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學生對 伦敦大学 提供的 Refugees in the 21st Century 的評價和反饋

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This MOOC provides insight into the refugee phenomenon as one of the most complex, compelling and (arguably) misunderstood features of the 21st century. Taking a global perspective, it will outline the fundamentals of who ‘refugees’ are, where they come from and where they go, as well as delving into the features of the global system for refugee protection and ‘solutions’ for those who have been forcibly displaced. It places the student at the centre of the learning experience through engagement with a range of robust and challenging activities, materials and online peer engagement....




Thank you so much Prof DAVID AND PROF SARAH, you both made this course very interesting and educative. l am leaving here with an enlighten mind on issues that borders migration and refugees.



Thanks a lot, a must for people interested in social science, it gives an approach as to how governments, ONG's and UNHCR address these topics, the background and the challenges ahead


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創建者 Mona A A



創建者 Lale A


I am professional working as a caseworker, even for me this was a great course to compile my knowledge and have a look at general issues related with refugees and migration. I updated what I knew up until now. The only thing is missing is global migration theories, I would like to see those. Enjoyed all videos, syllabus, forums and discussions. Thank you!

創建者 Andrea C d S


Although the reedings were very informative and insightful, I would have liked to have more recorded lessons from the professor with slides, or maybe even recorded interviews with professional who see the realities in the field. But over all, I learned a lot! I am looking forward to an opportunity to work with refugees. Thank you! Andrea

創建者 sophie b


Thank you for this course. It was clear and gives a good overview of the evolution of the UN policies acoording to refugees and IDPs' rights. It allows us to think the future of the displacements that will take place in the next decades. Thank you again. If I could, I would enter the MA "Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies".

創建者 Rameshwari


The overall reading material provided for the course was good. The major area of improvement could be the course managers explaining the nuances of such an important subject. I also felt that the grading could be done with more Q&As. And if possible, there could be more recommendations for books written on this subject. Thank you.

創建者 Paul D


A very informative and eye opening course, as a Naval Officer working directly with a situation similar to a refugee crisis, It's enlightening to have been able to partake in such a course, It has allowed me to increase my domain awareness and sensitivity to serious issues affecting not just regional politics, but global politics.

創建者 Ana V A


Very good course! It helps to understand the complex problem of refugees, as well as the actions that are being carried out and what remains to be done.

The assignments helps to share opinions with other students. Highly recommended to anyone interested in social issues or international conflicts.

創建者 Arsene M


This is an excellent and resourceful course. It provides theories and practical notes with figures of refugees since their origin, current situation and project some lights to future considerations. I recommend it to everyone especially those humanitarians.

創建者 Olivia B


Very interesting course - perhaps more of a mix of videos and interviews, interactive activities and readings would increase the attractiveness of the course, as opposed to the set structure of intro video, list of readings and discussions.

創建者 19-UEC-280 J K


This course presented valuable information to me as it helped me get some awareness of the global refugee crisis, I think the presentations could use some work other than that a solid 4 stars from me keep up the great work!

創建者 Kamilia E


The course is for beginners who wish to accumulate fundamental and essential knowledge about refugees, and stateless, and IDP. It has informative readings and interesting assignments.

創建者 Trevor P


Covers the very basics of the current refugee crises and the surrounding international efforts to mitigate them. A good balance of accessibility with insightful material and concepts.

創建者 joel s


Good i had enjoyed the course and all material within to it.(text , videos, film) I will have a different point of view on migrants, refugees

創建者 Rosalinda S


The course offers good insight to the problematic of the contemporary phenomena of refugees. I would appreciate more videos from the lectures.

創建者 Ishika m


Good Contents. The course covered overall basics of Refugee studies. Would have been better if more interactive videos were used as materials.

創建者 Jen H


Great course! The subject matter was a great mix of foundational and current, applicable, issues, and scenarios.

創建者 Jude C


Very interesting course, with many information about this crisis which concerns all the world today.

創建者 Una S


interesting cover, would have loved a bit more videos, but overall very advisable course!

創建者 Aida G


I hope there will be an advanced course on the same topic.

創建者 Blanca S


​Very good course especially for newbies like me

創建者 Nicole S


Very interesting. Good resourcces to reference.

創建者 Richard S


Useful background material. Good introduction.

創建者 Pauline A


Un cours complet !

創建者 Tejas G


nice short course

創建者 Parviz H


It should be more informative than reading some articles