the larger assignments you make that are reviewed by fellow students (getting feedback is very useful and it's also instructive to see what approach your peers took) and the interviews with experienced product managers which offer valuable insights in the complicated situations product managers often have to deal with.

I recommend this course to anyone that is new to software product management and quite new to software development. The course can be a good first step on your path to becoming a product manager, as long as you realize that you will also need a lot of skills that an online course cannot teach you.

創建者 Subob H S


I think the lesson about Project Retrospective is too "theoretical" instead of applicable. I don't known n the real world industry outside my country (Indonesia), I have been in few companies and discussing about project retrospective with my colleague in the same fields, this is quite "awkward" to be done.

And I think you should also include more examples of business metrics that widely used for software product like CVR (conversion rate), TPV (total purchase volume), Chunk Rate, etc

創建者 Oleksandr K


I feel the information given in this course would have been better served in parts of other courses. Comparing to other courses in this specialization, this one felt very dull and not useful on its own.

創建者 Han Y W


Should include recent material. A reference book from 2001 is very out of date, especially in the software world.

創建者 Abdullah S


Needs improvement. All previous courses are excellent. Not this one, however.

創建者 Hugo A C G d S A


There was some nice content, but not practical enoough

創建者 Hussein H


More assignments would help reinforce learning

創建者 Medhat M


Too boring course...

創建者 mostafa-ibraheem


ambiguity language

創建者 Alberto C


A course rich of concepts but slightly too flat compared to the previous courses. I found it difficult to remember so many notions without actual exercises except the final quizzes

創建者 Mylène R


Way too shallow and way too english :(

創建者 Mathieu


Repetitive and too basic

創建者 Dionysia A


It's a boring lesson, only for beginners. You don't learn something new if you have been working at least 1 year in product management.