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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 Building R Packages 的評價和反饋

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Writing good code for data science is only part of the job. In order to maximizing the usefulness and reusability of data science software, code must be organized and distributed in a manner that adheres to community-based standards and provides a good user experience. This course covers the primary means by which R software is organized and distributed to others. We cover R package development, writing good documentation and vignettes, writing robust software, cross-platform development, continuous integration tools, and distributing packages via CRAN and GitHub. Learners will produce R packages that satisfy the criteria for submission to CRAN....




Fantastic course... Unfortunately, not too many people registered, it's tough to get your assignments graded. The program is the great continuation to the 10 course R data science specialization...



Useful programming exercises to guide learning the basic elements of R packages. Also glad that I got my assignments graded within a week following submission (thought it would take much longer).


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創建者 James M


Good slow walk through of the process for creating and checking a package

創建者 Abhinav S


Amazing course! Will explain every detail regarding R package creation.

創建者 Nour E Q


very good, an interesting way of learning.

high-level examination

創建者 Anthony S


I finally started building R packages!!! Lots of useful bits

創建者 Gustavo B


It's one of better course for building packages!!!

創建者 Francesco D Z


very useful, especially the final practical exam

創建者 William G


This was a great challenging course! Love it.

創建者 Mridul M


A great course from a great specialization

創建者 José E L


Very interesting and usefull.

創建者 Jorge L R Z


Great course!



Great course

創建者 Ganapathi N K



創建者 Zdenek K


I liked the course a lot since it is actually covering most of the things related to the package development. Nevertheless, I still feel (the same as with the previous classes) that authors could have spent more time building the course materials as many chapters are very brief and if I hadn't had the past experience with some of the topics, I wouldn't have any idea what the course is telling me (e.g. merge conflicts in git).

創建者 Erik R S


Going through the entire course, then being expected to simply repackage an existing barebones package seemed pretty disappointing. I was hoping to end up needing to build my own, but I did learn what I needed to do in order to do that.

創建者 Conner M


Good course, but very specialized programming knowledge in this particular course, which was not the case with other courses in the specialization. Would only recommend this course for those with the necessity to build R packages.

創建者 Daniel F S


If this course could recheck the material and get some mentors/monitors to left hints/tips in more asked topics (like a FAQ) it would be excellent

創建者 Johans A A


I learned a lot in this course, was difficult at the begininng but enjoyable at the end!

創建者 Arthur G


Informative and gives lots of information

創建者 Kevin D


You will learn how to develop, publish and maintain a R package, and it's quite an interesting skill that will change the way you manage your code (you'll probably always store your code in documented packages you'll host on gitHub then).

Though it's a pertty hard MOOC for many reasons : quite inactive community, information you'll get in lessons isn't enough to complete assignments, course material is just book you'll have to read (no video, no interaction), you'll probably have the feeling you're going through something that's not really finished. Don't follow this MOOC if you want to avoid being frustrated because most of the time you'll be.

創建者 Joe T


Course material is a bit light, missing useful pieces of information. The example code is functional but not of sufficient standard to pass the documentation exercise. The solutions to the exercise are not covered in the course material. It takes a lot of outside work to get a good mark. Course is good, but the material needs a bit of work.

創建者 Min P


This course gives learners excellent opportunity for R package building and documentation.

The course format is pretty much the same, reading material of the book, and do peer-graded assignment.

Prior exposure to Github experience will be valuable.

創建者 Carlos C


Easy at first, very challenging at the end. Some of the course materials really need to be updated and expanded. Mentoring should be improved (include mentors on this course).

創建者 Eduardo B G


The content was good but I have missed the videos. I can read a book, the experience with video demonstrations is better than this aproach.

創建者 Rafał G


The amount of uncovered yet crucial issues is too damn high. For week 4 assignment I did most of my research on stackoverflow.

創建者 Kevin A


It was a very challenging course at least for me but i think it is not necessary.